What is Sukuna’s Cursed Technique? A List of Deadly Powers

Every character in the Jujutsu Kaisen world has their own power. This diversity is one of the things that makes the charm of this anime/manga.

As time passes, the power of characters will develop and become stronger. But if you can’t wait to find out those powers one by one, then you can spend a few minutes on this article to know more about these powers.

This character today is Ryomen Sukuna – the King of Curses. What is Sukuna’s cursed technique? Let’s together find out the answer to that question

What is Sukuna’s Cursed Technique?

Before we go deeper into the cursed techniques of Sukuna, we first talk about…

How Much Cursed Energy Does Sukuna Have?

Cursed energy is one of the most important things in the Jujutsu Kaisen world because it allows our characters to use cursed techniques in fights. Those who have more cursed energy could use more techniques and get an advantage in the fight. Cursed energy is really important. But did you know that Sukuna is one of the persons that have the highest cursed energy in the Jujutsu World?

There is not a specific number to describe the cursed energy of Sukuna, but we know that Sukuna has so, so much cursed energy. The proof is in the Shibuya event. After getting 10 fingers at the same time, Sukuna took control over Yuji’s body, he fought and used so many cured techniques and even Domain Expansion, but Sukuna was still normal.

So, now we will go to…

Sukuna’s Cursed Techniques

Dismantle and Cleave

Sukuna's techniques

The first cursed technique that Sukuna used was to kill a special-grade cursed spirit. It’s a slashing technique and has two types: Dismantle and Cleave.

With this cursed technique, Sukuna could cut almost everything. Dismantle can cut things without inanimate, and Cleave can cut things that have cursed energy. Sukuna can change between these two types to attack his enemy.

But what makes this ability even deadlier is it is invisible. The enemy can not see anything to even think about dodging. Besides, Sukuna seems to be able to use it without complex incantation or anything like that.

Reverse Cursed Technique

Sukuna can also use Reverse Cursed Technique. Reverse Cursed Technique is a very complex technique. It takes cursed energy and turns it into positive energy. This technique is mainly used to cure the body.

Sukuna can use this technique to regenerate or even revive a dead body. Sukuna used it to cure Yuji’s finger first and then his left hand after taking control of Yuji’s body in Chapter 8 (Episode 4 in the anime version). After that fight, Sukuna pulls Yuji’s heart out. Basically, Yuji was dead, but with the power, Sukuna revived Yuji as if nothing happened.

Sukuna's reverse cursed technique

One more time, Sukuna uses Reverse Cursed Technique to save Megumi in Chapter 117. Megumi used all his final energy to summon Mahoraga, but it attacked Megumi after that. If Sukuna didn’t come in timely, Megumi was dead.

As we can see, the Reverse Cursed Technique of Sukuna is even stronger than Gojo-sensei, because Gojo can only heal himself while Sukuna can revive the dead person.

With this level of Reverse Cursed Technique and a large amount of cursed energy, we can easily know how tough it is to defeat Sukuna. If you can’t kill him in one attack, he will keep returning.

What is Sukuna Domain Expansion?

Like other powerful characters, Sukuna can use Domain Expansion. His Domain Expansion is named Malevolent Shrine. And unlike others, his Domain Expansion has no barrier. That means people can move in and out of his Domain Expansion.

The special thing with his Domain is how his technique upgraded. We mentioned above that he can use Dismantle and Cleave to cut everything. Now, imagine Sukuna using them in his space. That area will become a grave for those who are unlucky inside the zone. All of this area will be filled with invisible blades that have a 100% will always hit the target. And with no barrier, he can even make his Domain up to 200m.

Sukuna's domain expansion

But that’s not enough. If you have read the Shibuya event in the manga, you would know that the list is missing one thing.

But if you haven’t read it, it’s here…

Why Can Sukuna Use Fire?

In Chapter 114, while fighting with Jogo, Sukuna used one new technique that we’d never seen before.

Sukuna said, “Open” and a flame arrow appeared. Sukuna uses it to kill Jogo and Mahoraga (a Shikigami summoned by Megumi). This flame arrow has a huge destructibility and will destroy a large area in its attack range. But why can Sukuna use fire?

Why Can Sukuna Use Fire?

We all know that a cursed technique could improve and turn into it higher levels, but it should relate together. When it comes to Sukuna, it’s hard to find a connection between invisible blades and a flame arrow.

So there are a couple of theories about this flame arrow:

  1. First, Sukuna still has more cursed techniques hidden in his sleeve, and he has to be in the right condition to use them. This theory can also explain why Sukuna can use new techniques after eating 10 fingers in the Shibuya event.
  2. Sukuna could do something to copy or steal the cursed techniques of other characters. If this theory is true, the jujutsu society got in big trouble.

In the fight with Jogo, here is what Sukuna said: “Since things are getting interesting… How about I fight using your specialty?” Then, he created a flame and defeated Jogo in one hit.


In this blog, we discussed the cursed techniques of Sukuna and two theories for why Sukuna can use fire. Jujutsu Kaisen is getting more fascinating, and many secrets are waiting to be opened.

So, remember to keep watching the series to know what happens next.