Mahito: 9 Questions About the Most Hateful Evil in Jujutsu Kaisen

Ever wonder what it’s like to be a cursed spirit whose network is entirely focused on taking out all humankind? Welcome to the dark world of Mahito. This complex character is out for more than world domination, though. There is a lot going on behind the scenes!

So, let’s take a journey through what the dark side of human emotion has created to get a deeper look at what all encompasses Mahito. 

Who is Mahito?

Who is Mahito?

The main bad guy from Jujutsu Kaisen hits manga and the small screen with a lot of baggage. That’s probably expected when the whole gang you connect with is focused on the genocide of humanity. Mahito doesn’t make himself known as soon as one would expect, considering his importance. He waits until you start getting really invested in the story to make an appearance. Is he toying with the readers as much as the people he interacts with? You be the judge.

Deep down, Mahito is consumed by conflict. If you’ve seen him being manipulative in Jujutsu Kaisen, you probably believe he’s just hellbent on messing with people. He’s on a mission he very much believes in, which is reviving Sukuna. Mahito also knows if he does it, he won’t get to enjoy his favorite hobby anymore, which is being messy. Well, we did say the conflict was deep down.

Mahito is born, or was he?

Mahito is born, or was he?

It’s not every day you come in contact with a cursed spirit to begin with. So, perhaps it’s unfair to make any assumption based on a broad generalization of looks. However, since he does present himself in a human form, one can’t help but notice his stitches. These aren’t normal, injury-related stitches. If you get a good look at Mahito, he surely gives off more rag doll vibes than he does human ones. Yes, you can’t help but wonder if he was actually sewn together like some sort of ethereal, 5’10 Frankenstein. 

Also, his eyes and hair have the unusual ability to match. That was likely to be less surprising if he had been a brunette. Instead, Mahito actually has gray and blue eyes if you watch him and gray if you read him. His hair is a tint of blue that is almost gray. Together, he’s more monochromatic than he probably intended. Maybe that’s all part of the strategy to fit in so as to disguise the effort to twist people around.

Who can say for sure?

Was it the hatred spewed between humans that gave Mahito life?

Was it the hatred spewed between humans that gave Mahito life?

One of the series’ most telling moments was when Mahito introduced himself to Junpei. Believing he only exists because of how terrible people can be to one another might tell you all you need to know about his personality. That and the fact that if he really is a spawn of hatred, it would make him one of a kind. 

We don’t know how old he is, but it seems like he’s still youthful enough to not have taken the time to see anything from a different perspective. Mahito is immature and playful in the most disastrous ways. Treating lives, and his influence on them, like a psychological experiment, is more of an obsession. The way he is so dismissive of life makes it easy for him to be callous. To this sadistic spirit, life is nothing more than an inconvenience to earth. 

That view isn’t a one-way street, however. He doesn’t care much for people, but he doesn’t really put a ton of value on himself either. To be fair, it’s easier to be calm, cool, and collected when nothing really matters all that much. 

What is an unregistered special grade cursed spirit capable of?

What is an unregistered special grade cursed spirit capable of?

Upon first impression, it’s clear that Mahito is not as powerful as Jogo. One impressive thing about him, though, is how fast of a learner he is. In a relatively short period of time, Mahito’s power skyrockets. Some may wonder what’s worse; his abilities or his intelligence?

Aside from things like super strength, speed, and reflexes, here’s a list of all the Jujutsu Mahito is capable of so far:

  • Black Flash – a cursed energy manipulation that causes a burst in an attack that increases the impact by 2.5.
  • Body Repel – an innate technique using Soul Multiplicity to throw a massive amount of soul energy at an opponent.
  • Curtain – a barrier technique that covers a particular area and protects it from anyone getting through.
  • Idle Transfiguration – an innate technique that is reminiscent of a voodoo doll but with more options. Mahito can permanently alter a body by reshaping the soul, including his own.
  • Immense Cursed Energy – a manipulation using cursed energy that Mahito has in abundance. Fighting against him when he’s employing this technique might be to no avail when he essentially never runs out.
  • Instant Spirit Body of Distorted Killing – Some people work out to gain muscle, Mahito uses this innate technique. He can transform at will into a stronger and intensely more powerful body. 
  • Polymorphic Soul Isomer – an innate technique that uses Soul Multiplicity to accumulate multiple souls into one body. These types of embodiments are quite stable, compared to other transfigured humans. 
  • Self-Embodiment Perfection – a barrier technique that allows the user to connect with the souls inside. Mahito can use this to transfigure them. It doesn’t last long, but it’s long enough to do damage. 
  • Soul Multiplicity – an innate technique to merge any number of souls.

What are Mahito’s most notable fights?

Kento Nanami

In the sewers of Kawasaki City, a jiujutsu sorcerer and a cursed spirit cross dangerous paths.

There have been a slew of recent killings and the murderer was making himself known. Nanami knowingly follows the trail to the sewers. That is when Mahito shows himself.

Despite the effort, it took several swings to finally make contact with Mahito. That’s when the spirit’s hand is almost completely severed. Mahito buys time by asking philosophical questions of Nanami while his hand is reconnected to his arm. He also explains that he wasn’t healing, he was maintaining the shape of his soul. 

