Why is Gojo Scared of Toji? Revisiting the Epic Face-off

In this article, we will attempt to answer the question: why is Gojo scared of Toji?

Gojo Satoru and Toji Fushiguro’s thrilling face-off during the Star Plasma Mission was definitely one for the books. For the first time ever, someone managed to bypass Gojo’s Infinity and almost killed the strongest sorcerer in the process.

We all know that Gojo is not afraid of anything and anyone; after all, no one else is above him when it comes to strength. However, after Gojo’s fight with Toji, some of you might start to wonder whether Gojo’s near-death experience made him develop some kind of fear towards the Sorcerer Killer. So in this article, we will attempt to answer what makes Gojo afraid of Toji.

Gojo vs Toji

Gojo vs Toji

Gojo first encountered Toji during the Hidden Inventory Arc. Toji Fushiguro, widely known as the Sorcerer Killer, suddenly attacked Gojo while they were on a mission to escort the Star Plasma Vessel safely to Master Tengen. A sword suddenly pierced through Gojo’s chest from behind as he was recuperating from the ambush of multiple sorcerers.

Later on, he found out that Toji placed a bounty on his head which explains why multiple sorcerers came after him. Toji devised this strategy to gradually wear down Gojo and compel him to turn off Infinity. Gojo was completely taken off guard because Toji lacked the cursed energy that would allow him to sense the Sorcerer Killer’s presence.

Gojo vs Toji

During their fight, Toji was able to dodge all of Gojo’s attacks with ease. Apparently, Toji not only lacks cursed energy, but he also possesses superior physical prowess, making it even more difficult for Gojo to read his movements. Gojo was clearly at a disadvantage, and their first fight ended with him lying in a pool of his own blood.

Why is Gojo scared of Toji?

On the verge of death, Gojo learned how to perform the Reverse Cursed Technique for the first time which is why he was able to survive and recover from his injuries. When Gojo spotted Toji for the second time, another fight took place. Too bad for Toji, Gojo had an awakening after their first fight. He came back even stronger and unleashed one powerful strike after another, leaving Toji gravely injured which eventually led to his death.

Why is Gojo Scared of Toji?

Why is Gojo scared of Toji?

Honestly, even after Gojo’s near-death experience with his face-off with Toji, I don’t think he is actually scared of Toji. Instead, we can say that Toji somehow earned Gojo’s respect. Despite having zero cursed energy, Toji was probably the only person who managed to extremely injure Gojo Satoru to the point of death. He was clever enough to avoid attacking Gojo head-on, so he devised a plan that would allow him to sneak an attack.

Most importantly, Toji’s physical strength and agility are so impressive that even the strongest sorcerer had a difficult time trying to keep up with him. Toji’s only mistake was that he didn’t use the Inverted Spear of Heaven when he stabbed Gojo’s head or even completely cut it off. Still, Toji’s feat is worthy of recognition.

What is Gojo Scared of?

What is Gojo scared of?

Gojo is often characterized as arrogant and smug, someone who thinks highly of himself and his abilities. He is not scared of anything or anyone because after all, what is there to fear when you’re the strongest sorcerer in the world?

However, there is a running joke in the fandom that Gojo is afraid of women. It stems from the fact that he has never shown any romantic interest in them. There is also a panel from the first chapter of Jujutsu Kaisen 0 where Gojo jokingly said that women are scary. He doesn’t have any interest in romance and even the author admitted in the Official Fanbook that he cannot see Gojo being faithful to women.