Why is Yuji Able to Control Sukuna? Mad Scientist’s Scheme?

In this blog, we are going to take a closer look to answer the question, why is Yuji able to control Sukuna?

Sukuna is one of the strongest characters in the Jujutsu Kaisen. Even though he turned into a cursed object and lived as a soul for a thousand years, his power remains strong.

So a teenage boy perfectly controlling Sukuna opens a lot of questions for fans. This is what we will explore in this blog.

What Makes Yuji So Special?

What makes Yuji so Special?

The first thing we need to understand about Yuji Itadori is his body.

Yuji has incredible physical strength even when he is just a high-school boy. From the first chapter of the series, we could already see how extraordinary his power is.

We see him throw a shot put to 30 meters and bend the goal. (For context, the weight of the metal ball is 7.26 kilograms for males.) We also see him also jump three (or four, depending on whether you are reading the manga or watching the anime) when Megumi is fighting with cursed spirits without so much effort. Yuji can run 50 meters in three seconds, which means he could run at the speed of 60km/h. And the first time he faces cursed spirits, Yuji fights with those monsters like second nature.

There are not things that a normal high school student can do.

For hundreds of years, the Jujutsu Society can’t do anything to make use of the power of Sukuna. These cursed objects – his twenty fingers – contain a deadly poison that can kill other people once they try to ingest it. But when Yuji ate one, he felt nothing.

When Sukuna invades Yuji’s body, the boy quickly gets the control back into his body. He even determines whether or not to release the King of Curses. This is why Yuji is the perfect vessel for Sukuna’s return. And through some examples above, you can see Yuji is strong by nature, not because of Sukuna’s fingers.

It seems his grandfather knew something, so before he died, his last words to Yuji were to tell him to use his power to save people.

This incredible strength seems to be the most appropriate reason why Yuji can control Sukuna. But why does he have that incredible ability?

Why is Yuji Able to Control Sukuna?

The answer could be that Yuji was a perfect vessel made for Sukuna because he was born for just that purpose. How can I say that?

One theory is that Yuji is the son of Kenjaku. We only know a little about Yuji’s parents. We knew that he has a grandfather who passed away in Chapter 1. There are a lot of secrets about the parentage of Yuji. But Chapter 143 opened the subject of Yuji’s parents. Here, we can know more a bit about Yuji’s past.

And what we learned was really shocking.

After Yuta Okkotsu stabs Yuji’s chest, he died. But in his near-death experience, Yuji remembers a little about his parents.

There is a picture where baby Yuji, his father, grandfather, and mom are together.

Why is Yuji able to control Sukuna?

But the important detail here is that Yuji’s mom had stitches on her forehead, looking exactly like Geto. And the grandfather of Yuji said she was already dead.

The same happened with Geto. He was already dead, but a guy named Kenjaku used his body. One feature of Kenjaku when he uses a body is the stitches on their forehead.

That’s why we know that Kenjaku used the body of Yuji’s mom to give birth to the boy.

Who is Kenjaku?

Kenjaku is a sorcerer who is believed to have existed since the ancient times. Kenjaku could also be a “scientist”.

He has a purpose: to bring the world back to the golden age of jujutsu. And Kenjaku has prepared this plan for a thousand years. And one of the most powerful people of that age is Ryomen Sukuna.

With that said, Yuji might be just a piece in Kenjaku’s plan to revive Sukuna. Yuji’s abnormal powers, his mom, and why he can consume Sukuna’s fingers easily are proof of that.

How does Yuji die?

The reason Yuji is able to control Sukuna may be to keep him from becoming a target of the jujutsu society.

We know that Yuji already had the death penalty the moment he ate Sukuna’s finger in Chapter 1. If Yuji can’t control Sukuna, then all the Jujutsu Society needs to do is kill him. And when Yuji, the most suitable vessel, dies, Sukuna also dies. If that happens, everything Kenjaku has done will be for nothing.

So, he might have done something to let Yuji control Sukuna before the King of Curses ingests his twenty fingers and completely revives.

Does Itadori Have Full Control Over Sukuna?

Why is Yuji able to control Sukuna?

The answer is no. Yuji sometimes can’t control Sukuna at his will. For example, in Chapter 7 of the Womb Arc, Yuji can’t control Sukuna, and Sukuna used that time to mess up.

The next time is in Shibuya Arc. Yuji wasn’t able to control Sukuna as well when he ate ten fingers at a time.

However, when Sukuna controls the body of Yuji, our boy seems to see what happens. When Sukuna destroys an area of Shibuya, Yuji knows it, and he is so shocked about it.

What Deal Did Yuji Make with Sukuna? Is It Helping Yuji to Control Sukuna?

Why does Sukuna look like Yuji?

If you didn’t know, Yuji and Sukuna had a contract together.

Whenever Sukuna says “enchain”, he can use Yuji’s body freely for one minute. In return, Sukuna will not harm people in that one minute and revive Yuji from death. Yuji will forget everything about this deal.

We still don’t know why they made that contract, but it has nothing to do with Yuji’s ability to control Sukuna.


So, we knew about the origin of Yuji and why he can control Sukuna. Yuji could just be a graft of Kenjaku’s plan. And when the Culling Game finishes, we will know what the Jujutsu Kaisen world has to face.

As for us, literally everything we can do is to stay tuned to the next chapters of Jujutsu Kaisen. That’s it for this blog. See you soon!