Why Does Aki Like Makima? The Tragic Love of Hayakawa Aki

Love stories in any shonen usually have a formula. It goes ignored for a good number of chapters until it is finally brought up. Even then, it is used as a plot device until it goes away. We see this happen with major power couples like Orihime and Ichigo.

The plot for Chainsaw Man is no different. Fujimoto Tatsuki’s approach to romance, however, is unconventional. The author takes on the darker and more mature aspects of love. We don’t see a lot of blushing or shyness from the characters. Instead, there is a lot of refreshing frankness that elevates the series.

Unfortunately, the romances included in Chainsaw Man have a recurring theme: unrequited. Aki’s love life is no exception. If anything, it has taken a sinister turn that cost his own life.

Who was Aki in Love With?

Who was Aki in Love With?

When we were first introduced to Aki, he took a disliking to Denji. The latter was head over heels for Makima and the former was likely irritated at the prospect of a rival. He tried dissuading Denji from pursuing the Devil Hunter life. He claimed that the Chainsaw Fiend had no real motivations to last on the job. Aki even hammered it down by saying that someone like him had no business chasing Makima. It is revealed later on that Aki was in love with Makima because he owed her his life.

Why Does Aki Like Makima?

Why Does Aki Like Makima?

It is unknown how much Aki likes Makima or when the feelings started developing. However, in the few chapters we have seen, Aki does hold her in high regard. Even when faced with a task that he didn’t want to do, he was her “yes-man” as long as it proved he meant something to Makima. Especially when the latter told him that she “trusted him the most”. We can see this as a theme in later chapters. Makima forces Aki to do something and the latter assents to the request because she trusted him.

To Aki, this was likely a sign that he may have a chance with her. Unfortunately, reality simply didn’t work that way. When he started feeling conflicted about his goal, he turned to Makima for help. He wished to keep Denji and Power safe even if it meant costing his own life. In the process, he realized that he couldn’t recall or knew the reason why he had fallen for Makima in the first place. This is where things took a sinister turn. Aki was, in reality, being manipulated all along.

How Did Makima Control Aki?

This is a question that can be debated to the ends of time. We have no idea when Aki and Makima met for the first time. Nor do we have any idea if the manipulations started then. However, it can be said with certainty that Makima already had her fangs sunk into the Devil Hunter before the events of Chainsaw Man.

Makima controlled Aki by abusing his feelings toward her. The Control Devil likely planned to put Aki in her debt so she could control his every move. This way she can keep tabs on Denji and prepare for the ultimate confrontation with the Chainsaw Man. All it took for her then was to keep placing Aki in terrible spots so he is forced to lean on her even more. In the end, Makima ended up fully controlling Aki by making a Contract with Him.

Why Does Aki Like Makima? The Unromantic Conclusion to Aki’s Love Story

The Unromantic Conclusion to Aki’s Love Story

After Makima’s manipulation, nothing else happened to Aki. It was just a slippery slope to his death where he received neither her affections nor salvation. All along, he was being gaslit and led on by Makima. The latter never really trusted him because of some goodwill. She simply knew what he was going to do, and bet on the outcome instead. From how things ended up concluding, that’s exactly what she got.

Aki’s story acts as a cautionary tale for people in controlling relationships. Sometimes it is easy to be swept along by your partner’s lies and it can be hard to tell the difference. However, you should learn to stand up for yourself before things are too late.