Why Did Yuta Attack Yuji? The Truth Behind Itadori’s Death

It came as a surprise for many Jujutsu Kaisen that Yuji Itadori, the story’s main character, would die. And especially in the hands of Yuta Okkotsu, a senpai from Tokyo Jujutsu High! Surely, Yuta had a reason? In this blog, we will answer: why did Yuta attack Yuji?

What Chapter Did Yuta Kill Yuji?

How does Yuji die?

Yuta Okkotsu is a special-grade jujutsu sorcerer. He used to be a student under Gojo Satoru and one of the candidates in the running to take his position in the future.

He attacks and kills Yuji Itadori in Chapter 141 of the manga.

How the Fight Between Yuta and Yuji Happened

How the Fight Between Yuta and Yuji Happened

When Yuji and Choso are together killing cursed spirits, a mysterious guy appears and announces that he will kill Yuji and Megumi. He is Naoya Zenin, a son of the Zenin family and a relative of Megumi.

While everybody is still cold to each other, a new character appears. This character’scharacter’s aura pressures the three people, making them sweat.

The guy is Yuta Okkotsu. Yuji feels that Yuta is even more fearful than Gojo. 

Yuta locks the target, pulls his sword out, and aims for Yuji. Yuji realizes that the guy before him is not easy to fight against. So, he turns his back and runs away.

Yuji does almost everything to escape from Yuta. He even punches a car into Yuta. But Yuta’sYuta’s speed and strength are out of his imagination. Yuta can use his huge cursed energy to compensate for his physical weakness.

So, even though Yuji uses his best, he can’t do anything to win against Yuta. The best thing he can do is break Yuta’sYuta’s sword. That’sThat’s it.

And when Yuji feels like he can take the battle into a bare hands combat, which is what Yuji does really well, huge hands suddenly appear from nowhere and stop him. 

Yuji stays totally still in those hands. It can crush Yuji into pieces if its wants.

That’s Ruka, Yuta’s partner. Her power is so strong that Yuji can’t do anything to escape from her hands. Yuta told her to hold Yuji tight and stab his broken sword through Yuji’s heart.

Why Did Yuta Attack Yuji?

Manga panel Yuta binding vow

What follows is the reason why Yuta attacked Yuji. The Shibuya event is truly a massive incident that happened to the Jujutsu World. So many things changed, and the worst thing about that event is Gojo Satoru getting sealed.

Gojo Satoru is the strongest sorcerer of the modern day. He is the core that holds the balance of the Jujutsu world. That’s why the Jujutsu world ultimately falls into a chaotic situation when Gojo gets trapped in the Prison Realm.

In the case of Yuji, we know that he is the vessel of Sukuna – a monster who kills for fun. When Yuji first awakens Sukuna, the Jujutsu Society decides to execute the high schooler. They fear Sukuna, and they fear what Sukuna can do. 

But Gojo Satoru delays the death of Yuji with his influence.

And when Gojo gets trapped in Prison Realm, no one can protect Yuji anymore. That’s why the Jujutsu Society has decided to kill Yuji and eliminate Sukuna once and for all.

With that said, Yuta comes forward to take on this mission. That’s the reason why Yuta attacked Yuji. He is under the command of the Jujutsu Society to kill Yuji to eliminate Sukuna inside him.

Is Yuji Dead After Being Killed By Yuta?

Why did Yuta attack Yuji?

Yes, Yuji indeed dies after being killed by Yuta. Yuta uses his sword to stab through Yuji’s heart. No one could see still alive after that.

But in Chapter 143, Yuji does wake up, and by his side is Yuta. Everything unfolds. The truth is Yuta played the Jujutsu Headquarters. In September, Gojo visits Yuta and asks him to help his students. And the special target is Yuji Itadori. Gojo feels something might happen to him and is looking for Yuta’s help.

So, instead of letting a stranger take this mission, Yuta volunteers to kill Yuji. He considers this to be the best way for Yuji. The Jujutsu Headquarters even makes a vow with Yuta to make sure Yuji can’t escape. So Yuta has no choice but to kill Yuji. And the fight is what you just read above. 

But How Did Yuji Live After Being Killed By Yuta?

How did Yuji live after being killed by Yuta?

It’s about the reverse cursed technique of Yuta. 

At the moment when Yuji’s heart stops beating, Yuta uses the reverse cursing technique on him and heals his heart. Coupled with the special body of Yuji, that was a success.

If you didn’t know, the reverse curse technique is a technique that can turn negative energy into positive energy. It can be used for various purposes, and one of them is healing.

This is a complex technique, and only a few powerful sorcerers can use it. And with the reversed curse technique, Yuta saves Yuji after killing him.

But Yuji is still dead for the outside world. Yuta believes that this is the best thing for Yuji.