Why Does Sukuna Like Megumi? His Hidden Plans Explained

Why does Sukuna like Megumi so much?

Throughout the Jujutsu Kaisen anime/manga series, Sukuna always shows a huge interest in Megumi. He even saves Megumi’s life while he kills so many people.

Sukuna is a demon who kills people in cold blood. He’s also known as a mean person, he only cares about himself. So, what does Sukuna want with Megumi exactly?

Who is Megumi?

To answer this question, we need to know some information about Megumi.

Who is Megumi Fushiguro?

Megumi Fushiguro is a member of the Zen’in clan. He is the son of Toji – the one who almost killed Gojo Satoru while he was young.

The first time Megumi appeared in Jujutsu Kaisen was to collect one Sukuna finger at the school of Yuji. This one was what Yuji swallowed and turned him into the vessel for Sukuna.

And this time it’s the starting point of a triad: Yuji, Megumi, and Nobara.

First, we can see Megumi is pretty taciturn, cold, and antisocial. But in fact, Megumi is a boy who cares a lot about everybody around him.

His philosophy is to help kind people have better lives. He considers this world so absurd and unfair. And as a sorcerer, he wants to use his power to make this life better.

Megumi’s Power

Many other strong sorcerers evaluated Megumi’s power pretty well.

Noritoshi Kamo, Mai Zenin, Gojo Satoru, and even Sukuna, the King of Curses, are also impressed with Megumi’s power. Gojo said his potential is even higher than Yuji’s.

According to Sukuna, Megumi is agreeable to getting into melee combat even though his power is to summon Shikigami.

Megumi's powers

Other sorcerers with summon abilities usually keep their distance far from the fight. But Megumi is different. He’s willing to jump into battle and combat with his enemy. He has the ability to combine personal technique with his Shikigami to take advantage of the fight.

With that said, Megumi trained hard to use weapons and art in combat. Of course, it’s not as strong as Yuji, but it still helps him to reduce the weakness of a sorcerer using Shikigami to fight.

Now we will dive into the main power of Megumi.

The Ten Shadows Technique

What is Megumi's Ten Shadows technique?

Ten Shadows Technique is a technique that originated from the Zen’in clan.

The user could use shadow to summon Shikigami and can control 10 Shikigami at the same time. Megumi can use this technique to summon different Shikigami to fight or hide stuff (or even himself) in the shadows.

This technique might be one of the reasons Sukuna showed his interest in Megumi.

This information will help you get the idea.

Why Does Sukuna Like Megumi?

Why does Sukuna like Megumi?

Akutami Gege (the author of Jujutsu Kaisen) had interlocked this idea throughout the manga/anime. This makes us even want to know the truth behind it.

The first time Sukuna shows us his clear excitement in Megumi is in Chapter 9 (Episode 5). Sukuna asked Megumi about his power.

Next, in Chapter 30 (Episode 13 in anime), in the fight of Mahito between Nanami and Yuji, we can see Sukuna only cares about Megumi and ignores other people.

And in Chapter 117, Sukuna saves Megumi’s life after he gets hit by Mahoraga (a super strong Shikigami that Megumi summoned). And in the same chapter, we know that Sukuna has a plan, and Megumi is a key factor in that plan. While saving Megumi, he also says: “Don’t die. There’s something I need you to do.”

So, what is that “something”?

What Does Sukuna Want with Megumi?

What does Sukuna want from Megumi?

We have no idea because that “thing” comes from Sukuna – one of the most mysterious people in the story, but at this time, we know that Sukuna is preparing one plan.

But after researching, here are some theories for Sukuna to keep Megumi by his side:

Sukuna wants to revive

In Chapter 117, in the meeting with Uraume – a loyal subordinate of Sukuna. Sukuna said: “It won’t be much longer until I am completely free.”

Sukuna is planning to revive himself, and Megumi could be a key factor in that plan. Maybe the cursed technique of Megumi could help Sukuna to do something.

Steal the body of Megumi

Maybe Sukuna wants to change the place. Yuji is one perfect vessel for Sukuna to wake up after hundreds of years. However, Yuji also can control Sukuna perfectly.

In Chapter 1, after swallowing one finger of Sukuna, Yuji was able to control Sukuna right away even though he didn’t know about cursed energy or the jujutsu world before.

In chapter 144, Yuji said won’t let Sukuna take control once again. The Shibuya event was an accident because he was forced to eat 10 fingers at once. By that, we can see Sukuna wants to get out of Yuji’s body. It is just necessary for himself. And if he could do that, finding another vessel is a must.

Yuji and Sukuna

With that said, Megumi could be a great choice. Megumi has a high cursed energy and an overpowering cursed technique.If y ou don’t know, in the past, a sorcerer who used Ten Shadows Cursed Technique had a fight with a sorcerer using Six Eyes and Limitless like Gojo Satoru The result is both were dead.

This story came right from Gojo. With that said, we can see the potential of Megumi – a person who owned Ten Shadows Cursed Technique. If Megumi had enough time to hone his technique, he totally would have a chance to become a top sorcerer like Gojo-sensei. And a cunning devil-like Sukuna wants to own that technique. It is nothing weird.

Besides, a person like Yuji is really rare. Megumi could be strong, but he might not control Sukuna as Yuji did.

A similar case to this theory is Kenjaku. He stole the corpse of Getou and could also use his ability. So, what if Sukuna, “The King of Curses,” who is over 1000 years old, can do the same?

Become a Megumi Shikigami

Megumi's shikigami divine dogs

This is another theory that Sukuna could do if he can’t steal Megumi’s body. Sukuna could become one Shikigami of Megumi.

You probably know how powerful the cursed technique of Megumi is now. But did you know that when a Shikigami dies, another Shikigami will become stronger?

After a white wolf of Megumi died, another wolf got stronger. But the thing is Megumi can’t totally control his Shikigami.

For example, when he summoned Mahoraga to the fight at the Shibuya event, he got a big slap right in the face after that.

So, Sukuna could become a Shikigami of Megumi, kill other Shikigami, and then get out of control of Megumi. If that happens and Sukuna collects 20 fingers, the world will end soon.


To sum up, we know that Sukuna has a huge interest in Megumi, or exactly, Sukuna is interested in what Megumi can do with his cursed technique.

Sukuna wants to see Megumi grow. So he saved Megumi time after time.

The hidden reason is still open by Akutami, but there are some theories for the acts of Sukuna:

  • Megumi could be a key factor for Sukuna to revive.
  • He may want to steal Yuji’s body.
  • He wants the power of Shikigami.

Whatever the truth is, if Sukuna succeeds in his plan, the Jujutsu Kaisen world will definitely be in the end.