How Old was Gojo When He Took in Megumi? A JJK Mystery

Gojo Satoru and Megumi Fushiguro have known each other for a long time. Gojo was the one who took in Megumi and helped him become a jujutsu sorcerer following Toji Fushiguro’s death during the Star Plasma incident. At that time, Gojo was still a student at Tokyo Jujutsu High, so many fans are wondering: how old was Gojo when he took in Megumi?

How Old was Gojo When He Took In Megumi?

How old was Gojo when he took in Megumi?

Gege Akutami did not provide an exact date for when Gojo and Megumi met for the first time. However, we can conclude that it occurred sometime after Toji Fushiguro died. Most fans assume that Gojo met Megumi between 2007 to 2009, and if that were the case, then Gojo was around 17 to 19 years old when he took in the kid. He was not yet a teacher during that time and he was still in high school.

Why Did Gojo Take In Megumi?

Why did Gojo take in Megumi?

When Toji was at death’s door, he told Gojo about his son who is going to be sold to the Zenin Clan in two or three years. Deep inside he probably believes that Gojo will do something about it and that’s why he entrusted him with that information. Sure enough, Toji was not mistaken. Sometime after the Star Plasma incident, Gojo searched for the son that Toji mentioned before he died. He handled the issue between Megumi and the Zenin Clan, then brought Megumi to Tokyo Jujutsu High. He also served as Megumi and Tsumiki’s benefactor.

Megumi and Tsumiki

However, Gojo’s reason for taking in Megumi is still a mystery. He did not explicitly state his reason for taking in Megumi nor did the author mention anything about it, so for now we can only rely on assumptions. Here are some of the possible reasons behind Gojo’s action.

Gojo is Interested in Megumi

Gojo was interested in Megumi

The first possible reason is that Gojo was simply interested in Megumi. After all, he is the son of Toji Fushiguro, the Sorcerer Killer who almost killed Gojo during the Star Plasma incident. That fact alone is enough to make Gojo feel intrigued about this so-called son who inherited the legendary Ten Shadows Technique of the Zenin Clan. Apart from that, Gojo also seems to be really interested in raising strong individuals with great potential.

Gojo Doesn’t Want the Zenin Clan to Get Hold of Megumi

How old was Gojo when he took in Megumi?

Now, we all know that the Gojo Clan and Zenin Clan have an intense rivalry that has been going on for centuries. After finding out that Megumi was born with the Zenin Clan’s prized cursed technique, the Zenins were desperate to welcome him into the clan because they know that having a Ten Shadows Technique user in the family can help them rise into power. As such, there are some fans who believe that Gojo willingly took in Megumi in order to keep him away from the Zenin Clan and interfere with their plans.

In summary, although Gojo was still a student himself around the time he took in Megumi, we cannot deny that he had a huge impact on Megumi’s upbringing as a sorcerer. This only proves that Gojo has been an impressive mentor ever since he was young and that Megumi will not be the sorcerer that he is today if it wasn’t for Gojo’s decision to take him in.