How Fast is Gojo? A Quick Chat on Gojo Satoru’s Speed

Hi, mates! Welcome to this brand-new blog. In today’s blog, we will talk about that guy above.

Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce the strongest sorcerer: Gojo Satoru!

I know, I know. You’ve already seen so many articles on this blog about this guy. (Can we help it if he’s a favorite?) But don’t worry. There many other articles about him here on Anime Tiger, but today we’re talking something we’ve never mentioned in any of our previous articles. Today, we are going to talk about Gojo Satoru’s speed.

If you have questions like: “How fast is Gojo?” or “How fast does Gojo move?” this post will break down those questions for you.

How Fast is Gojo Satoru?

How Fast is Gojo Satoru?

According to many fans, he is even faster than Sukuna and Naobito.

The wiki page of Jujutsu Kaisen has written:

“Satoru is an extremely fast fighter, capable of moving faster than the eye could perceive. He managed to easily outpace Jogo, throwing almost imperceptible punches and kicks. Satoru can also eliminate a thousand transfigured humans in five minutes.”

That’s true. We can’t catch his movements with our eyes. You will understand what I’m saying if you watch this anime or read the manga.

But of course, you came here because you don’t want to check the anime or read the manga (again!). So, here are some proofs to help you answer how fast is Gojo.

Two Events That Demonstrate Gojo Satoru’s Speed

Event No. 1: The Fight Between Gojo and Jogo

In Chapters 13 to 16, after letting Yuji watch movies, our favorite jujutsu teacher goes to meet the principal.

How fast is gojo satoru

Suddenly, he gets attacked by Jogo. The fight is one-sided. As we know, Gojo has won overwhelmingly. And this fight is just a piece of cake for him.

But one thing we need to talk about here is he abandons the fight, grabs Yuji who is watching movies, and turns back to the fight.

how fast is gojo satoru
How fast is gojo satoru

How could he do that?

Event No. 2: The Attack at Fukutoshin Line Platform

In Chapter 89, a thousand transfigured humans are unleashed. They are attacking anyone in their sight at Fukutoshin Line Platform.

Thousand transfigured humans fukutoshin line platform

Gojo is shocked.

He’s the type who can sacrifice something to get best final results. But now, the sacrifice is more over than what he can hold. But if he uses Unlimited Void, everyone will die.

He has to do something.

Satoru Gojo makes a bet and casts Domain Expansion of 0,2 seconds. The target is 1,000 transfigured humans.

Finally, 1000 transfigured humans are killed by him, in only 299 seconds.


Think about it: 1,000 enemies have been killed in under 5 minutes!

How Fast is Gojo and What Does It Mean?

It means in one minute, Satoru can kill 200 enemies.

In 30 seconds, he can kill 100 enemies.

In 15 seconds, he can kill 50 enemies.

And in one second, he can kill 3 enemies!

Imagine you are facing him in a battle. And in just a second, you have been killed three times! Huh… yowai mo!

That’s so incredible. And pity for those who are against Gojo.

How Does Gojo Move So Fast?

So what’s the reason for his lightning speed? What’s the secret behind it?

It’s time to unfold the secret!


It all comes from his father-to-son technique, Limitless, which allows him to manipulate space.

While researching for the blog, I saw a definition of NWFury. He explained this concept in a way that was so easy to understand:

“Limitless warps space to a point at infinity. It’s like marking two points on Google Maps and then zooming out or in. When you zoom out, the two points become closer together until they overlap. When you zoom in, they spread further apart.”

Here is how it looks…

I marked two points on Google Maps.

gojo satoru limitless

When I zoom in, the two points go longer:

gojo satoru limitless

But when I zoom out, the two points are so close to each other:

It’s the same with Limitless.

Check out this blog to understand Limitless.

gojo satoru limitless

When Satoru Gojo is in a fight, he could use Limitless to “zoom out” the distance between him and the enemy (or the enemy’s attack) to make it nearly reach him, but it never will. This is called Red.

Or he can use limitless to “zoom in” the distance between him and the location to make it look like he and that point is one the same place. This is called Blue.

Six Eyes

gojo satoru no blindfold

But that is only the basic. Gojo’s power also comes from his Six Eyes.

Six Eyes allows Gojo Satoru extraordinary perception and the ability to utilize Limitless to its fullest potential.

If you wonder why Gojo always covers his eyes, check this blog to find out.

Bottom Line

These two abilities are the main source of his power and speed. In fact, Gojo has no limits on how far he can zoom in or out.

That means the way to get stronger and stronger for him is still open.

Maybe, one day, Akutami-sensei will make him even stronger than he is now. Why not?