Makima vs Gojo: Who Will Win? (With Spoilers!)

The Unstoppable Force meets the Immovable Object. The brand-new Naruto versus Ichigo; except both of them have unique eyes! Makima vs Gojo is one of the most debated match-ups in anime of recent history. Both characters stand at the pinnacle of their series. She who holds dominion and the powers of every contracted Devil. He who ruins the very balance of the universe. It makes for a compelling match-up to see who would prevail.

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Makima vs Gojo: Who Would Win?

For those who want to see the fights immediately. Here are the conclusions featured in this article:

Without Verse Equalization

Gojo is unable to put her down for good. Hollow Purple will not erase her existence as it is an attack never meant to erase existence. It can only erase matter. Previous victims who dealt with the Hollow Purple still had their bodies intact. Although, they are heavily wounded.

Gojo cannot trap Makima in his Unlimited Void due to a recent change in the manga. Those who do not have Cursed Energy cannot be affected by domains unless consent is given.

Makima can fight the long battle of attrition against Gojo. Her biological manipulation can cause hemorrhage in Gojo. If she learns to focus on exploding his brain, she would win. She can also choose to damage his eyes which would limit his abilities and make it all the easier.

Makima can also have access to her contracted Devils’ abilities. The Angel Devil and Future Devil can give her the edge to put down Gojo while finding a way around his Infinity.

The verdict: Makima wins.

Makima vs Gojo - No Verse Equalization

With Verse Equalization

Gojo’s Unlimited Void would be able to trap her and cut off her Devil Contracts. While there is a possibility that Makima may resist Unlimited Void, it is unproven.

Gojo can potentially put her out for good by blasting her until nothing of her exists. His Unlimited Void can also kill her. It would probably bypass her contract with the Prime Minister.

Makima gets stomped by Domain Expansion after fighting her heart out.

The verdict: Gojo wins.

Makima vs Gojo - Verse Equalization

With Prep Time

Makima has superior information-gathering abilities compared to Gojo. She can hear anyone from kilometers away. If she so chooses, she can even focus on her hearing. She could eavesdrop on important conversations.

With enough time, Makima will learn everything there is about Gojo and be able to make plans to counter him.

She can control and manipulate humans and Cursed Spirits who are capable of using Simple Domains, Domain Expansions, and Domain Amplifications to counter Gojo’s Domain Expansion. She can find people who can use reality-warping abilities to deal with limitless.

Makima can bring Gojo into a difficult environment where she could take him out with ease.

On the other hand, Gojo is unlikely to determine anything about Makima. She has never disclosed her full capabilities to anyone.

At most, Gojo will be able to find where she is. But per prep time rules, neither combatant is allowed to fight until the day arrives.

Gojo is likely overconfident enough to face Makima without preparing.

The verdict: Makima wins.

Makima vs Gojo with Prep Time - No Verse Equalization and Verse Equalization

Makima vs Gojo: Who is Stronger?

8 Reasons Gojo is Stronger than Makima

As much as I love Makima, Gojo is stronger. He outclasses Makima in most abilities, power, and stats. The quality of his Cursed Techniques is better. Makima only has versatility through her Devil contracts. In summary, his abilities can be described as complete hacks:

  1. the ability to move fast at supersonic if not higher speeds
  2. an ability that creates a world that can send turn the target into a vegetable
  3. a spell that can instantly kill most beings in his universe and disintegrate matter
  4. a barrier that can deflect any physical object or mass sent his way
  5. excellent crowd control skills
  6. better durability compared to Makima (He can come out unharmed when struck by a meteorite)
  7. can heal any fatal wounds
  8. and an energy consumption like he used the “thereisnospoon” cheat from Warcraft III
Makima vs Gojo: Who is Stronger?

Why Gojo Loses to Makima

However, this does not mean that he will win easily in this encounter. He does have a few weaknesses in this fight! First, he has no realistic way to put Makima down for good. He can keep using Unlimited Void, Red, Blue, and Hollow Purple, but that would only incapacitate her. Hollow Purple will not disintegrate her to nothingness. It has been shown time and time again in the manga that those hit by Purple do not fully disintegrate. Hanami, who was in the middle of the blast radius of a large blast from Purple, even survived.

There are also recent developments in the manga. People with no Cursed Energy cannot be trapped in a domain, nor the sure-hit will affect them.

Makima vs Gojo: Who is Stronger?
Makima vs Gojo: Who is Stronger?

Then, here is the kicker: he has no feats showing mental resistance to mind control. It is proven that he has been affected by Hanami’s flower circle. This likely means that Makima has a good chance of controlling him. Gojo would be capable of breaking out of control. Sadly, there is no proof that a command from Makima won’t override this. She can choose to wipe out Gojo’s memories as soon as possible.

The problem is if Makima would choose to. This will be explained later.

5 Ways Makima Can Beat Gojo

Makima vs Gojo: Who is Stronger?

