Who is Gojo Shipped With? Exploring Satoru’s CRAZY Ships

In a previous article, we talked about Gojo Satoru’s relationships. There we discovered his bonds and one prevailing truth. Regardless of what happens, Gojo will always be lonesome at the top. Gege Akutami has not written any prospective romance into the story of Jujutsu Kaisen. And for a good reason! It is a serious story about humanity fighting back against the Curses. All the while discovering that humans are not all that good. In scenarios like these, romance often takes the back foot. Unfortunately, that doesn’t exempt Jujutsu Kaisen from the scenario known as “Shipping”.

With Gojo being a handsome bachelor, it is unavoidable for people’s minds to go wild. Not to mention, his sad backstory all but incentivizes people to look into it more. No one wants to read a tragic end for any character. In this article, we will be talking about: who is Gojo shipped with?

Who is Gojo Shipped With?

There are a lot of characters that people ship Gojo with. However, these ships don’t necessarily work out. We will be dividing this article then to address this. For the first half, we will discuss the ships that shouldn’t happen. The second half will be about the opposite. So, let’s get to it!

8 Gojo Ships That Shouldn’t Happen

Sometimes, two characters are shipped based on their interactions. There is no need for any underlying intention on both side. This happens a lot, especially with characters who have no clear romantic partners. Unfortunately, this can create ships that are otherwise best left untouched.

1) Gojo x Megumi: A Mentor-Mentee Relationship

Is Megumi stronger than Gojo?

The relationship between Gojo and Megumi is a special one. Following Toji’s dying wish, Gojo looked after Megumi since he was a kid. He has been partly responsible for raising the child. Gojo would eventually pick the latter up as one of his students. For these two to form a romantic relationship is not only questionable but weird. It’s like dating your adopted child! Ew.

2) Gojo x Okkotsu: Sweet Home Alabama Electric Boogaloo

Gojo and Yuta

The introduction of Okkotsu in the Jujutsu Kaisen 0 movie left many excited for his future appearance. After all, it’s always nice to see the growth of a character years later! His special circumstances would land him a meeting with Gojo. Forced to become the latter’s student, he grapples with his way of life in the hopes to achieve normality. Gojo helps him achieve this all and more by giving the boy the key to freedom. Since then, the two kept a cordial teacher-student relationship. Okkotsu swore to become as strong as Gojo. He hopes, that one day, he will be on equal footing with him.

This relationship is sweet, but it should stay that way. What Okkotsu feels for Gojo is akin to hero worship, not romantic. A potential rivalry between these two would be better than any romance! Not to mention, these two characters are distant cousins. Talk about “ew” again!

3) Gojo x Nanami: Opposites Do Not Attract All the Time!

Gojo and Nanami

The introduction of Nanami to the series had some fans interested. Their conflicting personalities tell an interesting story of how these two got acquainted. As Nanami’s senpai, Gojo had known the man for a long time. The two likely worked together in the past and kept in touch. With the introduction of Itadori Yuji, Gojo brought him back to be the latter’s mentor.

Their differences made many believe in the phrase “opposites attract”. Sure, it would be hilarious to see Nanami deal with Gojo’s antics. Especially if they were done with romantic intentions! A high-strung disciplined partner and a chaotic one are the ingredients for a good dynamic. In this case, though, I don’t think it should happen. These two characters like to keep their relationships professional. No love would blossom between them even if they tried.

4) Gojo x Miwa: Fan Worship Is a No-Go!

Gojo and Miwa

The small interaction between Gojo and Miwa left a few shipping them. After all, two bubbly personalities together are adorable. Not to mention, Miwa is a fan of Gojo. She would love to have any excuse so she could interact with him. Unfortunately, that is all it is. This fan worship wouldn’t last long, especially for Gojo. He would find Miwa interesting at first, but it wouldn’t develop any further. Sorry, Miwa!

5) Gojo x Ieiri: Friends at Best, Acquaintances at Worst

Gojo and Ieri

Gojo and Ieiri carry history together. One that many fans immediately saw. As two attractive characters, it wasn’t hard to ship them together. Their sincere conversations are a stark contrast to how Gojo talks with others. This relationship at surface value does give the beginnings of a possible romance.

Unfortunately, this wouldn’t be possible. For those who have read the manga, Ieiri is the kind of friend who hangs out. She avoids confrontation and never developed a deep relationship with Gojo. Thus, this relationship would have been doomed from the start.

6) Gojo x Mei: A Relationship through Money

Gojo and Mei

Gojo and Mei is another popular ship. Like with Utahime, their interactions endeared many fans to what could have happened between them. The two characters hold deep respect and trust for each other. It was Mei whom Gojo trusted to find the mole. The former also saw Gojo in a good light as one of the few sorcerers to survive her Cursed Techniques.