Now that he’s back together again, the two are back at it. Mahito continues to explain his powers between blows. Annoyingly, Nanami is over it. His cursed energy explodes and, after harnessing the energy, Nanami ends up using a ratio technique. Mahito’s leg is the victim. Before gathering his lost appendage, Mahito is crushed.

Yuji Itadori

Mahito vs Yuji Itadori

After the dramatic and surely traumatizing demise of his friend, Junpei, Itadori was out for revenge. He starts in hot with a series of punches to Mahito. Once the cursed spirit laughs at him, Itadori has to rethink his strategy. If he wants to take Mahito out, he’ll have to think ahead. 

Next, the force is upgraded and the punches are stronger. Itadori knew punches had worked before, so he geared toward the goal of just pummeling Mahito. On the other hand, Mahito sees this as an opportunity to change shape, also intent on destruction. Itadori grabbed an arm that had extended into a weapon in an attempt to break it off. However, Mahtio just changed shape once again, sending giant thorns through Itadori’s hands. 

Did that stop the teenager? No. Itadori used his strength to bring Mahito to level ground. Mahtio had a choice. He could continue creating wild shapes to inflict pain onto Itadori and lose flexibility or use another tactic. Before attempting a blow, he forces Sukuna out. Holding life over Itadori’s head was something Sukuna was not a fan of. It was then that Itadori got the head of Mahito in his hands and headbutts him. Once Mahito drops, Itadori is about to take him out, but not before the former transforms into a mace. Nanami comes between the two by deflecting Mahito’s strike. 

Kento Nanami and Yuji Itadori

Mahito, Kento Nanami and Yuji Itadori

A combo fight between Nanami and Itadori against Mahito happens in front of Satozakura High School. Itadori is hurt and Nanami shows up just in time. Nanami realizes that Itadori made the cursed spirit bleed and knew this was an unusual circumstance. It’s time to exercise the demon. 

Several swings commence before Mahito transforms a couple of times to get a better eye on the situation. Two powerful sorcerers against one cursed spirit looks like it’s going to be too much. That is until Mahito throws out Domain Expansion. While he’s having a dialogue with Nanami, Itadori breaks through. Once again, Sukuna has had it with Mahito, due to soul touching, and attacked. In self defense, Mahito blows himself into a giant balloon-like caricature of himself before exploding and escaping.

Who is Mahito’s mortal enemy?

Who is Mahito's mortal enemy?

Yuji Itadori. It may be surprising that a teenager could have such a serious impact on a spirit, but that’s what came from a punch Itadori landed on Mahito. Prepared for a joke, Mahito didn’t expect much from Itadori, but the punch reached through to his soul. It was at this point that Mahito realized he wasn’t dealing with the average guy. That probably has something to do with the fact that Itadori is essentially a vessel for Sukuna. Much to Mahito’s dismay, he can’t hurt Itadori’s soul.

Does Mahito have a death wish?

Does Mahito have a death wish?

For someone who only exists because of humanity, it’s hard to understand why he is so determined to see the population completely eliminated. After all, his name literally means True Human. Since he was born out of humanity’s hatred, would he cease to exist once they were gone? It’s possible that thought hasn’t crossed his mind. If it has, there could be a death wish there. Or, does he see the whole situation as a direction towards a greater good for his own kind? 

Mahito’s power comes from the overwhelming negative energy emanating from people. Without the human race, there would at least be no power. That power could be seen as meaningless or unnecessary in a world without humans. Mahito might see the sacrifice as worth it. If that’s not a weakness that can be manipulated later, we don’t know what is. It would also be his karma. 

Does Mahito care about anyone?

Does Mahito care about anyone?

It would be the ultimate challenge to genuinely befriend someone with such tunnel vision. The only time Mahito shows any hint of friendship is when he’s using it like a fishing expedition. He throws out a line of sincerity in order to reel in a new plaything. Take Junpei for example. The only reason Mahito got close to him was to improve his own manipulation tactics. Despite what looked like an effort, even in a depraved way, to connect, it was all a ruse. “I kill without a second thought,” Mahito said, to no one’s surprise.

Ancient sorcerer Kenjaku managed to form a bond with Mahito, even though Kenjaku viewed cursed spirits as beneath him. The two are quite passionate about their own causes, so that might have been the glue that held their relationship together. Jogo is another ally of Mahito who has an opposing temperament but feels the same about humans. Zealously heading toward a goal may be the best way to connect with Mahito. 

Being a cursed spirit may be a trauma response way of looking at souls. Mahito finds the concept especially fascinating, which is why he asked, “Does the soul reside within the body?” Souls come first and then appear in the body, he believes. It makes sense, considering he can turn his soul into an inanimate object. Is it possible for Mahito’s intensely dark views of humanity to change with more interactions in the real world? We will have to wait and see.

Has Mahito died?

To be fair, he can’t really die since he didn’t really live. He was, after all, born of emotion. So, unlike the humans he loathes, Mahito isn’t really one to be expunged. Spirits, cursed or otherwise, have a way of making their way back around. That being said, he has been effectively held hostage in Geto’s cursed technique since the Shibuya Incident. 

Technically, we could end up seeing him again. One theory is that Kenjaku could make use of him in the future. While he isn’t around now, never underestimate the power of the pen.