On the flip side, Makima does have abilities that can also be considered hacks:

  1. she is faster considering the speed cap of Mach 3 on Jujutsu Kaisen. She has shown a feat where she was able to react to the Gun Devil shooting her from 500 kilometers away. She kept up with the movements of the Darkness Devil, who is stronger than the latter. Not to mention, it has been calculated that her “Bang” should reach Mach 100 due to shooting Chainsaw Man to orbit
  2. has the numbers advantage and can even use the abilities of contracted Devils. This includes precognition, and the list of Devils can be found here
  3. she is immortal, period. She will always reincarnate and has 121 million lives (if based on the population of 1997) to burn through. Although she will technically lose since she loses her memories upon reincarnation
  4. can likely bypass Limitless with her greater control over biology. It is unlikely for her to be power nulled. She does not have Cursed Energy, nor do Devil Contracts count as Binding Vows
  5. finally, can likely control Gojo if we take her controlling ability to a conceptual level
Makima vs Gojo: Who is Stronger?

It simply comes down if Makima can take out Gojo before he can incapacitate her. She is physically weaker and less durable than Gojo. Many of her contracted Devils are unlikely to work against him.

While her biological manipulation can affect Gojo, Gojo can keep regenerating. That is, unless, Makima was able to do more damage than Gojo could recover.

If you want more details about their abilities, simply look through the sections.

Now you have a pretty brief and good summary of their abilities, let’s get ready to rumble!

Makima vs Gojo: Who Would Win Without Verse Equalization?

Makima vs Gojo: Who Would Win Without Verse Equalization?

There are a few conditions to this battle: a head-on battle with both characters, no prep time, and at their peaks. We use the logic of the two characters’ abilities from their respective universes. The ability systems will not be compared one-to-one. Makima has access to her contracts and Gojo will use his Six Eyes straight from the bat.

In a battle with these conditions, Makima will come out on top as the winner.

Makima’s Contracts

The Control Devil’s access to her contracts does give her an edge to beat Gojo. With the Gun Devil, Punishment Devil, and Zombie Devil, she can keep stalling for time. Since she can revive them, she can keep teleporting them away and feeding them her blood. The rest of the fodder keeps Gojo at bay. While Gojo would be able to keep them away from him, they would simply keep coming back.

Makima's contracts

Then, there are three specific demons that I’m certain can help deliver the kill. Future Devil’s precognition will help Makima greatly in this battle and allow her to plan. Then, there are the Stone Devil and Angel Devil. The Stone Devil can bypass Gojo’s defenses due to its attacks being done by the wind. While it would be difficult to lock Gojo down, it is not impossible. Makima’s number advantage will help her keep Gojo in a localized spot. She can even fight dirty by bringing him to a populated area. She can effectively lure him into a trap, similar to how Geto did with Prison Realm.

During Gojo’s petrification, Makima can simply waltz up and use the Angel Devil’s Life Steal. Makima can use the Angel Devil to create a weapon that can potentially bypass Infinity. It is still a Cursed Technique. There have been three separate instances where Gojo’s Limitless was nulled. With Makima’s intelligence and Gojo likely to tell her about his ability, she would be able to find a way around it.

Makima's contacts

What about Gojo’s Six Eyes?

Of course, there is a problem: Gojo’s Six Eyes. He can potentially counter all I’ve mentioned with a look. But let me reiterate the condition: this is not a Verse Equalization battle. Six Eyes will work on seeing through Cursed Techniques. Devils’ abilities are not Cursed Techniques. If we generalize that Six Eyes can see any technique, the outcome is unlikely to change. Gojo may be able to process information faster, but it will only delay the inevitable.

Makima’s Immunity to Unlimited Void

Eventually, Gojo decides to bring out the Unlimited Void. This sends Makima and the Devils into a vegetative state. From there, he can attempt to kill her and her Devils by blasting them to smithereens.

Except that doesn’t happen. This is the second reason why Makima would win: they would be unaffected. A glaring weakness recently demonstrated in Gojo’s series puts him at a disadvantage. When a person has no Cursed Energy, the domain will consider them as buildings. Unless the person gives consent or chooses to invade the domain, they would not be trapped within.

This also hampers the domain’s ability to detect the person, and the domain’s sure-hit effect would fail to work. The Unlimited Void will not even consider Makima nor the Devils as targets.

There is also the possibility that Makima may not be affected by Unlimited Void. While not proven, Makima can be resistant to the info-dumping mechanisms. Her prior contact with the Cosmo Devil shows this possible feat. When Makima was confronting Quanxi, the Cosmo Devil let out an agitated “Halloween”. On normal occasions, the simple utterance of this word would send the people who heard it into a frenzy. Their minds will be overloaded with information about the universe like Unlimited Void.

Yet, Makima stood there with a smile. She proceeded to behead Quanxi and her lovers, including the Cosmo Devil. While this is not proven outright, it is still very much a possibility. Makima canonically remembers concepts and cosmically lost history which supports this claim.

