Who Would Win, Gojo or Goku? God and Mortal Matchup

Jujutsu Kaisen’s Gojo is seen to be the next powerful leader of Shounen. His abilities triumph over those in his genre. Even in his universe, there are only a few who can match his strength. Only by sealing did his enemies have a chance of winning! So, fans took to other series to determine how powerful he is. And a few bold ones happened to pair him up against the strongest of all Shounen.

This article will discover who would win in a fight between Gojo and Goku. Major spoilers for both series, so look away if you’re not to date!

Gojo or Goku: Who Would Win?

Anyone who would face Goku is in for a David vs Goliath situation. Unlike other Shounen protagonists, Goku is the rarity to have reached universal strength. With his power comparable to a god of destruction, only a few can match up to him. Not to mention, Goku has a longer history and popularity. Even non-Anime fans are capable of recognizing Goku from his appearance alone. In a battle of strengths and popularity, Goku has everyone beat. Gojo Satoru is no exception.

Who would win, Gojo or Goku?

In a battle between these two greats, Goku overpowers Gojo by a landslide. The ruling to be used in a battle between these two would also be irrelevant. Verse equalization or not, Gojo cannot hold a candle to Goku. The only way Gojo could win is if Goku acted in character and let Gojo use his strongest ability. Even then, Goku has shown feats that allowed him to beat those with Gojo’s abilities. Not even Gojo’s Unlimited Void can stop Goku in his tracks. With all these said and done, let’s go through this in detail.

Who is Stronger: Gojo or Goku?

Because of Gojo’s abilities, people often mistake him for an overpowered character; which he is as we’ve written in our previous article! However, while Gojo is the strongest in his universe, it doesn’t mean that he is everywhere else. This battle between Goku vs Gojo only proves this point further. Goku hilariously overpowers Gojo in every shape and form. However, there is one weakness Gojo may exploit! Let’s compare them.

In a Contest of Strength, is Gojo Stronger than Goku? A Resounding No!

As far as physicality goes, Gojo only has Mountain Level strength at best. By powering himself with Cursed Techniques, he can flick away Gojo’s meteorite with ease. However, this is at most what we can see him do. In all other shows of strength, Gojo is not shown to have the same level of power. If any, his achievements are downplayed to show the ridiculousness of the acts.

Can Gojo beat Goku?

Meanwhile, Goku has more feats recorded for him. In Dragon Ball Super 3, Super Saiyan God Goku and Beerus engaged in a fight. Three of their punches were said to be strong enough to destroy the entire universe. Later on, their clash of energies led to the erasure of a planet based on their shockwaves. This is Goku in a weaker form compared to Ultra Instinct. The latter form is at least 50x more potent compared to Super Saiyan God. In a contest of strength, Gojo is not going to be able to overpower Goku.

Is Gojo stronger than Goku?

Can Goku Beat Gojo’s Infinity?

If we take it in theoretical concepts, then yes. Goku is more than capable of breaking through Gojo’s Infinity. In fact, he would even be able to do so without sweating! The way Gojo’s Infinity works affects things at a 3-Dimensional scale. He manipulates the atoms and fields around him to simulate the Achilles effect. He does not put infinite space between him and the object continuously. If he actually did, then the sheer energy he would’ve generated would’ve collapsed the world around him. Instead, he relies on his sight and mathematical equations to make sure no attack gets to him.

Goku’s 4-Dimensional Strength surpasses this. In his previous feat against Beerus, their fists were felt throughout the dimensions. The residents of Daizhenshuu KaoiShin were able to sense their energies. This is a huge feat as the KaoiShin realm is said to be completely separate from Outerspace. This means that the generated shockwaves must transcend the boundaries of spacetime. Like Saitama, Goku can most likely punch through Gojo’s Infinity. Heck, if Goku sneezed in Gojo’s direction, Gojo may as well be blown away!

Speed? Gojo’s Just a Statue!

The difference in speed between these two characters is gigantic! The fastest speed feat Gojo can display is traveling across distances in Japan. The man can also teleport with his Cursed Techniques, but all those would not be enough. Goku can travel between planets using Instant Transmission. In later battles in the Dragon Ball Series, he could even be scaled to infinite speed. At the current time of his chapters, he was fighting gods for goodness’ sake!

Can Goku beat Gojo's Infinity?

In comparison, the fastest Gojo fought were against enhanced humans and Curses. Gojo will not overcome Goku’s speed!

Stamina and Energy? Sorry, Goku’s Got Both of Those!

Goku comes from a Super Saiyan race. Warriors built for wars over extended periods. His physiology alone is superior compared to Gojo. The latter will not be able to outlast Goku no matter how hard he tried. His use of Positive Energy and Six Eyes can only go so far. Once Gojo runs out of steam, Goku would still have plenty.

