Toji Fushiguro: Meet Fans’ Favorite Sorcerer Killer

Toji Fushiguro, who was born Toji Zenin, is one of the villains of the popular Jujutsu Kaisen anime and manga. Despite his limited time in the spotlight, he has become a fan favorite with many of JJK’s loyal readers and watchers.

Toji was a famous assassin who earned himself the nickname ‘The Sorcerer Killer’ and he was one heck of an impressive fighter. 

But who is Toji Fushiguro really and what was his relation to Megumi Fushiguro? Let’s find out!

Who is Toji Fushiguro?

Note that this article is filled with information from the manga and contains spoilers for anime watchers. Read on if you want to get to know this character, but keep in mind that you’ll be exposed to a multitude of spoilers!

Who is Toji Fushiguro?

Toji Fushiguro was a muscular, strong fighter easily identified by a scar on his lip. He has green eyes and black hair and has an air of being uncaring and cold. He is considered by his many fans to be one of the strongest fictional characters.

He was born with no cursed energy, making him less than popular in the Zenin family. If we want to get to know Toji a bit better, we need to look at his personality as well as his background. 

Let’s dive right into that, shall we?

What is Toji’s Background and History?

Toji Fushiguro was part of the well-known Zenin family but ran away because he was basically rejected due to not having cursed energy. 

Despite not having cursed energy, Toji was a formidable fighter and he earned himself the nickname ‘Sorcerer Killer’ after he turned his back on sorcerers and started killing them. He worked for the Time Vessel Association, the Star Religious Group, and other groups, killing whomever he was contracted to.

Toji Fushiguro meets young Gojo Satoru

He was a wild man but calmed down when he met an unmarried woman who seemed to be able to bring him under control.

He married this woman and called her Fushiguro. The two of them had a child together, and the woman sadly passed away. Toji decided to give his son to the Zenin family because he was certain the child would become a powerful sorcerer. 

Toji named his son Megumi, which means ‘blessings’.

What is Toji’s Personality Like?

Toji Fushiguro has a multi-layered personality and he has so many facets to look at that he was by far one of the most interesting manga characters out there.

The Sorcerer Killer could be described as greedy, narcissistic, sarcastic, playful, and calculated, among many other things. He knew full well how powerful he was, and because he was usually stronger than his opponents, he was willing to start chatting, as long as the conversations somehow revolved around him. His happiness was his first priority, and this meant he had broken many hearts as he worried only about his desires.

What is Toji’s personality like?

Toji had a good sense of humor, and he liked to joke around and be sarcastic with his opponents. He is one of the few people who could properly banter with Satoru Gojo.

At his core, Toji was quite the money-hungry guy. He was a mercenary for hire and would kill anyone if the price appealed to him. He would do exactly as ordered if the price was right but would refuse to do anything beyond what he was paid for.  

Clearly, this guy loved money and didn’t even try to hide his greed. He did, after all, sell Megumi to the Zenin family! (There is more to this, by the way, so stick around)

What is Toji’s personality like?

And yet, Toji was also a reserved person who didn’t express his true feelings if it wasn’t absolutely necessary. He saved Megumi’s life without even telling him that he was his father.

He killed himself before he could be used to kill Megumi. This also showed that although he was a villain, Toji still cared for his son in his own way.

How Old is Toji? When is His birthday?

Toji’s birthday is on the 31st of December, and during the Gojo Past Arc, where we saw most of him, he was between 27 and 28 years old.

How Tall is Toji Fushiguro?

how tall is toji fushiguro

Toji Fushiguro wasn’t a very big guy, but he also wasn’t the smallest fighter in the JJK universe. He stood at between 5’11-6’0.


Toji Fushiguro was undeniably one of the best fighters of his time, and he had many awesome abilities and combating styles and tools.

Tactical Thinking

Toji Fushiguro tactical thinking

Toji was a calculated fighter with a good head on his shoulders. He was cunning and clever and was even able to get past the amazing Six Eyes, the rare ocular jujutsu inherited by the Gojo Family.

He was a non-curse user who had innate physical prowess that was better than anyone he faced. It was for this reason that he could stand against and even defeat highly ranked sorcerers. In fact, Toji was able to cut down Saturo Gojo, who is the most powerful sorcerer alive.

Weapons Specialist

On three different occasions, Toji Fushiguro was able to defeat special grade jujutsu users, and he was able to take down Suguru Geto, who was an amazing curse manipulator, confidently and with ease. This was so easy for him because he was a gifted weapons master.

Toji had an amazing weapon arsenal that included swords, daggers, guns, spears, and even explosives. These explosives are actually other spirits that explode when they die. 

Toji Fushiguro weapons specialist

He was able to quickly swap out these weapons thanks to his familiar, Sōko. Sōko was a spirit he tamed and used to always have his weapons ready for battle. This spirit was usually wrapped around Toji during his fights and looked like a big worm.

Playful Cloud is a notable cursed tool that originally belonged to Toji Fushiguro. This is a three-section staff that was used by Maki Zenin after his death, but he took it back from her. In his hands, it was a very deadly stabbing weapon that reflected Toji’s physical strength.

The Sorcerer Killer also had a weapon called the Chain of a Thousand Miles and the Inverted Spear of Heaven, which is seen as one of the strongest cursed tools in the JJK world.