Makima’s Superior Speed and Regeneration

However, this is unlikely to stop Gojo in place. He has shown feats like the use of 0.2 Second Domain Expansion. He can kill all the Devils in one go, but it wasn’t like that would stop her. As discussed in the official source, the 0.2 Second time frame allows Special Curses to recover. Makima and some of the Devils would likely be able to react 0.2 seconds later. That is if we do not even consider the recent developments in Jujutsu Kaisen.

Makima would also likely survive any Hollow Purple attack. Her contract with the Prime Minister will likely activate and stitch her together. If you think that this is impossible, then remember. Hanami survived a larger version of Hollow Purple. It is not an erasure technique that most people think it to be. Makima’s ability is also near instant. It takes a second for her to regenerate, and she is likely to reform even in bits and pieces.

Makima’s Superior Speed and Regeneration

Satoru Gojo would likely fight to the bitter end. He may fire off shots that could kill the Devils, but Makima can move them. Her precognition will allow her to see his attacks ahead of time. Gojo may teleport, but the Devils are fast. The Devils can also scale up to Makima who is faster than Gojo. Even if they do die, the Control Devil still has others in her possession.

Worst case scenario, it will just be her and Gojo duking it out. Makima’s biological manipulation will keep him at bay. She is also faster than Gojo, now that his speed cap is set to Mach 3. Of course, unless the author decides otherwise. That is one way this bout would end.

It is unknown if Gojo could regenerate any damage done to his eyes. There are no feats that say otherwise, and the damage may disable his abilities. It would not be the first time Makima would go for the eyes. It’s pretty much a guarantee to her especially once she figures out its weakness.

Makima’s Superior Speed and Regeneration

The Conclusion

Now faced with an opponent who can deal with two of his better techniques, he is likely to lose.

While Infinity is very much going to keep him alive for way longer, he also does not have a real way to beat Makima. The battle between them will turn into a war of attrition until only one reigns supreme. The Control Devil can even keep Gojo busy as she moves away to perform the death ritual.

Gojo is unlikely to stop her unless he decides to teleport.

This one-sided conclusion is the reason why people often choose Verse Equalization. It is to make the fights fair. After all, despite the similarities between the two power systems, it does not mean they are the same. This is what caused the never-ending Naruto vs Ichigo debate in the first place. With this, I can understand why it came out this way. Jujutsu Kaisen deals with the Curses. Like how Chainsaw Man deals with their Devils.

In a fight with the limitations of both of their systems, Makima wins.

Makima vs Gojo: Who Would Win a Head-on Fight with Verse Equalization?

Makima vs Gojo: Who Would Win a Head-on Fight with Verse Equalization?

The previous bout shows the importance of Verse Equalization. Let us set down the rules for this battle. Both combatants are at their peak and have no prep time. It is, once again, a head-on fight with both universes mixed. For this bout:

  • Cursed Energy will be considered the same energy that Makima uses;
  • Binding Vows are similar to Devil Contracts; and
  • Cursed Techniques are close to the abilities Devils use.

Now without further ado, fight!

Gojo Wins but with the Possibility of a Draw

Gojo wins with a struggle from Makima, but a draw can happen if killing her turned out to be impossible.

With just a look from Gojo, he will be able to quickly see through her techniques. Gojo will be able to see how big of a threat she is due to the Cursed Energy she exudes. This will make him immediately bring out Unlimited Void on her before choosing to kill her. Of course, this may take a few tries. After all, Makima does have precognition, and she does have an army. She tries to do the same things in the previous bout. She tries to use the Stone Devil and Angel Devil to her advantage, and blitz around Gojo with her superior speed.

Eventually, they get trapped. Gojo kills Makima and thinks that’s it. Much like in his fight against Jogo, Makima will return to her senses after the domain is removed. So will her contracts. During this time, Makima would have understood what happened to her and try to come up with a plan to beat him. It is here when Gojo would realize the contract Makima had with the Prime Minister.

Gojo Wins but with the Possibility of a Draw

Multiple Endings

This is where things can go differently. Gojo can try trapping her again in the Unlimited Void before trying to kill her and leave no trace behind. Makima has not shown any feats to survive being atomized, so there is no way she is likely to come back. This leads to Gojo winning. However, the absence of evidence does not mean evidence of absence. There is a possibility that Makima can still survive. Her contract counts any instance of her “being killed” as the condition to regenerate.

Whichever the case, Gojo will find a way to seal her, or trap her in his domain. Since the domain overloads Makima’s mind, it should be enough to exploit her loophole. Makima dies without being able to reincarnate, simple as that. If that isn’t possible, Gojo may need to find a way to seal her instead.

As much as I love Makima, in a fight where both universes are mixed, Gojo has the upper hand.

Makima vs Gojo: Who Would Win a Battle with Prep Time?

Ah, yes. The good old Batman technique! Honestly, in either scenario, Makima would win if both combatants were given prep time. Once again, before you burn me at the stake, hear me out.
First and foremost, Makima is not a combatant. She has few fighting abilities of her own, relying on other Devils’ abilities to do her dirty work. While her “bang” would be enough to fight and kill a lot of Jujutsu Kaisen’s sorcerers, it wouldn’t be for Gojo. Her real ability lies in manipulating people and Devils. Gathering and using information is her bread and butter.

