How Strong is Sukuna? The King of Curses’ Strength Revealed

Sukuna is one of the main characters in the Jujutsu Kaisen world.

Sukuna was a human sorcerer who lived in the Heian era, roughly about 1000 years ago. When Sukuna died, he turned into a cursed object. That is now split into 20 fingers.

In the beginning of the story, a boy named Yuji awakens Sukuna by swallowing one Sukuna finger. By that, we can see how strong Sukuna is.

We will discover his power and why he was named The King of Curses in this blog.

How Strong is Sukuna with 15 Fingers?

Sukuna is one of the strongest people in the series.

After he died, his fingers became a cursed object full of cursed energy. And somehow, these fingers have become a standard of power. Other cursed spirits or sorcerers compare themselves with Sukuna fingers to know how strong they are.

Only one Sukuna finger could turn a normal cursed spirit into a special-grade cursed spirit. In the Womb Arc, a special-cursed spirit appeared. The group of Yuji had a mission to purge that cursed spirit and save survivors.

How strong is Sukuna with 1 finger?

1 Sukuna Finger

But unlucky, that cursed spirit is so strong. The whole group might die if Yuji didn’t switch to Sukuna. And in the end, we know that the cursed spirit had one finger of Sukuna in his body.

That’s just one finger of Sukuna! Throughout the series, every time Sukuna appears is one time we get surprised because of his power.

The first time he appeared in Chapter 1, he only used one punch to get a cursed spirit to die, while Megumi had a hard time.

The next time he appeared was in a fight with a special-grade cursed spirit (Chapter 7/Episode 4). He easily cut that cursed spirit into slices without breaking a sweat.

Mahito or Sukuna, Who is Stronger?

In Chapter 30, we know that Sukuna’s soul is strong too. That was in the fight between Yuji, Nanami, and Mahito. The cursed technique of Mahito allows him to touch the souls of people. But when he accidentally touches the soul of Sukuna – while he is in Yuji’s body – Sukuna makes Mahito badly injured.

10 Sukuna Fingers

And after eating ten fingers at the same time in Chapter 112, we all know why Sukuna was called the strongest. He showed pure destruction power, and no one could stop him. 140 meters of Shibuya city was vaporized because of his power.

Sukuna's Finger

The more we see the King of Curses, the more we want to know how strong Sukuna is if he collects enough 20 fingers.

And like other characters, Sukuna also has power-cursed techniques under his belt.

Sukuna’s Cursed Techniques

First, we will talk about Cursed energy. It allows our character to use cursed techniques to fight. A person with a high level of cursed energy could use more cursed techniques (both about quality and quantity) and get an advantage in the fight.

However, Sukuna is one of the persons that have the highest cursed energy in the Jujutsu World. He could use his powerful skills many times without even breaking a sweat.

Now we will find out the cursed techniques of Sukuna. Sukuna has how many cursed techniques is still a question. Because after getting stronger, we could see him use another technique.

So, we only talk about what he did in the fight when he had 15 fingers.

Dismantle and Cleave

The very first technique of Sukuna allows him to “cut” everything.

Sukuna dismantle and cleave

Sukuna has two types of this technique. The default, Dismantle. The target of Dismantle is anything without inanimate. And the other, Cleave, the target of Cleave is anything with cursed energy.

Sukuna could switch flexibly between Dismantle and Cleave to attack his enemy.


While fighting with Jogo, Sukuna used a new technique called “Open.”

sukuna flames

He could use cursed energy to make a flame arrow. It will destroy a large area. And he used it two times constantly, one with Jogo and one with Mahoraga (a Shikigami summoned by Megumi). The results are that no one could survive after that.

Domain Expansion

Sukuna can use Domain Expansion. His Domain Expansion: Malevolent Shrine will summon a shrine with many corpses around.

His Domain Expansion is special because it has no barrier. Other Domain Expansion creates a closed space and traps the enemy inside, but that doesn’t work for Sukuna. Everybody could get in and out of his Domain.

Instead, his Domain could expand up to 200 meters. But the exciting thing is not just that.

What is Sukuna's Domain Expansion?

Do you remember the slash techniques of Sukuna above?

Here’s where that ability comes into play. “Dismantle” cuts things without inanimate, and “Cleave” cuts things and has cursed energy. This skill is invisible. And while in Domain Expansion, every attack will be 100% accurate.

Think about it. That means everything will be chopped in his Domain Expansion! How is that even possible?

Reverse Cursed Technique

It’s no joke that Sukuna was truly the strongest at the golden age of the Jujutsu world. One thing we saw about his power is he can use the Reverse Cursed Technique.

He can recreate some parts of the body or even revive a dead body. But unlike Gojo, he could use this technique on other people.

Sukuna's reversed technique

Sukuna is also a good fighter. He could easily overwhelm Megumi and Jogo with only his physical strength and speed. He was smashed through three buildings but still normal.


That’s all we could know about his power when he gets 15 fingers. However, we are still unaware of exactly how powerful he is and how many techniques he might have up his sleeve.

Like Gojo, Sukuna is also the pinnacle of strength and is feared by the other curses, not just sorcerers. If he revives, he can destroy the entire world with his power.

I wonder how strong Sukuna is with 20 fingers. Who can beat the King of Curses at full power?