How Did Reze Die? Revisiting The Bomb Girl’s Tragic End

The Bomb Girl Arc is the fifth arc of the hit manga and anime series Chainsaw Man. In this arc, Fujimoto introduced us to Reze, a fascinating character who served as Denji’s love interest. However, she only appeared for a fraction of the story as the main antagonist, Makima, eventually eliminated her. How did Reze die, and what exactly happened to her? That and other questions will be answered in this article. (Massive spoilers ahead!)

The Bomb Girl Arc

Who is Reze?

Reze’s introduction has been well-received by many fans due to her likable and seemingly harmless character. She was a sweet and kind girl who showed great interest in our protagonist. She was an excellent companion to Denji and was very sympathetic toward his tragic upbringing. You can’t help but root for her; for a moment, it seems like Reze was the perfect girl for Denji since she treats him kindly and has no hidden intentions—or so we thought.

Black and white manga panel chainsaw man with Denji looking to the right and Reze beside him

Just when Denji starts to develop an intimate relationship with Reze, it is revealed that she is actually the Bomb Devil and that everything was just a facade to get closer to Denji and make it easier to take his heart. However, it seems like Reze has also developed genuine feelings for Denji as she eventually decides to abandon her mission. So, Denji offered to run away with her despite her attempts to kill him. They planned to meet up at the cafe where Reze previously worked.

But sadly, fate was not on their side. Makima interfered with their plans to meet up, and spoiler alert— killed Reze before she could run away with Denji. It is heartbreaking that Denji waited for Reze at the cafe until closing, not knowing that Reze wouldn’t come no matter how long he sat there. He was also holding a bouquet of flowers and carrying a bag with all his stuff.

Who is Reze?

Where is Reze currently in Chainsaw Man?

Reze is a Bomb Devil hybrid that worked for the Soviet Union. Together with the Typhoon Devil, she was sent to Japan on a mission to steal the Chainsaw Man’s heart.

According to Kishibe, Reze was one of the children who were experimented on by the USSR Military in an attempt to produce a Super Soldier. Reze turned into a Bomb Devil hybrid as a result of those experiments.


In human form, Reze appears to be a young woman with green eyes, medium-length black hair highlighted with a purple hue, and wearing a choker with a grenade pin on the side which she uses to transform into the Bomb Devil.

When she changes into her hybrid form, Reze’s head transforms into an atomic bomb shaped like the “Fat Man” bomb that destroyed Nagasaki during the Second World War. She also wears an apron made out of dynamite sticks, and her arms are covered with bomb fuses as if they were a sleeve.


Black and white manga panel Reze bomb head

  • Immense Strength

Reze possesses tremendous physical power; she could easily break an assassin’s arm and choke him to death and slice Denji’s wrist in one swing using an ordinary knife. She is also strong enough to bite Denji’s tongue off and throw her own head with enough force to smash a glass window.

  • Immense Speed

Reze moves swiftly and is quick to react to circumstances. She could slice Denji’s throat and cut his hand off before he could even pull the chainsaw cord on his chest.

  • Immense Durability

Reze’s durability increases exponentially in hybrid form, as she can endure a full-power blow from the Violence Fiend without sustaining any injury. Her body can also endure her own explosions without getting injured and falling from high places at incredible speeds.

  • Hybrid Transformation

Reze can force herself to detonate and turn into a hybrid form by pulling the grenade pin attached to her choker. She can also rip her head off and use the rest of her body as a decoy to distract her opponents. Finally, the headless body can toss its own head toward the opponents and make it explode like an actual bomb.

  • Self-Detonation

In addition to the ability to emit explosions from her body, Reze can also use parts of her body as explosives and detonate them remotely. Severed body parts used as explosives do not cause her any damage since she can easily regrow them even without drinking blood.

How Did Reze Meet Denji?

Chainsaw Man manga panel with Reze and Denji, the girl's arm around Denji's shoulder

When Reze is first introduced in the story, she is a sweet, gentle girl who blushes easily. She accidentally met Denji at a telephone booth where the two of them sought shelter from the heavy rain. To ease the awkwardness between them, Denji performs a “magic trick” by making a flower come out of his mouth and giving it to Reze.

As a thank you for the flower, Reze asked Denji to come by the cafe where she currently works part-time. To her surprise, Denji was already there when she arrived, and according to Denji, he was only there to claim his “thank you” gift. Reze asks Denji if he likes coffee, to which Denji answers yes, even though he doesn’t really like it.

However, his unpleasant reaction after drinking the coffee exposed how he really felt about the drink. Reze was amused by Denji’s behavior and told him she has never met anyone as funny as him. Denji noticed Reze’s interest and realizes that the girl indeed likes him. Of course, knowing Denji, he easily reciprocates her feelings and starts coming by the cafe every day just to see her.

Black and white manga Denji and Reze kiss on firework background

Reze and Denji come to know each other more deeply and start hanging out more often. They study at the cafe together and even sneak inside a school at night time. At one point, they go to a festival and have a serious conversation. Afterward, Reze confesses her feelings and kisses Denji. It was not an ordinary kiss, though. Halfway through the kiss, Reze bites off his tongue and slices his throat before Denji can even process what has happened. It is then that Reze reveals her true identity as the Bomb Devil hybrid.

How Did Reze Die?

How did Reze die?

When Reze has a change of heart, she and Denji decide to meet up at a cafe and run away together. On her way to the cafe, she encounters Makima, who materializes in front of her from a cluster of rats. Before Reze can transform and pull the pin on her neck, Makima has already sliced off her arm. Reze is about to retaliate using a long knife, but she is suddenly pierced from above by a spear thrown by Angel Devil. Reze dies lying in a pool of her own blood while the oblivious Denji waits for her at the cafe until closing.

Is Reze Dead?

Chainsaw Man manga Bomb Devil

In Chapter 86, Reze makes another appearance as one of Makima’s brainwashed pawns. Makima promises to reward them if they manage to defeat Denji, so Reze and the other pawns proceed to attack Denji altogether. But they easily get overpowered and beaten by the Chainsaw Man. That is the last time we see Reze in the manga, and there’s a huge possibility that she may never appear again in future chapters.