Makima vs Gojo: Who Would Win a Battle with Prep Time?

Makima’s Superior Knowledge and Deception

Makima will do what she does best: work in the shadows. If Jogo and Hinami were able to escape from Gojo, then what’s to say Makima wouldn’t as well? Even if Gojo knew about her, she would be able to slink away using the rats or use the Spider Devil to teleport her away. Her ability to manipulate animals can also let her know if Gojo was nearby. This way, she could keep hiding away until the time is right. With her incredible hearing abilities, she doesn’t even need to go out too much in public. She would be able to gather information concerning Gojo and start creating a plan to break him.

While Gojo is an overpowered character, he is not above manipulation. It has been proven that he can be tricked. Kenjaku is a bright example of this. He fooled Gojo for enough time to seal him in Chapter 90.

Makima’s Superior Knowledge and Deception

Makima will Beat Gojo with Clever Tactics

For non-Verse Equalization, Makima can find out about Geto the same way Kenjaku has. She can have one of her Devils possess the corpse and surprise Gojo. Stone Devil can use Petrification on him during the time he was dazed, and he’s gone.

Since Makima would know about Six Eyes, she can use her Biological Manipulation to take them away. She can also destroy his brain in his petrified state to kill him. There is also the choice to even coordinate the entire thing without being there. She can be busy with performing the death ritual instead while he is petrified. If that doesn’t work, at least she can cross that out and try something different or simply fight Gojo head-on.

The Infinity Counter – Domain Amplification and Innocent Casualties

For Verse Equalization, Makima can beat Gojo by controlling humans and Cursed Spirits with Domain Expansions and Domain Amplification. It would be easy for her as she sees herself above them. The usage of Domain Amplification against Gojo will nullify his Infinity. At least until he decides to make it stronger. Since Makima would hold the contract with Jogo, she is likely to learn how to use it. After all, Domain Amplification will simply amplify her cursed energy. With her intelligence, she’ll be able to develop the sure-hint function in little time.

However, it might be that she doesn’t need to.

The Infinity Counter - Domain Amplification and Innocent Casualties

Makima can recreate the Shibuya Incident where it will force Gojo to close combat. In this case, he turns off his Limitless Cursed Technique. He wants to limit the casualties of humans around him. The Control Devil would be able to take advantage of the situation. With Limitless turned off, Infinity would be too. She can blitz Gojo and cut his head off, or even use a series of “Bang” before he could react. Similarly, she can use Devils such as the Shark Devil, Crossbow Hybrid, and Gun Fiend to take him out.

The Infinity Counter - Domain Amplification and Innocent Casualties

This gives her time to use “Bang”. With a speed of Mach 100, Gojo would not be able to move in time. Especially not without endangering any innocents. His latest feat at dodging explosions only goes as fast as over Mach 50. He is likely going to be paste by the time Makima is done. The latter may even beat him barehanded due to her feat of punching through Chainsaw Man’s stomach. Chainsaw Man was shown to be able to handle 10kilotons of TNT and be blasted to space. Note: the ritual can also be used in this situation.

The Infinity Counter - Domain Amplification and Innocent Casualties

Gojo’s Arrogance Will Be His Downfall

On the other hand, Gojo is unlikely to know anything about Makima. The Control Devil hides her cards very close to her chest. Even In the Chainsaw Man series, no one knew what she was capable of until it was too late. There is also the fact that Gojo is unlikely to do anything during his prep time. He is too overconfident in his abilities to consider preparing.

It should be remembered that throughout the series, Gojo is arrogant. He even lets his opponent go wild and handicap himself even if it may kill him. While smart in battle, he never really considered further thought than what was happening. This was showcased best during the Shibuya Incident where he failed to grasp the true nature of Kenjaku’s plan. Gojo’s Six Eyes may let him process a lot of information in half or less a second, but it does not give him the intelligence to predict everything. Otherwise, he would’ve been able to avoid the Prison Realm in advance.

At the end of the day, Makima wins whether the verses are equalized or not.

Would Makima’s Control Work Against Gojo?

This is a heavily debated topic, and the answer can be answered in both yes and no.
If we discuss this in theory and conceptually, then yes. Makima is more than capable of controlling Gojo. The latter has not shown any mental resistance. However, he does possess some incredible willpower. That should be enough to break through Makima’s Control. This feat was displayed by Power when she disobeyed Makima’s order to give up Denji.

Would Makima’s Control Work Against Gojo?

However, this can be overrun by Makima herself, and she can even choose to erase Gojo’s memories. There is the argument that Gojo can potentially cancel out the control. By using the Reverse Cursed Technique, he can refresh her mind. Although, this feat is never demonstrated and it is unknown if he can do so.

The problem is that Makima wouldn’t choose to control Gojo because of his unique existence. She would place Gojo on a podium like the Chainsaw Devil and fight him to prove dominance.

