How Many Times Can Yuji Use Black Flash? Exploring a Powerful Technique

Have you ever wondered how many times can Yuji use Black Flash?

Among the many techniques in Jujutsu Kaisen, Black Flash is one of the most powerful yet most difficult attacks to pull off. No sorcerer can use it at will, requiring immense cursed energy and concentration. Yuji Itadori is one of the few characters who can unleash this technique. What is this? All of that will be answered in this article.

What is Black Flash?

Black Flash is a special attack that amplifies the impact of the user’s physical attack provided that cursed energy is applied to it within 0.000001 seconds. Combined with the distortion of space and constant flow of cursed energy, Black Flash drastically increases the impact of the user’s physical attack.

how many times can yuji use black flash

Sorcerers who manage to unleash Black Flash enter a state of increased cursed energy awareness and acquire a higher understanding of cursed energy than someone who has never used it. This allows them to easily manipulate cursed energy to the point where it becomes as simple as breathing. This state also dramatically enhances their combat abilities and enable them to fight at 120% of their maximum potential.

So far, Nanami Kento and Yuji Itadori hold the record for the most consecutive uses of Black Flash. During the Night Parade of a Hundred Demons, Nanami managed to unleash Black Flash four straight times against various cursed spirits. As humble as he is, Nanami claims he only got lucky that day.

Other characters who can use Black Flash include Yuta Okkotsu, Gojo Satoru, Nobara Kugisaki, Aoi Todo, and Mahito.

How many times can Yuji use Black Flash?

How many times can Yuji use Black Flash

Like Nanami, Yuji can also use Black Flash four consecutive times. Even more impressive is that Yuji managed to unleash four consecutive Black Flash on the same day he learned how to harness the technique. Black Flash is already difficult to pull off as it is, much more if done multiple times in a row.

Before their fight with Hanami, Aoi Todo taught Yuji how to synchronize his cursed energy with his superhuman speed and strength. That very same day, Yuji landed four consecutive Black Flash at Hanami, dealing a considerable amount of damage to the cursed spirit. This makes Yuji tied with Nanami when it comes to the record for the most consecutive Black Flash.

Not only that, but Yuji also managed to unleash Black Flash on other occasions. During their fight with Eso and Kechizu, Yuji and Nobara successfully landed a double blow of Black Flash on the cursed spirits. Apart from that, Yuji also used Black Flash multiple times during their final battle against Mahito. He took advantage of the openings presented by Todo’s Boogie Woogie to land direct hits on Mahito’s soul, defeating his final form by striking him with Black Flash imbued with maximum cursed energy.