How Strong is Gojo? Inside the Strongest Sorcerer’s Powers

Today, we will talk about Gojo. One of the strongest characters in the Jujutsu Kaisen world. He is a special-grade sorcerer and teaches at Tokyo Jujutsu High School. His nickname is “The Strongest Sorcerer” and has not been defeated by another strength. So we will find out the answer to the question: “How Strong is Gojo?”

Unlike other articles, I will go deeper into this character and find out the reason for his power.

Let’s go!

Jujutsu Kaisen is one of the most popular anime/manga currently. The story is about a fight between sorcerers and cursed monsters – which are born from the negative energy of humans.

How Strong Is Gojo? Is Gojo the Strongest Sorcerer?

Before going deeper into the reason, there are some crazy fights of Gojo showed how powerful he is.

Example 1: The Fight Between Gojo and Jogo

How strong is Gojo?

A perfect example. In this fight, we can see Gojo outperforms Jogo without breaking a sweat.

In fact, Jogo wasn’t weak. His power could equal 8 to 9 fingers of Sukuna. Jogo is one of the strongest cursed spirits introduced in the series so far. If Jogo fights with other characters, he would be a tough enemy and not easy to defeat.

He’s strong, but everything just fades away when he stands in front of Gojo.

Example 2: Gojo Fights Jogo, Hanami, Choso, and 1000 transfigured humans

How strong is Gojo?

In this fight, Gojo couldn’t use his power freely because of so many people around him. If he uses one of his techniques, people will die.

But he still got the advantage. He killed Hanami easily just by physical strength and reflexes. Then, he killed 1000 transfigured humans and saved people at the same time.

Example 3: Gojo Fights Toji… When Gojo was Young

How strong is Gojo?

Toji is pretty strong. He’s the only one who almost killed Gojo. But that’s not enough. Gojo is still alive and defeats him with his strongest technique: Purple.

As you can see, Gojo is super strong. He could easily defeat every opponent on his way. Everything has its reason, so we will together figure out why Gojo is so strong.

Gojo’s Powers Explained

Okay, that’s enough proof to show you how strong Gojo is.

Everything about Gojo’s fighting ability also connects together because the true power of Gojo is flooding in his blood.

And that’s what gave him the nickname “The Strongest Sorcerer.” It is…


how does gojo's infinity work

Limitless is the father-to-son technique. It allows Gojo to manipulate space at an atomic level. Limitless is the basic technique of Gojo’s power.

We illustrated this on one of our previous articles. If you want to know how Limitless works, check it out here.

From Limitless, he could use higher techniques and we will talk about them later. Gojo is also the person who can master Limitless and use all its potential.

Why? Because he has…

Six Eyes

Six Eyes

Here are some quick facts about these eyes:

  • Six Eyes are super rare and could only be obtained by Gojo’s clan.
  • Only a few people could have them throughout the history of the clan.
  • Allows Gojo a wide km vision.
  • Who has Six Eyes could handle a huge amount of information.
  • He sees the flow of cursed energy.
  • Six Eyes can minimize the amount of cursed energy needed.

Limitless and Six Eyes are the standard of Gojo’s power. This combo already makes Gojo become super strong in the Jujutsu Kaisen world.

For example, he used Limitless and Six Eyes to make….


How does Gojo's infinity work?

Infinity is an untouchable barrier of Gojo.

Here is how you can understand this skill:

“Anything that targets Gojo becomes slower. The closer it gets to Gojo, the slower it becomes. So, it takes billions of years to get to Gojo in this space. Enemies think they almost touch him, but actually, they never can!”

This defense skill is so absurd, even in the manga and anime world!

And with Six Eyes, he could build this Infinity barrier all over a day without any trouble.

There are 3 skills that are grown from Limitless: Blue, Red, and Purple.

Do you remember the sample about Google Maps?

It said: “When you zoom out, the two points become closer together until they overlap”

When it comes to Gojo’s power, we call it…

Cursed Technique Lapse: Blue

Blue allows Gojo to use curse energy to create a negative space, which draws everything into it. It is like a back hole, basically.

It looks like when you “zoom out” two points on Google Maps. The two points will stay close together.

