How Strong is Maki Zenin? No Curse Energy? No Problem!

In this blog, we will find out how strong is Maki Zenin.

Maki Zenin is a supporting character in the Jujutsu Kaisen series. She is a 2nd student at high school Jujutsu Tokyo. Maki is a descendant of the Zenin clan – one of the three biggest clans of the Jujutsu World. She has a twin sister named Mai.

But unlike other sorcerers, she has no cursed energy that’s why she had to put up with the heartless, dump, and contemptuous clan. However, she never gives up and always tries to hone her strength.

After the Shibuya Event, Maki is absolutely a monster with new power.

How Strong is Maki Zenin?

Maki is a 4-grade sorcerer. However, that number doesn’t reflect her position rightly. Actually, she should stay in grade 2 or even asymptotic grade 1. The reason because of her clan always makes her path Maki difficult.

Maki’s power is not in her cursed techniques because she has no cursed energy. In the fight, she has to wear glasses to identify cursed spirits. And because of this reason, the Zenin clan always belittles Maki. It built Maki’s hatred of her clan.

How strong is Maki Zenin?

Instead, she has incredible physical strength. That strength might only be comparable to Yuji Itadori. Maki uses her physical strength to compensate for her inability to use cursed techniques. She’s a master of melee combat. She also has a great ability to use weapons.

Because she can’t use cursed techniques, the only way she can attack cursed spirits is to use her own power. But there is a limit to the human body, so, she trained to master many other weapons to use in the fight.

For example, she can use a sword, spear, three-section stick, kunai to combat cursed spirits. Because of being born into the Zenin clan, Maki approached with one of the best jujutsu education when she was born. This knowledge could help Maki a lot in the fight against cursed spirits.

How strong is Maki Zenin?

Maki has flexible thinking. She could analyze and plan for the next steps in the fight. She also thinks fast and can throw her weapon to surprise her enemy in the fight if needed. With years of training, Maki honed her body to reflex attacks at high-speed and counter-attack quickly. She can narrow the distance with her enemy by her speed.

She is a great mentor. Megumi used to learn how to use weapons from Maki. She follows the rules of the mission and can even work with Zenin clan members if necessary.

How Strong is Maki Zenin Now?

Maki has joined the Shibuya event. After her team (Nanami, Naobito, Megumi, and Maki) fought with Dagon, the next opponent of her group was Jogo.

Jojo is just too strong for her team to fight against. First, Jogo used his power to burn Nanami, and next is Maki.

After this Shibuya event, her body is burnt. Her body appeared with many scalds interlaced. But the next happening of Maki is waiting for her in the future.

When she came back to her clan to get cursed tools for the next fight, her father, Ogi Zenin, had already waited for her there. But on the ground is Mai (the twin sister of Maki). Ogi already made the plan to kill Maki and Mai – his daughters.

From the brink of death, Mai sacrificed and gave all of her power to Maki. With her new power, Maki has murdered all people of the Zenin clan. Yes, EVERY SINGLE PERSON at Zenin clan that night.

How strong is Maki Zenin now?

After the Shibuya event, Maki awakened a new level of her power – Heavenly Restriction. The Heavenly Restriction is a curse of God. It gives the chosen one an outperforming thing while taking of them another one.

There are only three people who has Heavenly Restriction. One is Toji, and the others are Maki and Muta. Muta gave a huge amount of cursed energy but had to stay in bed.

Is Maki Zenin Stronger than Toji?

The case of Toji Fushiguro and Maki is similar. It takes them the ability to have cursed energy and use cursed techniques while giving them inhuman physical strength.

Back to Maki. After getting the power of Mai, Maki’s ability to recover and his strength, durability, and speed all increased as well. And when combined with the ability to use the weapons of Maki, she truly became a monster – just like Toji many years ago.

With this power, Maki won before many sorcerers who used cursed techniques. But it’s only complete when Maki fight with Naoya. Naoya already died that night at Zenin clan, but he became a cursed spirit and looked for Maki for a fight.

Is Maki Zenin stronger than Toji?

In this fight, Maki learned how to reach the level of Toji when using Heavenly Restriction in the fight. She could keep up with Naoya’s fast speed. Naoya could move at Mach 3 (around 2300 MPH or 3700 KMH).

And there are things that only Maki can see. She can see and feel the “facets” in the air. But here is the point: Maki is the domain expansion counter for everyone!

Naoya used his Domain Expansion, but he can’t trap or feel Maki. The reason is that Maki has no cursed energy.

Barrier techniques will consider Maki as a building or structure. By that, it would bunk the presence of Maki off. Unless the Domain Expansion is the same type as Megumi or Sukuna (without barrier), or Maki is willing to get into the Domain Expansion, there is no way Maki could be trapped in the Domain. Moreover, because Maki has no cursed energy, she can’t be targeted by “can’t miss attacks” inside the Domain Expansion.


With that said, Maki has become a true monster just like Toji many years ago. She could even be stronger than Toji – the one who almost killed Gojo. She is so young and has many opportunities to grow.

So, remember to watch Jujutsu Kaisen and follow her path as a no-cursed energy sorcerer.