Things to Consider about Makima and Satoru Gojo’s Capabilities

While pitting two people to death is fun, it should be noted that both series are ongoing. There can be minute changes to the manga that can completely debunk the things I have written here.

Makima’s Abilities are Never Explained in the Manga nor by the Author

For starters, Makima never revealed most of her capabilities even during her death. There is a very likely chance that she had more in store that she didn’t reveal due to her concealing nature. For example, we know that Makima has created many contracts. She may very well have a few Devils on hand that are stronger than what she had.

There is also a chance what she has shown is all that she has. Nevertheless, her powers infinitely scale the more demons submit to her. Her death at the hands of Denji nipped the potential of what she could’ve become.

Gojo’s Abilities May Change in the Future Due to Revisions in the Manga

Meanwhile, it is no secret to the fans that Gojo is the Mary Sue of the series. He is so overpowered to the point that even the author acknowledged it. The world of Jujutsu Kaisen was shaken after his birth. It was like it knew the potential calamity he might bring. In the present-day series, he stands at the pinnacle of Jujutsu Sorcery. Very few in the manga can hope to beat him. The last time he was nearly brought down was when he was younger. Now that he was older, replicating that feat would be difficult.

Gojo’s Abilities May Change in the Future Due to Revisions in the Manga

The recent revisions to Jujutsu Kaisen, unfortunately, put Gojo’s abilities to question. The author has been putting in the effort of ways to counter Cursed Techniques such as Domains. Chapter 198 in the manga potentially turns Gojo’s domain useless in the face of someone with no Cursed Energy. Only time would tell then if Gojo’s abilities are as strong as he believes them to be.

Also, it is important to note that Gojo is still currently sealed in the series. At the time of this writing, he has yet to get out. This shows a clear limit to his abilities, especially when the Prison Realm was able to nullify his powers.

In the End, It’s All Subjective

The take will always be very different for each debater. It borders on subjectivity or personal interpretation. Jujutsu Kaisen is not forward with how its universe’s abilities work. Chainsaw Man also faces the same problem of keeping the readers in the dark while Makima grew in power. There are more feats recorded for Makima than there are for Gojo. This leaves most to speculation about a head-on battle.

While you have read my conclusions, you might have your own. After all, these are conclusions based on my interpretations. In this case, I have compiled all the information you may need. In the next few sections, we will delve deeper into their abilities. Let’s get those debates rolling in the comments!

Who is Satoru Gojo, the Strongest Jujutsu Sorcerer, and What are His Powers?

Satoru Gojo is the strongest Jujutsu Sorcerer in the world of Jujutsu Kaisen. Becoming the strongest has always been his destiny. Ever since his birth, the world knew that his arrival would bring about a change in the balance. Unapologetic, playful, confident, and cruel, he is a rather complex character. While caring towards those he cares for, he exudes a level of cold cruelty towards those he does not.

Despite his loss against Toji when he was younger, he used that as a motivation to grow stronger. His strength and desire for power made him grow arrogant. He even goes as far as calling himself along the lines of “Heaven’s chosen one”. He is also not above taking “acceptable casualties” if it meant beating his opponent. Yet, it should be clarified that this only extends to those his opponent has already killed. Gojo will not dare to harm or kill any innocents to win.

His caring nature comes out in the form of his goal: reforming the jujutsu world. He wishes to teach the next generation of Jujutsu sorcerers in hopes that they will become his equals.

Abilities and Powers

The Strongest Special Grade Sorcerer

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, Satoru is designed to be a Mary Sue. He is the strongest sorcerer in the series and holds incredible powers. Not even Toji Fushiguro was able to stand a chance. He is feared by the higher classes of Jujutsu society since Satoru can easily overthrow them. As such, he carries a reputation that everyone in the world of Jujutsu Kaisen would know about.
He possesses Cursed Energy and often uses it for his attacks. It flows within his body (like Chakra from Naruto) and can be used to enhance his physical attributes.

Six Eyes

Satoru Gojo six eyes

This is a unique trait only available to the Gojo clan. Satoru Gojo is the current holder of the Six Eyes which grants him abilities to see and process more. Information is constantly buffered into him. This will allow him a multitude of abilities:

  • He can deduce the mechanics of a technique and Cursed Energy in perfect detail even from far away.
  • He can manipulate Cursed Energy on an atomic level. It is what allows him to use his abilities constantly.
  • Reduces his usage of Cursed Energy for his abilities to the point that it was as if he never used energy at all.

However, the information he receives does have a limitation. For example, he was unable to differentiate Kenjaku from Geto using his eyes. It took his very “soul” to know that Kenjaku was possessing the latter’s body.

Reverse Cursed Technique

Gojo turns negative energy into positive energy. This heals himself or others in the process. He can revive from a near-dead state using this technique. Additionally, he keeps it on 24/7 due to overuse of Limitless and Infinity.

However, there is a flaw to this technique: it stems from the brain. Destruction of the brain will kill a reverse curse user regardless of mastery. It also has problems with detoxifying the body, needing Gojo to adjust before it is fully out of his system.

