What is Sukuna’s Domain Expansion? Its Strength Explained

Jujutsu Kaisen is about the fight between cursed spirits born from the dark things of humans. And the sorcerers who have the power to stop those cursed spirits.

While watching Jujutsu, we can see many cursed techniques from many characters. They all look so cool and powerful.

However, there is an ability that is proof to show how strong a person is. And only some top individuals can cast this technique. It’s Domain Expansion… but not every Domain Expansion.

It’s Sukuna’s Domain Expansion.

What is Sukuna’s Domain Expansion?

First, let’s talk about some facts about Domain Expansion. It helps a lot to show you how special the Domain Expansion of Sukuna is.

What is Domain Expansion?

What is Domain Expansion?

Domain Expansion is a high-level cursed technique where the user could build a self-enclosed dimension space around him. It costs cursed energy to cast and has many different versions based on the user.

Domain Expansion requires a lot of cursed energy and knowledge about cursed techniques to use. And even if you can use it, you still have to spend time to make it complete. So, only strong sorcerers or cursed spirits could use this technique.

However, we can’t deny the effectiveness of Domain Expansion. Here are some facts about what a Domain Expansion can do:

  • You can trap your opponent in that space, but he can’t do a thing to escape.
  • You can increase your stat in the Domain if you are the caster.
  • Your cursed techniques will be upgraded and more powerful than outside.
  • Your cursed technique will always be accurate.
  • But it also has weaknesses:
  • Requires a ton of cursed energy to cast and a lot of time practicing to master.
  • Can be a break from outside.
  • A stronger Domain Expansion can eat the weaker.

With that said, a Domain Expansion really can change the game and destroy the enemy if the caster uses it properly.

However, there is a Domain Expansion just simply different. It’s Sukuna’s Domain Expansion.

When Did Sukuna Use Domain Expansion?

When did Sukuna use Domain Expansion

The first time that Domain Expansion was introduced in the Jujutsu Kaisen world was also the first time Sukuna used this technique.

It was in Chapter 8 (Episode 4 in the anime version), in the fight with a special-grade cursed spirit. Yuji and his friends couldn’t face that cursed spirit. So Yuji switched with Sukuna to let him beat that cursed spirit.

The second time Sukuna uses his Domain Expansion was in Chapter 119, Sukuna once again used his Domain Expansion in the fight with Mahoraga (a Shikigami summoned by Megumi).

And at this time, we can know more about his Domain Expansion and its power.

What is the Name of Sukuna’s Domain Expansion?

His Domain Expansion was named Malevolent Shrine.

What is Sukuna’s Domain Expansion?

What is Sukuna's Domain Expansion?

You can see it when Sukuna fought with the special-grade cursed spirit in Chapter 8. After Sukuna summoned his Domain Expansion, that cursed spirit was cut into a bunch of slices easily.

But the great thing about the Sukuna’s Domain Expansion is that it uses the environment around it as the space of Domain Expansion.

Sukuna doesn’t have to make a closed space like Jogo or Mahito. With that said, people can freely walk in and out of his Domain Expansion because it has no barrier. Instead, Sukuna can expand his Domain Expansion to 200 meters.

But that huge area is still nothing. The killing point is the cursed technique that Sukuna uses in his

Domain – a Slashing Technique: Dismantle and Cleave

This slashing technique allows him to “cut” everything. And when this technique comes to his Domain Expansion, everything will be taken to a whole new level.

Dismantle can cut everything without inanimate, and Cleave can cut everything that has cursed energy. That means everything inside Sukuna Domain Expansion will be chopped into pieces.

Sukuna's techniques

After he used his Domain Expansion, 140 meters of Shibuya just simply vaporized. No one can do a thing or realize what happens to themself. No blood, no screaming. Just pure destruction!

Besides, the Domain Expansion of Sukuna has been considered an art.

Sukuna’s domain is imaginary, described as a painting on air instead of a canvas, compared to those of other curse users that use an enclosed space in the physical world.

His domain is one of the best, and in terms of aesthetics too, Malevolent Shrine design is just menacingly beautiful.

That’s all we know about the Domain Expansion of Sukuna.