What Episode Does Gojo Use Purple? Gojo’s Secret Technique

Each Shounen character has a secret technique or move that grants them victory. Funny enough, it always seems to come in the form of an energy blast. Goku had his Kamehameha, Gilgamesh with Enuma Elish, and many more. Although, in some cases, using said moves came with a backlash. For example, Mugetsu stripped away all of Ichigo’s powers. Regardless, these moves are powerful enough that they are referenced by other shows. Skip forward to today’s time, and we’ll find things haven’t changed.

But there is one move that caused quite a stir upon release. In Jujutsu Kaisen, Gojo Satoru made his proper debut as a strong Shounen protagonist. While the series was already known, it didn’t reach worldwide attention. Of course, until it was animated on screen. Many fans were captivated by Gojo’s eyes, but it was what he did later on that shook the fans.

In this article, we will be talking about what episode Gojo uses purple and how strong it is.

What Episode Does Gojo Use Purple?

You should’ve already expected this, but spoilers are ahead! Gojo uses his strongest attack in Episode 20 of the Jujutsu Kaisen anime. It happens during the Kyoto Goodwill Event Arc. Tokyo and Kyoto students are set to compete against each other. In an unfortunate series of events, the students are found in precarious situations. The Special Grade Curses had banded to kill them.

Saving the students proved to be difficult when a barrier was set in place. A condition was attached to it to repel Satoru Gojo and stop them from wiping them out. Although, that wouldn’t last. After 30 minutes, Gojo eventually brute-forced his way in. He took out the immediate threat before turning his attention to Hanami. This is when Gojo uses his technique, Hollow Purple. He sniped the Curse from afar and ended the invasion.

What episode does Gojo use Purple?
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What Does Gojo’s Hollow Purple Do?

What Gojo’s Hollow Technique Purple does is often the subject of debate. Due to Gege’s inconsistent explanations, it is hard to pin down the definition. Thankfully, Gege is known for writing anecdotes about how his characters’ abilities work. Gojo’s is no exception.

What Does Gojo’s Purple Do?

Official sources state that Hollow Purple can erase everything in its path. It does this by imposing an imaginary mass that would eat away the objects it hits. But it’s not as simple as that. Unlike other moves, it requires extensive calculations and the use of a “void formula” to do so. It also needs Gojo’s Six Eyes and Limitless to work. Without any of these, performing Purple wouldn’t be possible.

However, the official sources may be wrong in describing Gojo’s attack. In the two instances, we see Gojo’s Purple hit a living opponent, it still left bones despite the blast radius. If it was able to erase matter, then surely not even bone would be left. It is also not strong enough to get rid of Sukuna’s fingers. This means a strong Cursed Energy resistance is enough to withstand Gojo’s Purple.

How Does Gojo Use Hollow Purple?

There are a few things Gojo needs to do to be able to use Purple. First, he needs complete access to his Six Eyes. Secondly, he needs to be able to use the technique without causing major casualties. While he is more than capable of using the attack in public, he refuses to do so. Finally, the opponent must be strong enough to warrant its use.

The last condition is less of a restriction, but more of Gojo’s personality.

What episode does Gojo use Purple?

As to how Gojo actually uses Purple, he does so with Limitless Techniques. He initiates this technique with the use of a hand sign. With the attraction forces of Blue and repelling forces of Red, Gojo mixes them so he can create Hollow Purple. The Cursed Energy will gather at his fingertips until he lets it go. The gathered energy will blast forward with violent intent. Unfortunately, this attack requires a wind-up. Gojo needs to manually calculate the size and scope of his attack. With the aid of Six Eyes, he can condense Purple or enlarge it.