Binding Vows

Satoru Gojo binding vows

By telling the opponent how his technique works, Gojo can strengthen his technique. Funny enough, this is what he does during his battle against Jogo.

Cursed Technique – Limitless

Gojo’s specific Cursed Technique is named Limitless. It allows him to manipulate space by understanding the concept of infinity. The application of this technique can be seen in the proceeding subheadings.

Despite this power, Gojo does have the habit to turn off Limitless to test the limits of his opponent. It can be countered by reality-warping abilities.

Innate Domain

This follows a similar concept of Ichigo’s inner world from Bleach. An innate domain is the mental landscape of the heart and mind. For Gojo, his domain is the abstraction of infinity which is shown to be infinite skies.

Domain Expansion – Unlimited Void

This is when the innate domain is forced upon the world. It is pretty much a Reality Marble from the Fate series, but more flexible. A domain can be moved to remove an opponent from the inside. Any attacks by the host will always hit the target. It can also enhance the abilities of Gojo and nullify the Cursed Techniques. Escaping this is almost impossible. The dimensions inside are different from the outside. A domain is generally weaker if it is more reinforced inside.

However, a person with no Cursed Energy cannot be affected by a Domain. Maki was able to bypass Naoya’s Domain. The latter could not sense her, could not influence her, nor could target her with the sure hit.

Domain Expansion unlimited void
Domain Expansion unlimited void

In Gojo’s case, his domain expansion is called Unlimited Void. Any target within his domain is overwhelmed with infinite information. This reduces them to a vegetable state, unable to say or do anything. Gojo can change the properties of his domain and its time duration.

Non-Cursed Energy users should be able to survive 0.2 seconds within the domain. Rehabilitation for two months will be needed afterward. Although, it appears that this is due to information overload. Kenjaku, “Patchface”, and other Special Cursed Spirits were able to recover without rehab.

While the usage of Domain Expansion is possible, Gojo has yet to show he can use it in the manga. Although he most likely can since he does know that it exists and has experienced it before.

Satoru Gojo’s Strength and Power

This is one of those feats where there are little feats that showcase his strength. Regardless, he is formidable in hand-to-hand combat, dispatching Jogo during their fight. He possesses immense strength to fight the Special Grade Curse with physical attacks. With a kick, he was able to send Jogo flying and splashing into a lake with a large explosion. He was able to punch Jogo’s stomach and cause the curse to cough out blood. Finally, he was able to decapitate the curse with his bare hands.

To make a simpler comparison, he is stronger than Yuji and Rika. Yuji has shown where he could lift and throw a car while Rika can destroy towns on her own. Mei Mei also once stated he can kill every person in Japan alone. This likely includes those in the Jujutsu Society.

Black Flash

Cursed Energy is applied to an attack that creates a spatial distortion. It has the side effect of allowing Gojo to potentially operate at 120% of his maximum potential. That is if he does decide to use it.


This is an ability that helps Gojo to expose curses and bring additional effects.

Satoru Gojo’s Durability and Resistances

For his durability, Gojo is surprisingly sturdy. On top of him being hard to kill due to Infinity and regeneration, he also relies on Cursed Techniques. The ability to use Cursed Techniques gives him a multitude of resistances:

  • He can resist Soul Manipulation with the use of Cursed Energy. Similarly, this shields him from any forms of harm such as other curses, heat, time stop, and others.
  • However, his resistance does not mean an immunity catch-all. He can still be harmed from inside if it was breathed in or pierced through his skin.
  • Once able to get out of Jogo’s Maximum Meteor skill unharmed,
  • His reliance leaves him open to tools that counteract Cursed Techniques. It has been shown in the manga that he can be beaten with the right tool. “Geto” was able to seal him with Prison Realm even if it barely worked. He was also nearly killed by Toji with the Inverted Spear of Heaven.
Satoru Gojo’s Durability and Resistances

Other than his Cursed Techniques, he has shown high durability. He was able to take out Jogo’s meteor that can destroy an entire city block.

Limitless: Infinity

Of course, we cannot talk about Gojo’s durability without talking about Infinity. The latter is based on the paradox of Achilles. Any attack directed in his way with mass is slowed down to the point it stops. Like that one movie scene where multiple rockets stopped in front of Sonic. This makes Gojo virtually untouchable. He can also use this ability manually with hand signals.

To make matters worse, there is even a bit of visual manipulation that goes along. For the attackers, it would look like they hit Gojo when, in reality, they never did.

Satoru Gojo’s Speed and Mobility

Speed feats are very weird in any manga medium. Especially with series that never bothered clarifying how fast they are moving. An argument could be made that he could potentially have infinite speed. After all, as seen in Chapter 91, he was able to talk inside a domain where time doesn’t pass.

However, this truly isn’t the case. If he had infinite speed, then he should’ve been able to avoid the Prison Realm. He wouldn’t need to have used his domain expansion of 0.2 seconds to immobilize everything in Shibuya. If he had infinite speed, then he could’ve dispatched everything within the train station.

