What is Megumi’s Sacred Treasure? Hidden Powers Explored

When we ask, “What is Megumi’s sacred treasure?” we refer to his Ten Shadows Technique. We all know that Sukuna is highly interested in Megumi Fushiguro because of this technique. According to some theories, Megumi’s cursed technique has a hidden power that can fully reincarnate the King of Curses. This is why Sukuna even went out of his way to save Megumi from peril during the Shibuya Incident Arc.

So in this article, we will examine Megumi’s Ten Shadows Technique, its connection to the Sacred Treasure, and its “hidden power” that Sukuna is so interested in.

What is the Ten Shadows Technique?

What are the Ten Shadows Technique?

The Ten Shadows Technique is the cursed technique that Megumi inherited from the Zenin Clan. It allows him to summon up to ten different shikigami using shadows as intermediary. Each shikigami has its own characteristics and abilities that Megumi utilizes depending on the situation. The more powerful the shikigami is, the more cursed energy is required to summon it. So far, Megumi can summon Divine Dogs, Nue, Great Serpent, Toad, Max Elephant, Rabbit Escape, and Mahoraga.

What is Megumi’s Sacred Treasure?

The concept of the Ten Shadows Technique seems to be heavily based on the Ten Sacred Treasure (Tokusa no Kandakara) which is written in the historical Japanese text called Kujiki or Sendai Kuji Hongi. These treasures were bestowed by the Amatsukamimioya (heavenly ancestor) to the Shinto god Nigihayahi no Mikoto.

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The Ten Sacred Treasures are Okitsukagami (Mirror of the Deep), Hetsukagami (Mirror of the Shore), Yatsuka no Tsurugi (The Eight Hands Long Sword), Ikutama (Jewel of Life), Makaru Kaeshi no Tama (Jewel of Resuscitation), Tarutama (Jewel of Plenty), Chikaeshi no Tama (Jewel of Turning Back on the Road), Orochi no Hire (Snake[-repelling] Scarf), Hachi no Hire (Bee[-repelling] Scarf), and Kusagusa no Mono no Hire (Scarf [to ward off] Various Things).

There are also several similarities between the Ten Shadows Technique and the Ten Sacred Treasure.

  • In Japanese, Megumi’s cursed technique is known as Tokusa no Kage Bojutsu which directly translates to “Ten Kinds of Shadow Technique”. It is parallel to Tokusa no Kandakara which means “Ten Kinds of Sacred Treasure”.
  • One of the sacred treasures is called Yatsuka no Tsurugi (The Eight Hands Long Sword) and Megumi’s strongest shikigami is known as the Eight-Handled Sword Divergent Sila Divine General Mahoraga (Yatsuka-no-Tsurugi Ikaishinshō Makora).
  • The line that Megumi uses to summon Mahoraga (“furube yurayura”) is similar to the Shinto incantation used to bring back the dead using the Ten Sacred Treasure. “Furube” means waving the treasures while “yurayura” refers to the sound of ringing beads.
What is Megumi’s Sacred Treasure?

According to the Sendai Kuji Hongi, chanting the name of the Ten Sacred Treasures while waving them can bring the dead back to life. Since Megumi’s Ten Shadows Technique seems to be derived from the Ten Sacred Treasure, it is most likely that it will also have the same power to revive the dead.

Sukuna and the Ten Shadows Technique

Sukuna and Ten Shadows

Sukuna has been partially reincarnated by possessing Yuji’s body; however, he doesn’t have complete control of the body. Even if he wants to act on his own, he cannot do it unless Yuji lets him come out. This is the main reason why Sukuna is dying to have a body of his own and there’s a possibility that he can achieve that through Megumi’s Ten Shadows Technique. We are not sure exactly how the process is going to be, so for now, let us continue tuning in to Jujutsu Kaisen to find out what’s going to happen once Megumi gains full mastery of his cursed technique.