Then, there is also the case of Energy. Whether with Verse Equalization or not, Goku has more power reserves than Gojo. The man is a walking Nuclear Powerplant while Gojo is a Water Dam! Not to mention, Goku’s Ki has better quality compared to Gojo’s Cursed Energy. The man always seems to receive an upgrade to his reserves. When Goku fought Jiren, his Ki energy shook the World of Void. The latter is said to be infinite in size which Whis filled later on. Man, Gojo just won’t be able to catch up even if he wanted to!

Can Gojo beat Goku?

Not to mention, Goku can power himself up depending on his opponent’s strength. He can use his Super Saiyan God, Blue, or Mastered Ultra Instinct Forms. But by then, it would be overkill!

Durability? Goku’s Got It Except for One!

Goku has shown he was more than capable of tanking planet-destroying feats. An attack short of erasing existence itself is going to put him down. Which Gojo does have! Gojo’s Purple is said to erase matter. However, we’ve seen in previous instances that’s not completely the case. Purple was able to leave ribcages completely intact. This is even though they were in the blast radius. This makes the technique another energy blast that Goku can potentially survive. 

However, as Goku has shown no resistance to Hakai, it is unknown if Goku can survive this attack. Either way, the attack would potentially trigger Ultra Instinct. This saves Goku from getting hit.

Can Goku Escape Unlimited Void?

Ah yes, Gojo’s hack abilityUnlimited Void is arguably Gojo’s only win condition. Sure, Gojo may be able to use Purple and defeat Goku. But the man is not catching him. All that’s left is hoping Unlimited Void will be enough to incapacitate Goku and deal the final blow. Except that isn’t possible.

Goku’s feat against Jiren is enough to escape Unlimited Void. You may ask why? Well, in the Jujutsu Kaisen series, we have seen that enough Cursed Energy can escape a Domain. This is what Sukuna did to not be affected by Mahito’s Domain Expansion. Since all Domains in the series share the same rules, this should also apply to Gojo’s. Goku can just release his Ki enough to break Unlimited Void!

Can Goku Escape Unlimited Void?

If that hasn’t sold you, then there’s another answer. Goku’s Mastered Ultra Instinct Form will be able to bypass Unlimited Void. As mentioned in official sources, Ultra Instinct separates the user from their consciousness. This means the body can move on its own. Gojo would be in for a nasty surprise if he thought Goku was paralyzed in his Domain!

Who Would Win in a Fight: Gojo or Goku?

Now that we have listed everything we know, let’s see this fight play out. On one side, we have the Strongest Sorcerer! On the other, we have a planetary-busting behemoth who can compete with gods. Fight, wait, stop! Isn’t this fight a little too one-sided? Ah, Gojo loses again. But this time, in a few seconds.

Compared to his previous bouts, this is the one fight Gojo doesn’t have a chance to win. The only way he can is if we don’t use the Verse Equalization rules. Goku won’t be able to see Purple coming to him. However, even then, the battle would be sketchy. If Goku pulled out Mastered Ultra Instinct, then the fight would be over. Goku just massively outmatches Gojo it’s not even funny. Let me paint you the scenario.

Knowing Goku, this battle would devolve into a fistfight. Gojo throws a punch, but Goku evades with ease. Goku throws his punch then he gets slowed down by Infinity. Gojo tries again and puts distance between the two. Gojo would attempt to perform his Purple but gets cut off by Goku. The latter blitzes his way toward Gojo with another punch. Once again it gets slowed down by Infinity, but it got dangerously close to Gojo. 

The latter sees this and thinks that letting this fight go on would be dangerous. In one last attempt, Gojo tries to use Unlimited Void on Goku. The latter gets paralyzed and realizes he won’t be able to move.

Who Would Win in a Fight: Gojo or Goku?

As Gojo performs Purple to blow him away, Goku’s survival instincts would kick in. The threat of Purple would be more than enough to trigger Goku’s Ultra Instinct. The separation between the consciousness and the body gives Goku enough time. He is more than fast enough to avoid the attack point-blank.


Unfortunately, by this point, there is little Gojo can do. Goku’s Mastered Ultra Instinct would prove too much for him to overcome. As Goku’s fist comes into contact with Infinity again, it fails to work. By this point, Goku would have achieved Fourth-Dimensional strength. Gojo’s mind would not be able to understand what happened. He gets hit by the fist and is blown apart by the sheer power behind it. This is how the battle between these two would end.

Who would win, Gojo or Goku?

Goku simply has too much plot armor and strength for Gojo to overcome. In a battle between these two, Goku will always win the fight. Once again, Gojo takes the L and takes his time to recuperate.