Who is Maki to Megumi? Discover Their True Connection

Before Megumi entered Tokyo Jujutsu High, he didn’t know much about the Zenin Clan, where his father, Toji Fushiguro, came from. After enrolling at the school, he began to know more about jujutsu and the big three sorcerer families. There he also met Maki Zenin, an upperclassman who happened to be related to Megumi. Who is Maki to Megumi exactly? And how are they related? (Watch out for some manga spoilers!)

Who is Maki to Megumi?

Maki and Megumi are related to each other by blood as they are both descendants of the Zenin Clan. Let us take a look at the Zenin Clan’s family tree from the Official Fanbook.

Zenin Family Tree

As you can see, Maki and Toji are cousins. This means that Maki is technically Megumi’s aunt. However, their relationship is often referred to as distant cousins rather than aunt and nephew since they are almost the same age.

Maki was the one who taught Megumi how to wield various weapons. After all, she is the best cursed tool user at Tokyo Jujutsu High, making her the perfect individual to train Megumi. The two of them also work really well in battle since Megumi can store cursed tools in his shadow and he can swap them out any time and hand them to Maki. Since they often train together, they can also read each other easily and pull off stunts such as swapping weapons mid-fight. 

The Complicated History of the Zenin Clan

Among the big three sorcerer families, the Zenin Clan probably has the most family drama. Rivalries, banishments, family members killing each other—these are just the tip of the iceberg. If you’re new to Jujutsu Kaisen and you’re wondering why there aren’t any interactions between Megumi and the Zenin Clan, then let me tell you what happened.

Toji Fushiguro, originally named Toji Zenin, was born into the Zenin Clan without cursed energy. He can neither see curses nor conjure a cursed technique. Being a non-sorcerer in a distinguished sorcerer family such as the Zenin Clan, Toji was treated like an outcast. After years of suffering, Toji eventually left the clan and changed his last name to Fushiguro, his wife’s last name. They had a son named Megumi who inherited the Zenin Clan’s prized cursed technique: the Ten Shadows Technique.

Who is Maki to Megumi
Megumi and Mom

After Toji’s death, Gojo took in young Megumi and brought him to Tokyo Jujutsu High. As such, his ties with the Zenin Clan were completely severed and Megumi never had any connection or interaction with the Zenin Clan except for Maki and Mai. Mai was Maki’s twin sister whom Megumi also met during the Kyoto Sister-School Goodwill Event.

Similarly, Maki was also born without cursed energy. She suffered the same fate that every other non-curse user has suffered at the hands of the Zenin Clan. Like Toji, she was also treated like an outcast in their own household and eventually left the clan for good.

Maki Annihilates the Zenin Clan

Fast forward to the recent chapters of the manga, Maki eventually had enough and annihilated the entire Zenin Clan. Not a single soul was left and she even went as far as to hunt down the other members who were not present that day. She and her twin sister have suffered continually at the hands of the Zenin Clan, and even after Maki left for good, the clan continued to torture her and hinder her advancement as a jujutsu sorcerer. Mai’s death was simply her last straw. After what happened, Megumi became the head of the Zenin Clan as per Naobito Zenin’s last will since he and Maki were the only remaining Zenins left after Maki massacred the entire clan.