What Happened in Gojo’s Past Arc? History and Regrets

We have to admit, all of us here are big Gojo fans. From his abilities to his elusive childhood, we have written many articles about him. Some of which are extensive breakdowns of his abilities and how he would fare against others. In a bid to see who reigns supreme, we had him fight Naruto, Makima, and Goku. We also already discussed his full history but we never went into detail. After all, the main point of the article was Gojo and nothing else.

However, that would be different here. The title “Gojo Past Arc” is misleading! Sure, the events of this arc take place in Gojo’s past. But he’s not the only key player in the story. If anything, the correct name for this arc should be “The Star Plasma Vessel Arc”! So, in this article, I will be providing everything that happened in Gojo Past Arc.

What Volume is Gojo’s Past Arc?

I understand though that many readers aren’t here to read spoilers. So, I’ll get these questions out of the way for everyone! Gojo’s Past Arc happens after the events of Death Painting Arc. It has Gojo thinking about the past in light of recent events. Though it was mostly him having a dream! This arc is featured in Jujutsu Kaisen’s Volumes 8 and 9. 

What happened in Gojo's past arc

What Chapter Does Gojo’s Past Arc Start?

The story for this arc starts in Chapter 65. It happens immediately, so you won’t be missing any setup!

How Many Chapters is Gojo’s Past Arc?

There are 15 Chapters for Gojo Past Arc. It spans Chapters 65 to 79. It is one of the shorter arcs in Jujutsu Kaisen, but it’s jam-packed with information!

Now that we have these questions out of the way, let’s start the article. Spoilers ahead, you’ve been warned!

What Happened in Gojo Past Arc? Let’s Find Out!

We already have a whole dedicated article on Gojo’s past. One that covered his actions in childhood to the current events in Jujutsu Kaisen. But, the Gojo Past Arc article we made only covered everything that concerned him. In this article, we will go above and beyond!

The Beginning: Gojo’s High School Antics

The story begins with Mei Mei and Utahime Iori dealing with a Cursed Spirit. This one specialized in manipulating spaces which left the two stranded. They have been walking around for at least 30 minutes. By Mei Mei’s estimations, they have traveled at least 15K. The walls were indestructible, and the space before them kept repeating itself. As the two devised a plan to escape, cracks began to appear.

Mei Mei and Utahime

Gojo had been responsible for the cracks, having chosen to blow up the mansion. Through his help, Utahime and Mei were able to escape. Unfortunately, at this point, Gojo was a bit of a jerk. He teased Utahime for being weak and having to be the one to come over to help. The crew would gather together until Mei pointed something out. There had been no Curtains set up in the area!

Mei’s words would lead to a downward spiral in Gojo’s failures. He forgot to bring along an auxiliary manager to help cover up the mess. Additionally, his failure to put up a Curtain would attract the media’s attention. All of these combined would have Gojo punished by Masamichi Yaga.

Masamichi Yaga

The First Conflict

As Ieiri, Geto, and Gojo settle down in class, the two males would get into an argument. Gojo questions the relevance of curtains. Geto tried explaining to Gojo that the curtains were meant to protect the general public. Gojo would find this distasteful. As the argument escalated, Ieiri chose to escape.

Before their argument would break into a fight, Yaga arrived in time. His presence quelled the two Sorcerers from duking it out. But what happened next caught their attention. Yaga would tell the two that they will be assigned a mission. One that came from Master Tengen himself. They will need to find the new Star Plasma Vessel, escort her, then erase her. Their time limit was two days when the moon was full.

The Star Plasma Vessel Mission Debriefing

Gojo questions the mission which Geto and Yaga were quick to explain. I’ll try to keep things simple in this article. Master Tengen is immortal. However, his immortality doesn’t apply to his body. As his body grew older, he became more susceptible to becoming a Cursed Spirit. This was huge as Master Tengen was responsible for the barriers. Without him, the secrecy of Cursed Spirits would’ve been revealed to the public.

Had Master Tengen turned or “evolved” as Yaga stated, there is a chance the former would lose all reasoning. He may very well become the enemy of humanity and that must be avoided at all costs. Unfortunately, the location of the new vessel would be leaked. Two groups are after the vessel because of their ideals. The Curse-User Group Q wished to destroy the secrecy. Meanwhile, the Time Vessel Association wished for Tengen to ascend.

The boys left as soon as they can to find the Star Plasma Vessel. The two talked along the way about their plans for the Vessel. They agreed that if they chose to refuse the merger, the two of them would protect them indefinitely. But the boys’ conversation would be short-lived. The first of the terrorist groups, Group Q, had been quick. They attempted to kill the Vessel and were almost successful. It was only through Geto’s Cursed Technique that they saved her. Without many problems, Gojo and Geto were able to take out the Q Soldiers.

