What is Gojo’s Six Eyes? A Closer Look at the Rare Ability

The eyes are the window to the soul. This saying has been around for a long time and has never lost its relevance. In today’s media, an emphasis is always placed on the eyes of a character. In times of great joy and sadness, animators and illustrators would make them glisten. When in great despair, the colors become dull and lifeless.

In short, eyes serve as a tremendous thematic tool to hammer in the emotional beats of the story. However, there is another trope concerning eyes. And this trope denotes that eyes have power.

In anime, this trope is abused to a certain extent. In the past century, we have seen a lot of unique eyes. Ciel Phantomhive’s eye was used to control his demonic butler, Sebastian. Hinata’s and Neji’s Byakugan eyes provide a great deal of perception over chakra pathways. There are more examples out there, but we will be focusing on one particular. In this article, we will be going over what is Gojo’s Six Eyes from Jujutsu Kaisen!

What is Gojo’s Six Eyes?

We have briefly discussed Gojo’s Six Eyes in other articles. But in this one, we will be explaining it in detail. Gojo’s Six Eyes are a result of a genetic mutation brought about by rare ocular jujutsu. There is no information right now on how it was given or who gave it. What we do know is that it is inherited by the Gojo Family. Another point to make is that there can only be one user at a time. So, we are not seeing any Gojo Jr. anytime soon!

Those who inherit the Six Eyes are given the responsibility of propagating the family’s Cursed Technique. It is what allows them to use their Jujutsu Arts to the utmost perfection and stay relevant in modern times.

What is Gojo's Six Eyes?

But there is another responsibility bestowed upon the Six Eyes user. Those who hold the Six Eyes are to protect the Star Plasma Vessel. This is a duty bound to them by fate and is inescapable. For example, Kenjaku killed the Six Eyes User and Star Plasma Vessel during their infancy. Yet, both of them still appeared later on despite the latter’s best efforts. Talk about pouring salt into the wound!
There have been at least four previous holders of the Six Eyes recorded in history. Gojo is the current holder, making it five.

How Does Gojo’s Six Eyes Work?

The Six Eyes work in a similar way to the Byakugan does in Naruto and more! For Gojo, he would be able to perceive the world in its minute detail. The flow of Cursed Energy is easier for him to comprehend alongside the atoms in existence. The eyes grant him specialized perception. This allows him to pull off cursed energy manipulation that no other person can. But being able to see this much detail means better brain processing power. Fortunately, Six Eyes can provide this as well.

As if those overpowered qualities aren’t enough, this ability also works as a manager! It can efficiently dispose of, use, and circulate Cursed Energy within Gojo. This makes it so the amount of Cursed Energy he uses is divided near zero.

How Does Gojo’s Six Eyes Work?

To explain energy consumption easier, imagine drinking from a water bottle. The water inside is going to be reduced. Depending on your thirst, you may even finish the whole bottle in one go. But, imagine if a drop of water is enough to quench your thirst every time. That’s how the Six Eyes regulate Gojo’s energy. Combine all of these with Gojo’s Limitless Techniques, then you have one strong man!

Six Eyes’ Weakness

Unfortunately, the Six Eyes does come at a cost. In return for better Cursed Energy use and overpowered vision, it exhausts the user a lot. Constant use of Six Eyes is a huge strain on anyone, even Gojo.

There is also the fact that any information you hold can also be detrimental to you. For example, Gojo froze up at the sight of Geto for one minute. In that one minute, years of memories invaded his mind.

How Many Eyes Does Gojo Have?

Despite what the name entails, Gojo only has two pairs of eyes.

Can Gojo see normally?

Then, why is it called Six Eyes?

It has been shown many times in the Jujutsu Kaisen that Gege drew inspiration from Buddhist themes. The origin of this name likely comes from Buddhism as well. There is a teaching in Buddhism called the Six Sense Spheres. This is found in the Contemplation of Mind (dhammanupassana) of Satipatthana Sutta. The writing states that there are five outer senses that collect data. But there is a sixth sense that processes it called the mind. Since the Six Eyes help Gojo by improving his brain processing power, this must be no coincidence.

In summary, the Six Eyes is called that way to likely reference the Buddhist’s teaching of the sixth sense.