A Deep Dive on What Happened Between Gojo and Geto

The iconic duo of Naruto and Sasuke is revolutionary for popularizing rivalries. No other pair would make you think of “rivals” like these two. Despite having canonically ended in 2014, many Anime fans continue to adore them. So much so that their relationship has been immortalized through memes.

Many series would try to dethrone their spot. However, their attempts would often fall flat. There had been too much focus on the rivalry that people forgot what made them work: storytelling.

Gege Akutami understood this when they wrote Gojo and Geto. Instead of writing them like one-dimensional rivals, Gege gave them their own identity. They weren’t rivals for the sake of it. They had been more than that. In this article, we will be talking about what happened between Gojo and Geto.

What is the Relationship Between Geto and Gojo?

What is the relationship between Gojo and Geto?

When Geto and Gojo were first seen interacting on screen, it was on Jujutsu Kaisen 0. We are treated to the sight of the both of them threatening each other. Unlike Gojo though, Geto’s threats were less than subtle. With a few more exchanges, Geto would leave. On first impression, their relationship seems to imply they were enemies from the start. The animosity they held for each other could be felt through the screen. However, it would be revealed later on that this isn’t the case.

The true relationship between Geto and Gojo could be described as an estranged friendship. A series of events broke what they could’ve been.

How Do Gojo and Geto Know Each Other?

The two friends were able to know each other through Tokyo Jujutsu High. They were the only second-year students during that time. However, both of them would have likely known each other regardless. They shared very similar ideologies. On the field, it is possible that the two would’ve met eventually and be friends.

How do Gojo and Geto know each other? gojo goto ieri

When Did Gojo and Geto Meet?

They met during 2005-2006. It is unknown if they met earlier than that.

What Chapter Does Gojo meet Geto?

There wasn’t a chapter that shows how the two best friends/rivals met. The earliest time we see the two interact is during their high school years. This is around Chapter 65 when Gojo, Geto, and Ieri were tasked to rescue Mei and Utahime.

What Happened Between Gojo and Geto?

A few things happened between the two characters. So, let’s go through them with a timeline.

Pre-Jujutsu Kaisen and Pre-Jujutsu Kaisen 0

The events that happened in this timeline are sprinkled across chapters. We are looking into Gojo’s Past Arc which starts in Chapter 65 and ends in the first half of Chapter 79.

The Clash of Ideals

The earliest event between Gojo and Geto is their rescue mission. They were tasked to save Mei and Utahime alongside Ieri. They were supposed to subjugate the Curse and confirm the latter two’s safety. They were able to do so with sheer brute force where Gojo and Geto did most of the work.

Here, we see that the two were stronger than they realized. However, it also revealed that they had a bit of irresponsibility within them. Failing to raise a Curtain to hide the rescue mission, Gojo was punished by Yaga.

The scene after the punishment is the first time that we see their dynamic. Gojo and Geto are shown to be talking about the “unfairness” of Gojo’s punishment. Along the way, the talk shifted to their respective ideologies. This caused Ieri to flee. Gojo hated being righteous and protecting the weak.

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For Geto, he saw it as his mission as a Jujutsu Sorcerer. Their debate over their ideals would inevitably erupt into an argument. Geto was not willing to take Gojo’s words in stride and wanted to fight him for them. It was only thanks to Yaga’s intervention that nothing happened.

Despite their argument, Gojo and Geto continued to get along. Immediately after the fight, Yaga assigned a mission to both of them. They were supposed to deliver a girl to Master Tengen to prolong his life. The mission was crucial because failure would turn Master Tengen into a Curse.

Despite the severity, the two rivals cracked jokes at each other over the details of the mission. It showed that the two weren’t so different in the end.

The Star Plasma Mission

Prior to the mission, Gojo and Geto took some time aside to talk about the mission. They agreed that if Aiko refused the merger, they call the mission off. Both of them weren’t afraid to fight against the authorities if it meant protecting an innocent girl. Despite Gojo’s dislike of protecting the weak, he would do so if they were innocent.

