What Happened to the Gojo Clan? The Missing Family Mystery

In every Shounen, there would always be a prominent family member. In Jujutsu Kaisen, protagonist Itadori Yuji was no exception to this rule. While we don’t know much about his parents, we do know his grandfather. The latter had the role of guiding our young Yuji into becoming the man he is today.

However, the same cannot be said for the other protagonist Gojo Satoru.

What Happened to the Gojo Clan?

In the current chapters, there is only a little we know about the Gojo Clan. Gege Akutami hasn’t written a chapter dedicated to them yet. Maybe in the future, we will see what happened to them. But for now, here is everything we know about the Gojo Clan.

What are the Three Clans in Jujutsu Kaisen?

In the Jujutsu Kaisen Universe, there are three major bloodlines. The Zenin, Gojo, and Kamo Families! Each clan has a role they play in society but also Cursed Techniques. Without them, there would be a lack of strong Jujutsu Sorcerers to fight back the Curses. The Zenin family in particular takes this belief very seriously.

What Happened to the Gojo Clan?

The Gojo Clan Has Been Around for Generations

Like the other clans in Jujutsu Kaisen, the Gojo Clan has a long history. The bloodline descended from one of the Big Three Vengeful Spirits of Japan. From way back in Heian Era, Sugawara Michizane is responsible for the creation of Limitless. There is little else we know about this character. But you might be interested to know that he is based on a real-life poet from Japan!

Due to their nature as a powerful clan, they would inevitably butt heads with others. The most prominent clan they faced off with is the Zenin Clan. These two families would always be at each other’s throats. At one point, they killed each other. A temporary ceasefire would come to play later, but tensions would still be high. Things would escalate after Toji Fushiguro attempts to snuff Gojo Satoru’s life.

At one point, the Gojo clan would’ve come into contact with Master Tengen. This connection with the Star Plasma Vessels would bring about the existence of Six Eyes. It is unknown how and when this connection is made. Regardless, the Gojo Clan would carry the Six Eyes to the modern day.

What Happened to the Gojo Clan?

Unfortunately, one may notice that the Gojo Clan is absent. They have as much screen time as Arknight Operators. Which is not a lot! This leads us to the next section.

Why is Gojo the Only One in His Clan?

It is unknown why Gojo is the only one in his clan. However, Gege has never confirmed that the remaining Gojo Clan members are deceased. This former idea stems from Chapter 93 of the series. At one point in the series, they were even called out. Takuma Ino explained their circumstances during the Shibuya arc. He implied that without Gojo, there would be no Gojo Family.

What Happened to the Gojo Clan?

However, he only mentions that Gojo Satoru is a one-man team of the Gojo Family. This can imply two things. First, the rest of the Gojo Family is dead. For reals! The second implication is that the Gojo Family relies on Satoru’s power. In this case, though, I would say it leans more toward the latter.

Why is Gojo the Only One in His Clan?

These two implications would give birth to two theories.

The Gojo Clan is Dead Theory

This theory seems to be the most believed by fans. After all, it is easy to tie up loose ends with dead characters! There are a few things in the series that support this theory. First is the absence of family members in Satoru’s Family House. In chapters where Satoru was a kid, we see him being accompanied by adults. However, recent chapters show Gojo in his house with a distinct absence of his family members.

Why is Gojo the Only One in His Clan?

Others have pointed out that the Gojo Clan house appeared to be in disrepair. Assuming that this picture above was the Gojo Family house, then it means no one was maintaining it. Ino’s comments also support this theory. However, there are a few problems with this. The most glaring one I would say is that all these pieces of evidence are circumstantial at best! Gege Akutami has demonstrated that the absence of family does not mean they are gone for good. Itadori Yuji’s father is an example of this as he becomes a plot point later on.

Not to mention, this theory would later be proven to be false.

The Gojo Clan is in Hiding Theory (Supported by Gege)

This is the other theory proposed by fans of the series. Since Gojo Satoru is the strongest member, the rest of the Clan would be overshadowed. However, this also paints them as a target. This theory proposes that the Clan is in hiding to avoid assassination attempts. They are still alive somewhere and let Gojo have all the spotlight. This theory is supported by the author who not only implied they are alive but had a hand in Gojo’s execution.

Why is Gojo the Only One in His Clan?

This would also be supported by Takumi Ino’s comment. In a previous panel, we see Takumi say that the Gojo Family will fall from power. He refers to them as a whole and not just Satoru.

Are There Other Members of the Gojo Family?

At the current time, we have no information on this. However, we can safely say that the previous Six Eyes holders were Gojo family members. In this case, there have been at least five other members of the Gojo Family.

Is Yuta Part of the Gojo Clan?

Is Yuta part of the Gojo clan?

The short answer is no. As explained by Satoru, Yuta Okkotsu also descended from Sugawara Michizane. This makes them distant relatives. However, this doesn’t make Yuta a part of the Gojo Clan. The latter requires its members to be purely related and have its surname. And as explained by Ino earlier, only Satoru was carrying the Clan’s name.