In the reverse, we have…

Cursed Technique Reversal: Red

“When you zoom in, they spread further apart.”

This skill is exactly opposite to Blue. Gojo uses the reverse technique to create a ball of positive energy, which could repel things.

And finally, the most destructive skill of Gojo…

Hollow Technique: Purple

how strong is gojo

Purple is a combination of Blue and Red. Push and Pull at the same time. It creates a ball of destruction only. It destroys everything on its path.

This skill is a secret. Only Gojo and a few members of the clan could know about the technique.

The final technique of Gojo is…

Domain Expansion: Unlimited Void

Domain Expansion is already a monster by itself, but when Gojo joins the group, it’s just a whole new level.

Here are some quick facts about Domain Expansion:

  • Domain Expansion is the strongest technique of both sorcerers and curses. It could only be cast by the most skilled people.
  • Attacks inside Domain Expansion are 100% accurate and deal maximum damage.
  • Can’t be broken. Unless a stronger Domain is cast, the stronger one will break the weak one.

And the Domain Expansion of Gojo is just simply breaking all others else!

When Gojo casts this spell, the enemy has to take a huge amount of information that makes the brain stop working and get paralyzed. The enemy can’t do anything else but wait for death!

Gojo’s Other Abilities

  • Curse Technique Lapse Maximum Energy Output: Blue.
  • Reversed Curse Technique.
  • Black Flash

Moreover, Gojo is a fighter with high skill in melee combat and incredible speed.

With his unstoppable abilities, he’s exactly the strongest sorcerer in the Jujutsu Kaisen world. Or even further, he could take a slot of the most powerful characters in the anime and manga world.

That’s all about the techniques and powers he’s holding. He is the strongest for a reason.

But those are only his physical strength, Gojo is also holding a huge responsibility…

What Makes Gojo So Powerful?

What Makes Gojo So Powerful?

Gojo is the strongest for two reasons:

  1. He is gifted with the power of God, which we discovered in this blog.
  2. He is the person carrying the heaviest responsibility.

There is a famous quote that just so fits this situation:

With great power comes great responsibility.

Gojo is the person holding the heaviest responsibility of Jujutsu Kaisen World.

When he was born, he was the person who could change the world, and he did it. His power is so strong that cursed spirits and even sorcerers are afraid of him. He knew the fate he was going to walk through. So he did everything to make it happen.

But – a big BUT…

What Does Gojo Want?

He couldn’t have a normal life like many children. He even got assassinated by the father of another student.

No friends. And when he found one, he killed that friend with his hands.

When he is older, that lonely life still continues. He could meet with some girls, but he couldn’t find a girl to listen to and take care of him. Because he knows everything around him is just full of danger.

He’s at the peak of the world, but ironically, is that life what he wanted?

What Makes Gojo So Powerful?

Everybody is scared of him. He is a monster, a God they lean on to help them live their life.

Gojo usually shows a goofy face in normal life, and I wonder if he uses it like a mask to hide his true personality.

Gojo is a very very complex character. It is hard to know what he is thinking or how he is feeling just by watching his normal life. It’s just the tip of the iceberg.

But Gojo has a dream to change the world. And…

He Has No Permission To Fail!

What Makes Gojo So Powerful?

He is the strongest. If that happens, the world absolutely falls into a terrible situation. And after that… no, there is no “after that”.

With that said, we can see the huge responsibility he is carrying. He knew it, and he knew the power was in his hand.

This is the hidden reason to keep him as the strongest sorcerer for a decade. He chooses to be “The Strongest” to keep the world peaceful.

A little joy of Gojo is to teach and raise young sorcerers. He’s now a teacher at Tokyo Jujutsu High School. He likes to teach and take care of his students.

But maybe – just maybe, on the other hand, is he also looking for a new “The Strongest Sorcerer” to replace him?

Why is Gojo Invincible?

Why is Gojo Invincible?

He’s just like Saitama in Jujutsu Kaisen world.

Every fight that Gojo has is pretty one-sided. We could predict the final result. His appearance is already enough to stop the enemies.

Until this time, there were no villains who could stop him.

But Jujutsu Kaisen is not done yet. He could still be the most powerful character. Or, maybe, someone else will rise and take that identity. Who knows?