Who is Power? Get to Know CSM’s Eccentric Blood Fiend

Who is Power>

In every anime, there’s always that one chaotic, childish, and unhinged character that annoys the hell out of other characters. In Chainsaw Man, Power takes that kind of role. She is a blood fiend who became Denji’s partner not long after he joined the Tokyo Special Division 4. Although they start off with a rocky … Read more

What is Pochita? Everything About CSM’s Fascinating Mascot

Chainsaw Man Pochita looking at Denji

If Pokemon has Pikachu and One Piece has Chopper, Chainsaw Man has an unusual yet adorable dog named Pochita. Due to his iconic and interesting character design, this canine-like devil serves as the series’ mascot. When the anime adaptation of Chainsaw Man premiered last October 2022, the series’ popularity drastically increased. As a result, Pochita … Read more