Sukuna’s Fingers: A Quick Look at These Cursed Objects

Ryomen Sukuna was once a human a thousand years ago. There isn’t a particular organization he belongs to since he is an eccentric person whose focus is only on his personal interest but he does have a subordinate, Uraume. After his death, Sukuna is reborn as a Cursed Spirit. In this article, we will talk about the phenomenon that are Sukuna’s fingers.

How Many Fingers Does Sukuna Have?

As a Cursed Spirit, he is characterized by his two faces, four eyes, and four arms. His four arms have five fingers each, giving him a total of 20 fingers.

What are Sukuna’s Fingers?

Sukuna’s Finger is a Special Grade Cursed Object from thousand years ago. It is the indestructible fingers left behind by the King of Curses, Ryomen Sukuna. Sukuna’s curses as the King of Curses are so strong that even after he was exorcised, his indestructible fingers are left behind and their curses still continue to get stronger until now after thousand years have passed.

What are Sukuna's fingers?

Each finger contains a fragment of Sukuna’s power including the accumulated curses throughout the millennia it was sealed so some of the Special Grade Cursed Spirits used it to measure their strength. For instance, Jogo is equivalent to eight or nine fingers. But Gojo is confident in winning against fully incarnated Sukuna.

Each finger even has curse energy at par with Special Grade Cursed Spirit. It has enough Cursed Energy to power up any Cursed Spirit that consumes it so having it around without a seal will naturally attract all Cursed Spirits toward it. Sorcerers from thousands of years ago sealed it with a grave wax to contain its leaking Cursed Energy. One of the fingers is kept in the shrine so that no other Cursed Spirit will come near it serving as a repellant but as time goes by, the seals eventually become weak and the leaking Cursed Energy from it attracts other Cursed Spirits instead.

Yuji Itadori and Sukuna’s Fingers

As a Cursed Object, the Cursed Spirit that became the Cursed Object can be incarnated by suppressing and destroying the vessel’s consciousness and possessing them. (Or what it has to be because Yuji Itadori somehow retains his control over his body). But Sukuna’s Curses are so strong that no human being can withstand the poison and die immediately so there has been no vessel in the past millennium. Furthermore, to fully incarnate with his full power, Sukuna needs to swallow the rest of the fingers.

When Sukuna found a suitable vessel (Yuji Itadori), all the scattered souls of Sukuna within all the other fingers are awakened. Some of the fingers whose seals were removed became a trigger for the Curse Womb to occur and other curses such as Yasohachi Bridge.

Yuji Itadori and Sukuna's fingers

The Cursed Spirit born from these Curse Womb are graded as Special Grade Cursed Spirit and is called Finger Bearer. Finger Bearers can get a boost in Cursed Energy from the Sukuna’s Finger but they are not fully combined with it unlike with Itadori.

As evidence, Sukuna (using Itadori’s body) destroys and exorcise one of the Finger Bearer and retrieve his intact finger. On the other hand, according to Gojo Satoru who possesses Six Eyes, Sukuna’s Finger that Yuji Itadori swallowed fully combined with him. It means that when Itadori dies, Sukuna’s fragment of consciousness from the fingers he has eaten will die along with him.