What Does Sukuna Look Like? His Real Form Revealed!

If you’ve ever wondered, “What does Sukuna look like in his real form?” you’re not alone!

Sukuna is one of the strongest characters in the Jujutsu Kaisen world. He is nicknamed the King of Curses. Sukuna existed more than 1000 years ago.

Sukuna was a demon. Other sorcerers at that time assembled and stopped Sukuna. He was sealed in his 20 fingers. Those fingers drifted everywhere and became special-grade objects.

The story of Jujutsu Kaisen started when a boy named Yuji decided to swallow one of Sukuna’s fingers. Sukuna awakened after 1000 years and Yuji became a vessel for Sukuna.

Why Does Sukuna Look Like Yuji?

Sukuna and Yuji basically look like each other. That’s easy to understand because Sukuna is inside Yuji’s body and interacts with the outside world through it.

However, why do Sukuna and Yuiji still look the same when they meet each other?

What Does Sukuna Look Like?

In Chapter 9, after Sukuna switched with Yuji and took control of his body, Sukuna pulled Yuji’s heart out. Sukuna can live without a heart, but Yuji can’t. Sukuna did that to get Yuji hostage. However, Yuji switched quickly and died after that.

In Chapter 10, we can see both Sukuna and Yuji didn’t die. They still live and stay in the endocentric world of Sukuna. So, we can see the appearance of Sukuna and Yuji clearly.

Sukuna’s Appearance Today

In this world, Sukuna sits on a throne. He wears a long white kimono (this is pretty easy to understand because Sukuna used to be a sorcerer so many years ago), a scarf, flip-flops, and black socks.

There are also some tattoos on his body. It’s the only way to tell Sukuna and Yuji apart.

How strong is Sukuna?

Sukuna has tattoos on the forehead, two sides of his face, chin, wrists, and upper body. Sukuna has two smaller eyes in cheekbones. And he usually shows haughty and evil facial expressions.

Meanwhile, Yuji is gentle and friendly and he doesn’t have those tattoos on his face.

Why Sukuna Looks Like Itadori

Besides these things, he looks like Yuji as well. Why doesn’t Sukuna show Yuji his real form?

The answer could be that he just doesn’t want to do that.

Here’s why we know that if Yuji died, Sukuna in his body would also die. And Sukuna might know if Yuji died, it’s tough to find another person like him. So he tried so hard to revive himself. That’s why he needs to make a contract with Yuji and let the boy live.

Why does Sukuna look like Yuji?

However, Yuji totally knows the danger of Sukuna. In Chapter 2, Yuji also knows that he might die when collecting enough twenty Sukuna fingers. So, there’s nothing weird if Yuji feels can’t control Sukuna and decides to die with him.

With that said, Sukuna needs to have a friendly look at the talk with Yuji. And copying the look of Yuji is one way. If Yuji realizes how really dangerous Sukuna is, he could accept his death and didn’t follow what Sukuna said.

And while Sukuna looks like Yuji, the series will become more charming because many secrets need to be unfolded. With that said…

What Does Sukuna Actually Look Like?

In Chapter 3, Gojo described Sukuna as a demon with four arms and two faces. And that demon dispersed so many disastrous 1000 years ago. And what Gojo said is true. Sukuna really looks like that.

Recently, Akutami Gege (the author of Jujutsu Kaisen) revealed the real form of Sukuna in Chapter 181.

How does Sukuna actually look like?

A thousand years ago, Sukuna truly had four arms and four eyes. He looks very tall and has tattoos on his body. Half of his face is deformed and looks like a cursed spirit.

But, here is the thing…

Why Does Sukuna’s Real Form Look Like That?

If you think, “Sukuna is a cursed spirit, so, he can have four arms,” stop that thought because Sukuna was never a cursed spirit. Here’s the proof:

Manga panel of Sukuna Chapter 117

In Chapter 117, Sukuna was attacked by the blade of Mahoraga. And this is what Sukuna said: “If I were a cursed spirit, I’d be a goner.”

Sukuna just claimed that he’s not a cursed spirit. Maybe the title “King of Curses” just shows his knowledge and power. It’s not used to tell about his identity.

So, what does Sukuna look like and why does he look like that?

After researching, there are two theories that can explain this look of Sukuna:

  1. Sukuna used to have a twin brother. And somehow, Sukuna was eating that brother before he was born. By that, Sukuna had an unstoppable power and a shape with four arms and four eyes like that.
  2. Sukuna has evolved to a new form. Break the limit of humans. This theory can also explain why Sukuna is so strong. But this theory is not unfounded, another person who could break that limit is Master Tengen. He used to be a sorcerer too, and now he has four eyes, quite similar to Sukuna.
Master Tengen Jujutsu Kaisen


We have uncovered Sukuna’s appearance and why he looks like Yuji, revealing the true form of Sukuna and some theories about it.

But the reason why Sukuna had that look is still not confirmed by the author, but I hope this blog can help you have more information about the look of Sukuna.