Fushiguro Toji’s Involvement

Behind the scenes, Fushiguro Toji would be informed of the situation. He would take the job to assassinate the Star Plasma Vessel because it interested him. With the money he was paid, Toji was quick to gamble it away. This action would not be missed by his employers who approached him. As they questioned his methods, Toji revealed he was just waiting. He wanted the two Jujutsu Sorcerers to be exhausted first before he struck. Through this, he could guarantee the kill.

This would set off a chain of events as Toji would interfere with the mission as much as he could.

Getting to know Amanai Riko

Meanwhile, Gojo and Geto rendezvoused with the Star Plasma Vessel Caretaker, Misato Kuroi. After a spectacularly bad impression, the group got to know each other. As they all introduced each other, Amanai Riko, the Vessel, made a quick realization. She was late for school! She all but demanded the two to let her attend classes.

Gojo and Geto were quick to call Yaga to confirm. The latter gave his approval as it had also been Master Tengen’s order to let Riko be. So as Riko went to school, Gojo, Geto, and Kuroi would act as bodyguards. Gojo in particular would complain about the situation. Geto was the one to explain to him that this was an act of mercy. Those days were the last days Riko had to spend her time with her loved ones before disappearing forever.

The Consequences of Tengen’s Orders

Since Tengen had allowed Riko to do as she pleased, this allowed Toji to play his cards. He put a bounty on Riko for other assassins to try. They would keep coming to distract and exhaust Gojo and Geto. Once the two were down for the count, Toji would be quick to kill them.

D-Day Approaching

While Geto and Kuroi dispatched assassins, Gojo was in charge of Riko. He would barge into the middle of her class where the females were quick to squeal at him. Taking advantage of the chaos, Gojo had taken Riko away. He informed the latter of what was happening before being ambushed. Fortunately, Gojo was too strong. After a series of attacks, Gojo came out the victor. Unfortunately, Kuroi would be caught due to her weakness.

Kuroi would be brought over to Okinawa and the three gave chase. Much of it unfortunately happened off-screen. But Kuroi would be saved while the two Sorcerers brought back up. Nanami Kento and Yu Haibara would act as guards at the airport. Meanwhile, Gojo had chosen the remaining time to give Riko a vacation. The two bonded together off-screen and Gojo was starting to care for her. He felt bad for the girl and even pushed back the delivery date to the last day.

The Day of the Merger

It wouldn’t be long until Gojo and Satoru had to deliver Riko to Tengen. 

The Inevitable Failure

There, Gojo would finally let his guard down after 3 or so days of constant use of his Six Eyes. It was at this moment when Toji struck. Gojo was unable to react in time and was stabbed in the chest. The Six Eyes holder was able to walk it off eventually, but he’d be in a hard-pressed match. As Gojo had Geto go with Kuroi and Riko, he was faced with his perfect counter. Gojo would be defeated in their first bout and left at death’s door. 

Geto would be successful in leading Riko to Tengen. Kuroi was unfortunately left behind because she wasn’t allowed to step foot further. As the pair journeyed deeper into the Tombs of the Star, Geto would ask Riko what she wanted. He gave her the choice to refuse the merger and the girl immediately jumped on it. As she let her heartfelt emotions out, Toji struck. With a gun, he shot the girl in the head.

Geto fought Toji but it was a valiant effort. The man had him caught multiple times, but the assassin was just too good. In the end, all of them failed with no one left standing.

But Gojo is Back!

That was until Gojo got his groove back. Being at the doors of death gave him a realization. He could convert his Cursed Energy into Positive Energy to heal himself. He also discovered the full length of his abilities. All these gave him the cards he needed to take out Toji. He managed to successfully kill the man as Toji gave him his last request. For Gojo to look after Megumi or not.

The Fallout

The events that happened after have already been covered in detail here. So, I’ll keep this section brief! Geto felt all sorts of emotions after the mission. These festered in his core and after a year, the gap between friends grew. Gojo was getting stronger and Geto was being left behind. The latter was reaching his tipping point until he met Tsukumo Yuki.

The two conversed and Yuki planted a horrible idea in Geto’s mind. An idea that would haunt his mind until his later mission. Geto would be tasked to take out a Cursed Spirit that has been terrorizing a village. After taking out the threat, he was redirected to two children in a cage. The villagers were asking him to kill the children as well, which Geto refused. That had been the tipping point for the man as he chose to kill everyone but the children.


Gojo would move to confront Geto and the two would part ways. That marked the end of their friendship and Gojo woke up to the faces of his students.