Physical Prowess

Toji Fushiguro physical prowess

Toji Fushiguro was under Heavenly Restriction, which was the reason for his lack of cursed energy. But in return, he had above-average physical power. Heavenly Restriction normally only brings people’s curse energy to normal levels, but in Toji’s case, it was removed entirely. Because of this, his body was sharpened to a point where his five senses became extremely powerful.

Notable Fights

toji vs gojo

Toji Fushiguro fought many amazing sorcerers and defeated them easily. But there are a few fights that stand out, such as his fight against Gojo Satoru.

Satoru and Toji’s fight was epic, and Toji was able to get around the powerful sorcerer’s Six Eyes thanks to his clever thinking, immense power and agility, and strategic fighting techniques. However, despite Toji getting the upper hand and fatally stabbing his foe, Satoru was able to heal himself and ended up killing Toji Fushiguro.

toji vs megumi fushiguro

Toji Fushiguro’s next notable fight was against his son, Megumi, although he didn’t realize this at first. He was resurrected but managed to get control of his body. His amazing speed took Megumi by surprise, who compared it to the speed of Sukuna. Their fight was a big one, and Megumi was outmatched by the resurrected Sorcerer Killer.

The only reason why Megumi survived was because Toji stabbed himself in the head after finding out he was facing his child. He opted to kill himself rather than kill his son.


toji fushiguro wife and son

Toji Fushiguro didn’t have many meaningful relationships in his life, apart from the love he had for Megumi’s mother. 

Despite being part of the Zenin family, he couldn’t use cursed energy and was rejected by them. The Zenin family, one of the three greatest sorcerer families, are known for how much they value strength in cursed energy. Not meeting their standards meant living a horrible life.

Although Toji never really said that he loved his son, he did want Megumi to have a good life and become a good sorcerer, which is why he thought the Zenin family was a good place for him to be.


What Happened to Toji?

What Happened to Toji?

Despite being incredibly powerful, Toji Fushiguro did meet a foe he could overtake but not completely defeat: Satoru Gojo.

His pure physical prowess wasn’t enough to go against the literally infinite power of the Limitless technique wielded by Satoru.

How Did Toji Die? Who Killed Toji?

Toji Fushiguro actually died twice. The first time, he was killed by Saturo, and the second time, the fight took an unexpected turn.

Saturo was able to take out Toji despite being killed himself (he was able to use the Reverse Cursed Technique to heal himself). It was in his final moments here that Toji told Saturo that he sold his son to the Zenin family, which prompted the winner to seek out the young boy.

As for his second death, Toji died by killing himself while fighting Megumi. His fight with his son was an intense one and brought on after Ogami used her Séance Technique to transform her grandson into Toji. That way, he could have the once-powerful fighter’s prowess.

who killed toji?

However, Toji was able to overwrite the grandson’s personality and he then stated that if his orders were to take out sorcerers, he would start with her. After that, Toji was able to remain active and decided to mindlessly fight until the destruction of his body.

He eventually faced Megumi but regained his senses and asked him what his name was. Upon hearing who his opponent was, Toji decided to kill himself by stabbing himself in the head. Thus, he ended the fight and prevented the death of his son.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Toji’s allies and enemies?

Who is Toji Fushiguro?

As a lone fighter, Toji didn’t have many allies. He had many enemies—every jujutsu sorcerer in the world, and this included Saturo.

Who is Toji’s romance interest?

Toji and Megumi

During his time as an assassin and mercenary, Toji went from one woman to the next. He never stayed with any of these women for very long. He did briefly get married to someone but left her shortly after.
There was one exception, though, and that was Megumi’s mother. She was able to not only somewhat control Toji but made him happy as well. When she died after Megumi was born, Toji went back to the wild card he had been before. As far as is known, he never connected with a woman again the way he did with Megumi’s mother.

Other Interesting Facts About Toji Fushiguro

You now know a lot about Toji Fushiguro, but let’s look at some other facts about this character that don’t necessarily have to do with his fighting prowess.

  • Despite his rugged, bad-boy vibes, Toji doesn’t like alcohol and he doesn’t get drunk. His physical abilities make it impossible for him to get drunk, so he can’t get the same joy from alcohol as others do.
  • He loves meat and offal and enjoys gambling quite a bit—most of his money was spent on gambling activities.
  • Toji got his scar when the Zenin clan decided to throw him into the disciplinary pit of spirits—just one of the reasons he hated the family.
  • At no point in time was Toji ever really a rich man, but by working for shady people and taking private jobs, he was able to acquire cursed tools that were quite expensive after leaving the Zenin family.
  • Because he didn’t have a lot of money, Toji also didn’t have the means to settle down with one woman. He had many lady lovers.
  • However, there was one woman who could calm his inner demons, and that was Megumi’s mother. When she died, Toji returned to his unstable state, unfortunately.


toji fushiguro

Toji Fushiguro is undoubtedly one of the most interesting characters in the Jujutsu Kaisen universe, and it’s clear to see why so many fans of the series think so highly of him. In addition to being a fantastic fighter, he also has a distinct and colorful personality and background.

Manga readers, myself included, can’t wait to see him in action once he gets featured in the anime’s second season in 2023.