Why did Suguru Geto turn evil?

Eventually, Gojo and Geto were able to find Amanai Aiko. The two looked after the girl and continued to be jokers despite the situation. When the girl insulted Gojo and Geto, the two joined forces to jokingly pull the girl into two. A lot of things happened involving being bodyguards for the girl. A few things in the mission had changed until everything failed. Despite the fights Gojo and Geto went through, the girl had been killed by Fushiguro Toji. Both Gojo and Geto were disposed of during the mission with Gojo almost dying.

Why Did Suguru Geto Turn Evil? The Aftermath

This mission failure would deeply affect Geto. He had seen firsthand the nonchalance of the people he was supposed to save over Aiko’s death. None of them showed remorse or guilt for the loss of innocent life. Since then, the two friends would start to be distant from each other. Gojo was being called for missions he could not join. This sparked an envious and bitter streak in Geto after seeing how strong Gojo was becoming. He was getting left behind and Geto didn’t react positively to that. He had been nearing his breaking point until he met a sorcerer named Tsukumo Yuki.

It is here that we realize that Geto and Gojo were no different after all. Like Gojo, the former believed that the weak didn’t deserve protection. He clung to his ideals in the hopes he becomes a good sorcerer and do good things. However, his conversation with Tsukumo all but shattered that ideal. He reconfirmed his belief that humans were monkeys who didn’t deserve saving. On his next mission, he was supposed to kill two innocent girls. The villagers singled them out for all the bad events in the village. He instead wiped them all out. He spared the two girls and became a criminal on the run.

What did Gojo say to Geto before killing him? gojo geto dark

Thanks to Ieri’s encounter with Geto, Gojo was able to find the latter on the streets of Shinjuku. There, the two had a heated exchange. The Six Eyes user wanted his friend to explain his crimes. To hopefully see reason with him. Unfortunately, negotiations broke down. Geto would reveal his bitterness towards Gojo. He declared he would usurp his strongest title. This way, he can justify his crimes. Gojo attempted to kill Geto as a result. Unfortunately, his love for his friend was greater than the safety of the world. The latter was able to escape and never surfaced again.

Jujutsu Kaisen 0

There were only a few scenes between Gojo and Geto at this time. After Geto went into hiding, the two weren’t able to communicate. However, the latter resurfaced after finally building his army. He went to the Tokyo school he used to attend with Gojo and declared war. His purpose was to wipe out non-cursed users and to get Okkotsu’s Special Grade Curse. This would prompt Gojo to protect his student and reminisce about his memories with Geto.

The next time they meet, it would be Geto on his deathbed. He had severely underestimated the strength of Okkotsu’s Curse and received grave injuries. Gojo had given his friend one last chance to talk. Geto accepted the situation and handed over Okkotsu’s school ID. After briefly catching up and hearing each other’s last words, Gojo would kill Geto. This is the last time we see the two rivals speak.

However, their interactions didn’t end there. While the two didn’t talk to each other a lot, they did mention each other. For example, sprinkled across this special is Geto talking about Gojo. When addressing the twins, he called Gojo to be his best friend. But things got complicated and now they were no longer friends.

Gojo said something similar but took a different approach. It was at the end of the chapter when Gojo addressed Geto again. When Okkotsu thanked the latter for finding his ID, Gojo credited his “best friend” for the find. This shows that, despite everything Geto has done, he continued to see the man his “one and only” best friend.

What happened between Gojo and Geto? manga panel gojo best friend

Jujutsu Kaisen

During the events of Jujutsu Kaisen, we see Geto return. His brief appearance greatly shocked Gojo because he knew his best friend was supposed to be dead. It was revealed that it had been Kenjaku who had possessed Geto’s body. However, in a brief moment of hope, Geto reacted to Gojo’s pleas. His hand aimed to try and remove his head despite Kenjaku’s interference.

What happened between Gojo and Geto? shibuya geto smiling gojo shocked

At the time of this writing, this is the last time we see the two interact.