Which Clan Megumi is From: The 3 Greatest Sorcerer Families

Some of you, especially anime-only fans, probably don’t know that there are three great sorcerer families in Jujutsu Kaisen. That’s because these “families” or clans were highlighted and explained more in the manga than in the anime.

Read along to find out about which clan Megumi is from and what are the Big Three Sorcerer Families in Jujutsu Kaisen.

Who is Megumi Fushiguro?

Megumi Fushiguro is a grade 2 jujutsu sorcerer and a first-year at Tokyo Jujutsu High. He is popularly known for his Ten Shadows technique which allows him to summon and control several shikigami. He inherited this legendary cursed technique from the Zenin Clan where his father, Toji Fushiguro, was born and raised in.

At some point in the anime, it was mentioned that Megumi is related to the Zenin Clan. Now, you might be confused as to how Megumi is related to the Zenins, so in this article, we will answer all your questions about that.

Which Clan Megumi is From

Megumi is a descendant of the Zenin Clan. His father, Toji Fushiguro, is a former member of the Zenin Clan. It is a clan that prioritizes powerful cursed skills over all else, and they reject their own family members if their strength is not deemed adequate.

As Toji was lacking in cursed energy, he was rejected by the Zenin Clan and had no choice but to leave, even changing his last name to Fushiguro. This makes Megumi a descendant of the Zenin Clan even though he was born outside the clan.

Megumi was born with the clan’s renowned Ten Shadows Technique, a technique that allows its user to summon up to ten different shikigami using shadows as an intermediary. Because of this, the Zenin Clan was desperate to take him into the family, even willing to pay Toji a good amount of money in exchange for Megumi. However, the Zenin Clan failed to take Megumi as Gojo interfered and brought him to Jujutsu High instead where he received support from the school and became its student.

Why Did Megumi Become the Head of the Zenin Clan?

Why Did Megumi Become the Head of the Zenin Clan?

In the early chapters of the manga, Megumi mentioned that he no longer has any ties with the Zenin Clan. However, it seems like fate is really toying with him. In Chapter 138, it was revealed that the will of Naobito Zenin, the Zenin Clan’s 26th leader, is to have Megumi as the next leader of the Zenin Clan in the event that Gojo Satoru dies or becomes mentally incapacitated.

Why did Megumi become the Zenin clan leader?

Now, why did Naobito choose Megumi as the next head of the Zenin Clan? Simple. It’s because of his cursed technique. Megumi inherited the Zenin Clan’s Ten Shadows Technique allowing him to summon ten different shikigami, which might even be powerful enough to rival Gojo’s Six Eyes technique.

Also, one of Megumi’s shikigami is Mahoraga which is a tall, muscular humanoid with four wings emerging from its eye sockets and a tail-like appendage coming from the rear of its skull. A giant eight-handled wheel hovers just above this, rotating as Mahoraga reacts to fresh stimuli. It is so powerful that no Shikigami user has exorcised it so far.

Why Did Megumi Become the Head of the Zenin Clan?

However, Megumi was able to summon the Mahoraga once in Chapter 117 of the manga. Now, being a clan wherein power meant everything, the summoning of Mahoraga only strengthened Naobito’s will to have Megumi as the new head of the Zenin Clan. Megumi’s prowess will also ensure their rise to power faster.

Why Did Megumi Become the Head of the Zenin Clan?

Of course, Megumi did not agree with it at first, but after talking to Maki about it and realizing that it was possibly a necessary development, he eventually agreed in becoming the head of the Zenin Clan. His close connection with Gojo might also bring an end to the centuries-long war between the Zenin and Gojo clans, which would benefit all of them in the end.

What are the 3 Clans in Jujutsu Kaisen?

3 Families of Jujutsu Kaisen

Sorcerer Families are jujutsu sorcerer clans in which the majority of members can use jujutsu. Amongst the Sorcerer Families, there were those who hold the most prestige and influence which are known as the “Big Three Sorcerer Families”.

Gojo Family

Gojo Clan

First among the Big Three Sorcerer Families is the Gojo Family. Their primary inherited technique, along with the Six Eyes, is the Limitless, the most powerful jujutsu in history. Currently, the only notable character in the Gojo Family is none other than Gojo Satoru, the world’s strongest sorcerer. He is the first Gojo family sorcerer in 400 years to be born with both Limitless and Six Eyes. Because of Satoru’s abilities, the Gojo Family now sits atop the jujutsu hierarchy and controls the balance of power.

Zenin Family

Zenin Family

Next is the Zenin Family, which embodies all of a major clan’s noble values. They consider cursed techniques to be more important than anything else. Some notable characters under the Zenin Family are Naobito Zenin (the Zenin Clan’s 26th head), his son Naoya Zenin, the twins Maki and Mai Zenin, Toji Fushiguro, and his son Megumi Fushiguro. During Naobito’s reign as the head of the Zenin clan, he maintained a bad relationship with the Gojo Family.

Kamo Family

Lastly is the Kamo Family, in which blood ties are extremely important. Like the Zenin Family, inheriting their handed-down skill comes first in this clan. The most notable member of this clan is Noritoshi Kamo, one of the third-year students at the Kyoto Metropolitan Curse Technical College. He is the namesake of the Kamo Family’s ancestor who lived over 150 years ago.

The ancestor Noritoshi Kamo tainted the Kamo Family’s name hundreds of years ago when he conducted experiments on cursed spirits and humans, developing the Cursed Womb: Death Paintings method. This so-called experiment caused a tension and rift in the Kamo Family’s relationship with the other big sorcerer families.