How Strong is Nanami Kento? Analyzing a Fan-favorite’s Strength

In our previous articles, we analyzed the strength of several Jujutsu Kaisen characters, including Gojo Satoru, Megumi Fushiguro, Maki Zenin, Nobara Kugisaki, and Sukuna. This time, we will examine the strength and abilities of another well-loved character. How strong is Nanami Kento?

Nanami has a fascinating technique that involves cutting his opponents into half using a precise ratio measurement. Not to mention that he is also a grade 1 sorcerer, which is the highest rank a sorcerer can achieve through the natural progression of ranks. That alone is already impressive enough, and it might make you wonder how strong he actually is. But look no further because in this article, we will look into his abilities and answer the question, “How strong is Nanami Kento?”

Who is Nanami Kento?

Who is Nanami Kento?

Nanami Kento is a grade 1 sorcerer who is also a former student of Tokyo Jujutsu High. After graduation, he worked as a regular salaryman before realizing that it was a tedious and unfulfilling profession. As a result, he returned to Tokyo Jujutsu High and started working as a jujutsu sorcerer instead, since he deemed it more fulfilling than his previous job despite the dangers that it entailed.

Nanami is a calm and reserved type of person, often coming off as stoic and aloof to others. He takes his work seriously and knows how to separate his emotions from work. Nanami is also quick to express his irritation especially if he was asked to work overtime, which he really hates.

Who is Nanami Kento?

Gojo respects Nanami and believes that he is one of the few trustworthy and reliable sorcerers out there. As such, Gojo had no problem entrusting his students to Nanami when he had urgent business to attend to. Compared to Gojo, Nanami seems to be the more responsible adult and teacher. He believes that young students like Itadori should not be exposed to extreme dangers, hence, he often steps up to protect him during their missions.

Nanami Kento’s Abilities

Nanami Kento's abilities

Nanami is often referred to as a model example of what a grade 1 sorcerer should be. He has excellent skills and attitude in battle which is why both Itadori and Takuma Ino look up to him as a sorcerer. In fact, Takuma usually makes tough decisions by asking himself the question, “What would Nanami do?” in that kind of situation because he believes that Nanami always handles things correctly.

Nanami’s combat ability is definitely exceptional as he is capable of fighting on par with special grade cursed spirits like Mahito. Even Mahito himself acknowledged Nanami as a strong and worthy opponent, especially after he suffered a direct blow to his soul and still managed to survive.

Aside from being physically capable, Nanami also possesses great tactical intellect, leadership, and quick decision-making skills. The combination of his intelligence, cursed technique, and immense amount of cursed energy makes Nanami such a formidable opponent in battle.

Binding Vow: Overtime

Binding Vow: Overtime

Nanami’s binding vow with himself restricts the amount of cursed energy that he can use to 80-90% while working for Tokyo Jujutsu High. Nanami’s cursed energy increases significantly once his shift ends and he begins working overtime. It can increase up to 110-120% when using Overtime.

Ratio Technique

Nanami’s innate technique divides his target using ten lines and creates a weak spot with a ratio of seven to three. He can divide any portion of the target’s body, including the head, torso, arms, and legs. This technique is also applicable to non-living objects.

Tactical Intellect

Nanami Kento Tactical Intellect

Beyond his cursed technique, Nanami’s most significant assets in battle are his sharp combat instincts and analytical thinking abilities. Nanami knew he was outclassed in terms of raw cursed energy when he fought Mahito twice, yet he survived both times and overwhelmed Mahito on multiple occasions thanks to his quick judgement and flawless execution.

When Nanami was handed Mahito’s case, he was able to efficiently lead his team to track down the necessary evidence, which brought them directly to Mahito. He was also the first to realize that Mahito was deliberately luring them towards his hideout and opted to go alone to protect the others.

Immense Cursed Energy

Nanami possesses huge amounts of cursed energy for a jujutsu sorcerer. He can use his cursed technique while fortifying his body with cursed energy and yet he will show no signs of running low from cursed energy. His command over his cursed energy is further demonstrated by his ability to establish a Binding Vow to himself and limit it for a certain period of time. Nanami’s cursed energy can increase to such large amounts that even the special grade Mahito was intimidated.

Expert Swordsman

Nanami Kento Expert Swordsman

Nanami primarily fights with a blunt sword and does it with great skill. Combined with his cursed technique, Nanami can cut through anything, including a blocking opponent who is defending themselves with cursed energy. Nanami wields his sword with ease and control, striking with lightning-fast speed and precision with each swipe of his weapon.

Hand-to-Hand Combat

Nanami Kento hand-to-hand combat

Nanami is a skilled unarmed fighter in addition to being proficient in armed combat. His cursed technique works just as effectively with his fists as it does with his blunt sword. Nanami utilized this strategy to easily defeat the curse user Haruta Shigemo. Nanami’s attacks were all tremendously powerful; a single backhand was enough to send Shigemo flying across the room. Moreover, Nanami was never in danger fighting at close range. He threw one bone-shattering blow after another, and in fact, Shigemo would have died if it hadn’t been for his cursed technique.

Extreme Durability

Even by sorcerer standards, Nanami is highly durable. He was able to survive being touched by Mahito’s Idle Transfiguration and escaped with his life and body intact. When Shigemo encountered Nanami during the Shibuya Incident, he eagerly tried to slash and kick him. However, Nanami remained unfazed and didn’t even move an inch. Surprised, Shigemo compared hitting Nanami to hitting a stone wall, claiming that it seemed as if he wasn’t even hitting a person.

How Strong is Nanami Kento?

How strong is Nanami Kento

Considering Nanami’s overall abilities and skill level, we can say that he is pretty strong. He may not be stronger than Gojo Satoru, but he is definitely way stronger than an average sorcerer. Plus, according to Todo, Nanami holds the record for the most consecutive uses of Black Flash. He was able to use it four times consecutively during the Night Parade of a Hundred Demons. Apart from that, Nanami also demonstrated his insane durability and prowess during the Shibuya Incident. Despite being heavily wounded and scorched from Jogo’s attack, he still managed to take on a horde of mutated humans all by himself.

Furthermore, Nanami was the only one who endured the infinite swarm of man-eating fish shikigami that Dagon released in his domain which went on for nearly a minute. He surprisingly survived and even continued fighting, unlike Maki and Naobito who were severely incapacitated after that. These fights alone prove that Nanami is indeed a strong and formidable fighter.