Mahito or Sukuna: Who is Stronger?

Mahito and Sukuna are two super strong and powerful villains in Jujutsu Kaisen. What are their powers and abilities? What makes them strong? More importantly, who is stronger: Mahito or Sukuna? Here’s our take.

How Strong is Mahito?

Who is Mahito?

how strong is mahito

Mahito is a villain of the Jujutsu Kaisen.

Mahito is a Special-Grade Cursed Spirit. Unlike other Cursed Spirits, Mahito looks like a human. This spirit is on the side of Geto to fight against our heroes.

In the beginning, Mahito was not that strong, but he improved after the fights. Mahito quickly become one of the most powerful cursed spirits in the jujutsu world.

Mahito’s Powers

Mahito can change the structure of the soul in the way he likes.

This Curse technique of Mahito allows him to reshape a soul by touching the physical body of that soul. He could increase or reduce the size of humans by changing their souls. Or turn them into a completely different creature or even kill them. This cursed technique of Mahito is called Idle Transfiguration.

Idle Transfiguration

Mahito Idle Transfiguration

This ability allows Mahito to:

Crush bodies to death

When Yuji and his mentor Jento investigate the murder of 3 students at a movie theater, they conclude the deaths of those 3 students were because of a cursed spirit, according to how 3 students died.

And the killer is Mahito. He killed 3 students to get close to Junpei because those students bullied Junpei. By this, Mahito could stay close to Junpei and carry out his goal. Mahito killed 3 students by touching and crushing their bodies.

Turn humans into curses

Murder is not the only way Mahito uses this ability to attack people. Rather than killing them, Mahito can transform them into Cursed Spirits, just like what he did to Junpei.

Mahito even turns many people into transfigured humans in tiny sizes and keeps them by his side.

Adjust his own body

Mahito also can use Idle Transfiguration to his body. During the fight with Nanami and Yuji, Mahito changed his body into a sword, a thorn ball, a child, and liquid to escape the fight.

Healing and Regeneration

Mahito healing and regeneration

Mahito can use cursed energy to heal and recreate his body. Another way to use his ability – Idle Transfiguration. Mahito believes the body’s shape is because of the soul’s shape. If the soul changes, the body changes, too.

With that said, he can change his soul to heal or recreate his body. No matter how hard he was beaten, he still can recover if the soul is intact.

That’s why many physical attacks couldn’t touch or harm Mahito. The only way to defeat Mahito is to attack directly to his soul. Yuji is the one who could do this. And that’s why Yuji is a dangerous enemy of Mahito.

Mahito is one of the fastest improvement persons in the story. When he meets danger, he can unlock more potential and awaken a new kind of his power.

When Yuju and Hanami together attack Mahito, he pushed to his limit. However, in that difficult case, he found inspiration from the near-death experience and unlocked this new ability…

Domain Expansion: Self Embodiment of Perfection

mahito domain expansion

The Domain Expansion of Mahito amplified and upgraded his cursed technique – Idle Transfiguration.

With Idle Transfiguration, he has to touch his enemies to use his power. But in his Domain, Mahito can freely change the souls of his enemies when they fall into this Domain without needing to touch them physically.

The weakness of his Domain Expansion is Mahito couldn’t choose the target. That’s why when Yuji jumped into his Domain, Mahito was attacked by Sukuna – a soul living in Yuji’s body – because Mahito accidentally touched Sukuna.

When seeing this scene you might wonder…

Mahito or Sukuna, Who is Stronger?

Mahito or Sukuna, Who is Stronger?

After we walked through the power of Mahito, we now had enough information to make the conclusion.

If there is a fight between Mahito and Sukuna, Sukuna will win overwhelmingly.

In fact, with the list of power above, Mahito is pretty strong with other cursed spirits or sorcerers, but if we put him aside Sukuna, everything is just so haltingly.

Why is Sukuna Stronger than Mahito?

Mahito is just strong as 3-4 fingers of Sukuna.

Sakuna could easily defeat other sorcerers at the golden age of the Jujutsu Kaisen world with his overwhelming power.

Sukuna is one of the persons that have the highest cursed energy in the Jujutsu world, but that energy is evil and cruel. His cursed energy could suppress and scare everybody around him.

Sukuna’s Techniques

Dismantle and Cleave

The main technique of Sukuna allows him to “cut” everything. Sukuna has two types of this slashing attacks. The default, Dismantle. The target of Dismantle is anything inanimate.

And the other, Cleave, the target of Cleave is anything with curse energy. Cleave can be adjusted depending on the target’s toughness and cursed energy level to cut them down in one fell swoop.

Sukuna could switch flexibly between Dismantle and Cleave to attack his enemy.


What Does Sukuna Do Inside Yuji?

Besides that, Sukuna also has one more Jujutsu technique called “Open”. He could use his energy to create a flame arrow. This flame arrow has a huge destructibility and will destroy a large area in its attack range.

Sukuna also could use the reversed curse to heal or save a dead person.

Malevolent Shrine

Is Sukuna the strongest curse?

The final technique of Sukuna is Domain Expansion: Malevolent Shrine.

He uses the environment around to make his Domain Expansion. He could also expand his Domain to 200m. And everything inside this range will be shredded by his slashing technique: Dismantle and Cleave, which are mentioned above. Sukuna also has incredible physical strength and speed, far away from what a normal sorcerer could do.

With that said, we can conclude that Sukuna can win Mahito easily. Even with just “one hand”.

One more thing that shows us Sukuna is a natural enemy of Mahito is that Sukuna can attack directly to the soul of Mahito by Cleave. With just a glance, Sukuna can turn Mahito to dust easily.


Mahito or Sukuna, Who is Stronger?

To summarize, if a fight between Mahito and Sukuna happens, the winner will be Sukuna. And this is always thing because Sukuna is just super strong.

After all, when Sukuna collected 15 of his fingers, he was able to easily defeat Jogo – a more powerful cursed spirit compare to Mahito – no sweat.