Unfortunately, the reason why this relationship won’t work is because of Mei. Her materialism towards money would make her care less about Gojo. It’d be like dating Scrooge McDuck!

7) Gojo x Geto: A Perfectly Broken Friendship

What is the relationship between Gojo and Geto?

Ah, yes. Gojo and Geto. The modern-day Naruto and Sasuke but with a darker end. Unfortunately, not every Jujutsu Kaisen Fan knows of this. When they first met these two, it was in the Jujutsu Kaisen 0 movie. Their on-screen chemistry made many ravenous for a potential relationship between these two. While a potential romance could’ve worked between them, I disagree. The relationship between Gojo and Geto is beautiful as it is. A tragic friendship that was broken by time and ideals.

This relationship is further discussed in a separate article, so check that out!

8) Gojo x Yuji: Another Teacher-Student Relationship

Yuji and Gojo

This ship is one of the most popular ships in Jujutsu Kaisen. As the two main protagonists, they often come into contact with each other. More often than not, we can see Gojo spoiling Yuji like he was his son. The latter looked up to Gojo and was one of the first who wanted to rush to Gojo’s side. This dynamic would create a ship seeing Gojo as the “caretaker” of the relationship. However, just like with Megumi, it would be weird if this happens. Their current relationship is good enough as it is.

3 Gojo Ships That Could Happen

Admittedly, most of Gojo’s romantic aspects aren’t looking too good. It’s either he cares very little for them, or they are too young. Still, some ships are looking promising for our strongest sorcerer. There are three ships I think would work best for Gojo.

1) Gojo x Utahime: A Relationship That Could Be

Gojo and Utahime have a long history together. As the school representatives, the two often got into contact with each other. Even though they have differing ideals, they do get along. Utahime is also one of the few people in Jujutsu Kaisen who isn’t afraid of barking back at Gojo. The two would always devolve into banter during their conversations. This is a trend that started when they were students. This adorable relationship could evolve into a romantic one if one of them so chooses. Despite their “animosity” to each other, they do respect one another.

Gojo and Utahime

What makes their ship work is their dynamic. Utahime’s bravery can help ground Gojo. She can stop him from getting into trouble and take a step back. Unfortunately, this is unlikely to happen. We’ll explain later.

2) Gojo x Geto: A Bromance to Reconcile it All

Gojo and Geto

As two of the world’s strongest, Geto is the likeliest romantic partner Gojo could have. The two already held a deep respect for each other. Even when Geto turned rogue, Gojo still trusted him. This level of belief in each other helps greatly to develop a romantic relationship. After all, nothing feels better than seeing two estranged characters come together in love! Although, this is likely to be just fanon. They might end up becoming best buds again if Geto turned a new leaf.

3) Gojo x Yuji: A Possible Future

Gojo and Yuji

Even though the age gap would make this weird, Gojo and Yuji do make a good couple. Gojo has high expectations from Yuji. And the boy never fails to meet them. They both motivate each other with the prospect of becoming the strongest. Unlike other characters, it was Yuji, who had the most potential to accompany Gojo at the top. Given a few years, the age gap wouldn’t be a problem anymore.

However, this relationship would still be problematic. Primarily, it is the influence of Sukuna that Gojo and Yuji would have to deal with. If these two don’t find a way, this relationship couldn’t happen.

Who is Gojo Shipped With The Most?

Among all these characters, Gojo is shipped with Geto the most. These two hold the most profound relationship in Jujutsu Kaisen.

Who Does Gojo End Up With?

Unfortunately, Gojo ends up with no one. This is not to say that he is not interested. Gege has already implied that Gojo was interested in the opposite sex. He would wear sunglasses to look good with the ladies. During the Star Plasma Vessel Arc, he also played along with girls and a female teacher.

Gojo is alone because of his nature. His god complex and arrogant nature make it difficult for him to pursue romance. Not to mention, he would also not date anyone weaker than him. He holds exceedingly high standards for people he could consider his equal. Any who falls short would simply not compare. Thus, this leads us to the next section.

Gojo x Makima: Why is Gojo Shipped with Makima?

Why is Gojo shipped with Makima?

These two characters from different universes are an unlikely pair. However, in hindsight, it isn’t. The two are incredibly similar to each other. They both dislike the weak and carry headstrong personalities. Their beliefs are iron-clad and would not bend for anyone. Those who get in their way will face death with no mercy.

Their personalities would also mesh well together. Gojo being chaotic and Makima laid-back, they would’ve created a dynamic relationship. In a sense, Makima is the female version of Geto. The two can even be fast friends. They share a dislike for authority and a fond liking for their students. Well, in Makima’s case, it would be employees!

However, their ideals would put them at odds with each other. If you are curious to see who would win a fight between these two, check out our previous article!