Then, there is the problem with Jujutsu Kaisen’s speed rating. The author wanted to cap the speed of the series to Mach 3. This is problematic because previous characters have already shown feats above that. This includes Gojo, who was able to dodge an explosion point-blank. Calculations should at the very least place him at Mach 50.

Satoru Gojo’s Speed and Mobility

Gojo’s true speed would then be somewhere fast enough that he is almost imperceivable to the human eye. Regardless, he is still the fastest sorcerer alive. He is fast enough to kill 1000 humans in under 5 minutes.

Limitless: Teleportation and Levitation

Limitless grants him the ability to teleport but under specific conditions. For Gojo, he often uses a clap to teleport in combat. This is seen in a battle against Sukuna.

Satoru Gojo’s Cursed Techniques

Cursed Technique Lapse: Blue

This technique essentially acts like the blue part of a magnet with the force of a black hole. It “attracts” its surroundings by creating a void in space. The void is then filled up by the surrounding space to “correct” the impossibility.

This technique can be used in a variety of methods. It can crush people, collapse buildings, and travel at high speeds.

Cursed Technique Reversal: Red

It is the opposite of blue which gives it twice the power. It’s a shonen’s typical energy blast.

Cursed Technique: Hollow Purple

Finally, one of Gojo’s most controversial techniques. By combing Blue and Red, Gojo can create a blast of mass that will leave nothing in its wake. How it achieves this is left much to interpretation.

Gojo Satoru hollow purple

It is calculated that this attack achieves 7 kilotons of TNT.

It can be interpreted that the mass from Purple can erase matter, but not the existence of those in the way. It has been shown multiple times in the manga that those hit by Purple do not just poof out of existence. In Chapter 52, Gojou fired Purple towards a forest. Everything in its wake was obliterated, leaving a gaping chasm. Yet, chapter 53 shows Hanami having survived the blast with only half his body torn.

Another example is Toji, who even bleeds from the attack.

Cursed Technique: Hollow Purple

Who is Makima, the Control Devil, and What are Her Powers?

Makima is the Devil’s embodiment of the fear of Control. Posing as a Public Safety officer, she has been responsible for most events in Part 1 of Chainsaw Man. Cold, manipulative, and meticulous. She is the perfect villain presented to our naive and innocent protagonist. There is not a shred of guilt or sympathy in her despite her villainous actions. She is perfectly willing to let the masses die to achieve her goals. Yet, she never actually sees herself as evil. She believes that she is doing the world a favor by capturing Chainsaw Man to get rid of all evil concepts.

Who is Makima, the Control Devil, and What are Her Powers?

It was also very hard to tell what she is thinking. Her intelligence stood above all other characters in the series. She was able to manipulate and fool everyone. Even Kishibe had a hard time understanding her schemes. It was only her ignorance of humans that caused her failure.

At her core lies a very lonely individual. As described by Pochita, the Control Devil simply sought companionship. Her being raised in the government denied her the love she wanted. In turn, she turned evil and put her thoughts on “saving the world”.

Abilities and Powers

The Control Devil

In Makima’s case, as the control Devil, she possesses traits that every other Devil has:

  • Absolute immortality unless eaten by Chainsaw Man. Their death will simply cause them to reincarnate at the cost of their memories.
  • Can regenerate via blood consumption and reattach limbs.
  • Power is increased after consuming a piece of the gun Devil and can form contracts with humans.
  • Can possess corpses and become fiends.

Devil Physiology (Enhanced Senses and Attributes)

Her Devil physiology makes her just as broken as Gojo without the use of Cursed Techniques. She was able to see Pochita’s actions from Earth after blasting him to space. She could even battle a stronger Denji and tear out his heart without issue. For comparison, Denji was able to survive Typhoon Devil. The latter casually destroyed buildings with the force of 10 kiloton of TNT.

Makima Devil Physiology

Her eyesight and hearing are also just as ridiculous. She can spot the Gun Devil from 500 kilometers away. She can eavesdrop on conversations despite being kilometers in distance. Similarly, she was able to react to being shot in the head. The bullet traveled dozens of kilometers in a second, yet Makima had time to activate an ability. It is debatable if she took the shot on purpose, but it is narratively correct if she did. She is quite notorious for simply taking attacks to her face. She knows that she simply will not die.

Her speed feat can also be scaled against the Darkness Devil. The Darkness Devil was able to quickly travel hundreds of kilometers in 3 seconds. This is faster than anything Gojou would have ever fought.

Her nose possesses an excellent sense of smell. It can identify humans and Devil through their scent. She can also mindread at a certain point and can even control animals all over the planet. Her telepathy is so strong that she can talk with the Spider Devil between dimensions.

Makima Devil Physiology

For durability, she is comparable to Denji who survived a shot from the Gun Fiend. For context, the Gun Fiend is strong enough to level streets from bullets.

Finally, she was able to keep her memories of events that have been completely wiped from history. This means she possesses knowledge that nobody else on the planet would know.

