How Strong is Sukuna with 20 Fingers?

Having witnessed the power JuJutsu Kaisen’s King of Curses holds with fifteen fingers definitely makes us wonder: how strong is Sukuna with 20 fingers?

In this blog, let’s talk about the abilities of one of the strongest characters in the popular series, and the potential level of destruction he is capable of once he ingests all of his cursed fingers.

What are Sukuna’s Fingers?

JuJutsu Kaisen or JJK is an anime/manga series about the fight between cursed spirits and sorcerers. 1000 years ago, Sukuna used to be a human sorcerer and was also the strongest character. Because of his cruelty, JuJutsu sorcerers banded together in order to defeat him. After his death, he came a Cursed Object in the form of his fingers.

There are twenty fingers in total and they have become the standard of power.

The journey started when Yuji ate one of Sukuna’s fingers and woke the King of Curses up. And of that, the jujutsu society once again has to face a disaster.

How Strong is Sukuna?

Throughout the story, we witness how Sukuna collects his power and get stronger when consuming fingers. So far in the series, Yuji has eaten 15.

Before we delve into his potential power at 20 fingers, let’s take a look at Sukuna’s strength after eating just some of these cursed objects.

How Strong is Sukuna with One Finger?

The first time Sukuna appeared is right in Chapter 1 of the series. After Yuji eats a finger of Sukuna, Sukuna awakens. And even just with one finger, he could easily erase a big cursed spirit with one hit – while Megumi was battered.

How strong is Sukuna?

How Strong is Sukuna with Two Fingers?

The next time Sukuna appeared was in the Womb Arc. Sukuna consumed two fingers at this event. And with only two fingers, Sukuna could easily defeat a special-grade cursed spirit. This wasn’t even called a fight!

Moreover, Sukuna has a powerful soul. When Mahito accidentally touches the soul of Sukuna in Chapter 29, he was badly injured. Sukuna used his slashing technique to attack Mahito and cause Mahito to be badly injured.

But that’s just the beginning. Sukuna has shown his power after consuming ten fingers at the same time in the Shibuya Arc.

How Strong is Sukuna with 15 Fingers?

In Chapter 112, Yuju was forced to eat ten Sukuna’s fingers at the same time, and Sukuna took control of Yuji’s body with the huge power that he had just been provided. After Sukuna’s awakening, other characters couldn’t hide their fears, and they had to kneel to talk with Sukuna.

Jogo said that Sukuna has a huge amount of cursed energy and is just pure vicious.

And Sukuna had two battles after that. One was with Jogo and one was with Mahoraga (a shikigami summoned by Megumi), the result of these two fights is a 100% win rate for Sukuna.

We could see many strong techniques of Sukuna and why he was able to be the strongest character in the past.

Sukuna and Jogo

He overwhelmed Jogo with only his physical strength and speed. And Jogo couldn’t hit Sukuna just one time throughout the battle. He finished Jogo with a completely new cursed technique that he had never used before – a flame arrow.

In the fight with Mahoraga, he used Domain Expansion and erased 140m of Shibuya, turning that area to dust. He used Dismantle and Cleave to cut Mahoraga and finish with the same flame arrow as Jogo.

And the one more time showed us how strong his reverse cursed technique was by saving Megumi when the boy almost died.

After this Arc, many people wonder: how strong is Sukuna at full power? That is, if he collects and eats all of his twenty fingers.

So, How Strong is Sukuna with 20 Fingers?

Do Sukuna's tattoos relate to his power?

The more we see Sukuna, the more secrets we need to know.

One thing we know is that he will be a lot stronger once he ingests more than fifteen fingers. All his cursed energy, cursed techniques, strength, and speed will be upgraded. And maybe, he could finally use his ultimate cursed technique.

At this point in the series, we still don’t know the extent of this power. However, after researching, there are two theories about the potential of his full power. Let’s discuss these theories to have a better idea of the kind of power we are about to witness.

Similarities Between Jujutsu Kaisen’s Sukuna and the Myths

If you don’t know, the author of Jujutsu Kaisen built Sukuna from the character who has the same name in the book called Nihon Shoki. In that book, Sukuna is a four-armed monster who uses two swords and two bows. When it comes to Sukuna in the Jujutsu Kaisen world, it’s kind of similar.

Sukuna and Sukuna

how many arms does sukuna have?

Sukuna has two slashing techniques: Dismantle and Cleave. And in Shibuya Arc, he used one new cursed technique – a flame arrow. It’s not weird that the final technique of Sukuna is something related to the bow and arrow.

Shiva and Sukuna

Sukuna trident

In many chances, the final technique of Sukuna is a Thunder Arrow. Why? Because another hint about his power is on the cover page of Chapter 117. The trident he is holding can be associated with the trident of a Hindu God named Shiva.

One of the feats of the god Shiva is destroying three evil floating cities using an attack that has a form of a flame arrow.

Yes, a flame arrow. Now everything is connected. If we dig deep into the Hindu myth, we will know that the thing Sukuna is holding in the left hand is called vajra, the weapon of a God named Indra. Indra, the God of Thunder, is also known for arrow attacks. He has a divine bow.

The myth says every arrow released from this bow could make the sound roar like the charged cloud and lightning to blind the enemy.

How Strong is Sukuna with 20 Fingers?

How strong is Sukuna with 20 fingers?

If we take these two stories and compare them to Sukuna in the Jujutsu Kaisen world, we could fill in the blanks and open the secret of Sukuna.

He was built from Sukuna of Nihon Shoki – a demon that has two swords and two bows. And based on the hint from Chapter 117, we can guess the true power of Sukuna. The two swords can relate to “Cleave” and “Dismantle”. If you want to read about these later, check this article.

And two bows. One can relate to a Flame Arrow (which Sukuna did in the Shibuya Arc), and the final is a Thunder Arrow.

If these theories turn out to be true, Sukuna really owns the power of God. No one will have enough power to stop him when Sukuna fully revives.

He could use his final technique when he collects all of his twenty fingers. So, until then, we could only wait for the next developments of Jujutsu Kaisen.