How are Yuji and Choso Brothers? Unveiling a Mystery

Jujutsu Kaisen has so many outrageous twists and turns, and one of them is the revelation that Yuji Itadori and Choso are brothers! Is this even true? If so, how did this happen? How could two characters from opposing sides share the same blood? In this blog, we will unveil the answer to the lingering question, how are Yuji and Choso brothers?

Who is Choso?

Yuji and Choso are two different characters who are fighting for two opposing sides. Choso is the eldest of the Cursed Womb: Death Painting, who so loves and cares for his young brothers. He has been living for more than 150 years.

In the final episode of Jujutsu Kaisen season 1, after discovering that Yuji had killed his two young brothers, Keichizu and Eso, Choso promised to kill the young sorcerer for revenge.

And that’s why I find it hard to believe that Choso could be the brother of Yuji. They are from different sides of the Jujutsu Kaisen world, and Choso even hates Yuji so much for killing his brothers.

Who is Yuji Itadori?

Who is Yuji Itadori?

At the beginning of Jujutsu Kaisen, Yuji Itadori is a high school boy who used to live with his only known living relative, his grandfather. Unfortunately, his grandfather also dies in the first chapter. That’s why, despite Yuji being the main character of the series, there is only a little we know about him.

When Choso says that Yuji is his brother, all Yuji can do is open his eyes widely. Even for us, the readers, it is still hard to believe the story’s developments.

So, why does Choso know that Yuji is his brother?

How are Yuji and Choso Brothers?

Here are three events that led to Choso realizing that Yuji is his brother.

Clue No. 1: Yuji Fights Choso

How are Yuji and Choso brothers?

Choso is the eldest brother of the Cursed Womb Death Painting, and he is able to feel what’s happened to his brothers. (Choso explains this in Chapter 135.)

When Yuji and Choso fight in Chapter 101, Choso wins the battle because of him being overpowered. Choso pushes Yuji into a complicated situation. He breaks Yuji’s shoulder and then punches him hard in the stomach.

Yuji coughs blood and crashes down on the ground. At this time, Yuji is weaker than Choso. 

But at that moment, a piece of memory flashes in Choso’s brain, a memory that has never happened in the past. Choso turns super panicky about that memory.

How are Choso and Yuji related, black and white manga panel with Yuji

The memory is about Choso having a meal with his brothers: Kechizu, Eso, and… Yuji. In that scene, Yuji smiles, hands food over to Choso, and says, “Here you go, big bro!”

Of course, that scene is unreal, but it greatly shocks Choso. He constantly wonders why Yuji is there. Distraught, Choso leaves the fight and lets Yuji faint there. 

That’s clue number one.

Clue No. 2: Yuji Fights Mahito

When Yuji wins the fight with Mahito in Chapter 133, Choso sits on Floor B3 of Shibuya station, wondering about his memory with Yuji. Choso decides to find the truth once and for all.

He runs where Kenjaku and Yuji are fighting. When Choso arrives at the scene, he understands everything. All the questions become clear about his origins, his emotions toward Yuji, and what is happening to him.

He yells loud the name Noritoshi Kamo.

Choso and his brothers have three parents. First is his mother. Second is the cursed spirit that made his mom pregnant. And third is the guy who had mixed blood with them to create Choso.

Manga panel of Choso realizing that Yuji is his younger brother

And that guy is Noritoshi Kamo, also known as Kenjaku. Kenjaku is a living brain. He can replace the brain of a dead body to control that body. When Kenjaku uses the body of anyone, it will leave stitches on their forehead.

In this manner, he has lived for so long and has spanned many generations of Jujutsu society. And right now, he is using the body of Geto, a friend of Gojo Satoru.

Choso seems to understand all these things. He finally knows that Yuji is his brother. That’s why he is so angry after learning that Kenjaku has tricked him into killing his younger brother.

The feeling he has in his brain when Yuji almost dies in his hands is the best proof of that.

That’s clue number 2.

Clue No. 3: Yuji Dies

But Yuji couldn’t understand anything. The one who almost killed him just hours ago keeps saying he is his brother. 

However, the fight with Kenajku doesn’t allow Yuji to relax too much. At the final part of the battle, Kenjaku starts the Culling Game and leaves with Gojo. 

After that, Choso looks after the wounds of Yuji. 

Choso looks after Yuji's wounds

Yuji quickly recovers, partly because of having Sukuna in his body. They decide to kill as many cursed spirits as possible. Yuji lures the cursed spirits, and Choso has the mission to kill them all with his cursed techniques.

Choso keeps telling Yuji that Yuji is his brother despite his protests. Then, Choso says this to Yuji: “Your father had stitches on his forehead, didn’t he?”

After this, both of them get into a fight with Yuta and Naoya. 

However, Yuji could do nothing. Yuta kills Yuji as a result. This is because Gojo gets trapped in the Prison Realm, and no one can protect Yuji from the death penalty imposed by the Jujutsu Society.

Yuji Regains His Childhood Memories

The Jujutsu Society fears Sukuna and so decides to kill Yuji before he collects all twenty fingers. And when Yuta kills Yuji, a piece of memory appears in his head. In Chapter 143, the author introduces us to the parents of Yuji for the first time.

In that scene, Yuji is still a baby. He sleeps in the arms of his father. We know that Jin is the name of Yuji’s father, and Kaori is his mother’s name. 

His grandfather is also there and talks about the death of his mom. After that, Yuji’s mom appears, and everything becomes clear.

Who is Yuji's mother?

His mother has stitches on her forehead!

We can say that Yuji and Choso are brothers because Kenjaku is also the father of Choso and the mother of Yuji. With the ability to use the body of dead people, Kenjaku has lived for many generations. 

He was the one to create Choso more than a hundred years ago and then became the mom of Yuji, giving birth to him in the modern day.

Manga panel of Choso with text the says, "Your older brother is here."

With that said, all the feelings that Choso has had are right. Choso and Yuji are brothers.