How Rich is Gojo? The Secret Behind Satoru’s Wealth!

It is a running gag for Shounen protagonists to either be broke or moderately living. It is rare to find a hero who is not running any kind of financial issues. Saitama is a brilliant example of this trope! Although, like his birth, Gojo would break this tradition. In Jujutsu Kaisen, we see Gojo throwing money around willy-nilly? So much so that the people around him are often shocked at his expenses.

Then again, who can we blame them? So, in this article, we will be talking about Gojo’s wealth.

How Much Money Does Gojo Have? How Rich is Gojo?

How rich is Gojo?

It is safe to say that Gojo is rich. Like, filthy rich. He can spend millions of yen at a whim. He would face no repercussions nor show any problems. He even lives in a mansion provided by the Gojo Clan. As if that wasn’t enough, he also has multiple safe houses. However, the specifics of his net worth are what make this question difficult to answer. Unlike powers, Gege never went into detail about how much money Gojo gets.

At the very least, we can place Gojo on millionaire status at least and a billionaire at most.

How Much Did Gojo Pay Mei Mei?

Why is Gojo rich?

He paid 10 million yen to Mei to find the mole. This roughly converts to 73000~USD and he had no problems doing so. Gojo had enough money in his bank to make an instant transaction. Hence, he was able to pay in full.

Why is Gojo So Rich?

Gojo being incredibly rich shouldn’t come as a shocker. By taking a look at Mei Mei’s account, we can see that Special Grade Curse missions pay high. The highest Mei got paid on a job was 6,800,000 JPY. This converts to 49000~USD. That’s a lot of money! If we use Mei’s commissions as a comparison, then Gojo’s fee would be bumped higher. As the strongest Special Grade Jujutsu Sorcerer, Gojo would be taking on tougher missions. This would easily land him at least 10 million or 25 million Japanese Yen per commission!

How much did Gojo pay Mei?

Then, there is also his inheritance. Gojo Satoru belongs to the Gojo clan. As a clan that existed since the Heian period, they would carry riches beyond our wildest dreams! Their long history also gave them weight and political power. It is easy to see Satoru using his family’s assets at his discretion. All of these combined are the reason why Gojo is rich.