Biological Manipulation

Makima can manipulate someone’s biology in numerous ways. She can make someone bleed from the inside, or even create a halo out of her brain. The halo is used to transport weapons to herself or Devils over far distances. Kind of like a weird fleshy version of Kurogiri from My Hero Academia.


She can levitate! Yeah, that’s it.


It is not exclusively described, but Makima can kill people with her fingers or a look. Whether it is a form of force or telekinesis, is never clarified. However, it is still strong enough to blast Chainsaw Man into orbit. It can even bypass the Darkness Devil’s protective barrier.


Once at a high altitude, Makima can choose to perform a ritual. She must have a blindfolded human sacrifice mutter the name of the designated person. She then performs a hand gesture. Once it is done, the target is crushed like a pancake. The force behind this attack is never explained and is invisible. Some moments have shown the body being twisted beyond belief. Others were just flattened.

Makima ritual

Absolute Control

This is singlehandedly her biggest controversial ability. It is the subject of debate in many Versus Battles. She can control any lifeform she believes to be lesser than her. How it works is similar to how Zatanna uses her magic. It is a conceptual ability that is less about power, and more about belief.

She often mind-controls someone into making a contract with her. This forces them into her eternal servitude as they end up serving her even in death. She can even control their personality and manipulate their memories. Worst of all, she can bring and summon them anywhere. Finally, Makima can use the ability of any Devil that is contracted to her. This includes Devils who are part of the contract by extension.

Fortunately, her control can be fought off with raw willpower. Power is the best example of this.

Controlled Devils and Humans

As an older Devil, she has built up a connection of contracts over the years. It is unknown how many contracts she holds, but it is likely most Devils in the series are her slaves. Here are a few major ones that Makima has to tip the tides:

Makima controlled devils
  1. Devil Hunters: most Devil hunters in her division and agency are under contract with her. She drags them along with chains.
  2. Mold Devil: able to grow mold in internal organs and make them bleed from the inside out.
  3. Stone Devil: able to petrify targets by blowing wind through a circle with his fingers. It will only work if the summoner stands in a sigil.
  4. Punishment Devil: it is implied that it is the large mass of Devils who attacked the Gun Devil.
  5. Fox Devil: able to eat anything by its user except hybrids.
  6. Future Devil: able to accurately predict movements using the user’s eye. It views the future seconds ahead.
  7. Spider Devil: Can climb walls, and phase through solid objects. She can transport people across dimensions with the zipper on her body.
  8. Angel Devil: can steal life force and converted it into weapons. A small touch can steal two months’ worth of life and creates weapons:
    1. Swords that can insta-kill open contact.
    2. 1000 years to create a spear that can mortally wound people.
    3. Can create magical weapons with special properties.
  9. Zombie Devil: can revive and control zombies, and any bitten by its minions can be turned into zombies. Zombies will continue to exist even after the Devil’s demise.
  10. Shark Devil: can swim through surfaces, turn parts of his body into a shark or turn entirely into one.
  11. Bomb Devil: can make explosions, and wreck buildings with it
  12. Crossbow Hybrid: can outpower skilled martial artists. She is fast enough to blitz dozens of meters before enemies can react. Each arrow it can fire is strong enough to critically injure Denji and has insane durability.
  13. Gun Devil: has some pretty bonkers abilities best divided into the following:
    1. Can kill every male and child within a 1000-1500m proximity with a shot through the head.
    2. Within a 1000m proximity, those born in January to March, May to June, August to September, and November to December will be shot through the heart.
  14. Gun Fiend: a weaker version of the gun Devil, but still incredibly strong. The strength of its bullets can flatten entire streets.
  15. Prime Minister Contract: this is essentially Makima’s most dangerous contract. After forcing the Prime Minister of Japan into a contract with her, she gains the ability to redirect any fatal wound or attack to a random citizen from Japan.
    1. The form it takes was said to be sickness, but later chapters proved it doesn’t have to be. Like in Chapter 95 when Makima was decapitated. A Devil Hunter got his head cut off instead and lets her regenerate.
    2. In essence, she has 121 million lives (since the series take place in 1997. Lives will increase the more Japanese citizens there are).
    3. She can use this to play dead, as shown when she was shot during a train ride in Chapter 26.
    4. The form of damage seemingly doesn’t matter. She can regenerate even after being chopped to pieces. The only exception is spiritual attacks, which have not been tested in the manga.

Possible Contracts

As seen in the series, Makima is responsible for most of the Devils who went after Denji. Despite their absence in later chapters, it is possible she decided to enslave them. There are quite a few, but the following are the most dangerous:

Makima possible contracts
  • Pingtsi: can determine the contract of a Devil, their abilities, and the condition of a body.
  • Cosmo Devil: an utterance of the word “Halloween” can bring people inside their mental space. It can force them to understand everything in the universe. This turns them into vegetables, unable to think of anything other than Halloween.
  • Eternity Devil: has an ever-looping pocket dimension where time is frozen. It can increase its size and change the direction of gravity.
  • Hell Devil: can send humans or Devils to hell as a giant hand that rips reality.
  • Animal Transformation: can turn into rats.