Who is Maki to Megumi? Discover Their True Connection

Who is Maki to Megumi

Before Megumi entered Tokyo Jujutsu High, he didn’t know much about the Zenin Clan, where his father, Toji Fushiguro, came from. After enrolling at the school, he began to know more about jujutsu and the big three sorcerer families. There he also met Maki Zenin, an upperclassman who happened to be related to Megumi. Who … Read more

How Strong is Nanami Kento? Analyzing a Fan-favorite’s Strength

How strong is Nanami Kento?

In our previous articles, we analyzed the strength of several Jujutsu Kaisen characters, including Gojo Satoru, Megumi Fushiguro, Maki Zenin, Nobara Kugisaki, and Sukuna. This time, we will examine the strength and abilities of another well-loved character. How strong is Nanami Kento? Nanami has a fascinating technique that involves cutting his opponents into half using … Read more

Muichiro Tokito: A Story of Tragedy from Start to Finish

Muichiro Tokito

In anime, there is a trope concerning characters. In one episode, they may wound up being the unluckiest person alive. For other characters, the unlucky streak lasts for the entire runtime. Regardless of how long, the unlucky character often becomes the butt of the jokes. But there are exceptions. Some characters are unfortunate enough that … Read more

Nakime, the Mysterious Biwa Girl: Muzan’s Favorite Demon


Every villain has henchmen. After all, it isn’t easy to do villainous work when you’re on your own! Even the strongest and godlike villains had people working for them. Demon Slayer employs this idea through Muzan’s Kizuki. His organization is made up of demons he thought were worthy of his investments. He had it divided … Read more

Who is Power? Get to Know CSM’s Eccentric Blood Fiend

Who is Power>

In every anime, there’s always that one chaotic, childish, and unhinged character that annoys the hell out of other characters. In Chainsaw Man, Power takes that kind of role. She is a blood fiend who became Denji’s partner not long after he joined the Tokyo Special Division 4. Although they start off with a rocky … Read more