What Episode Does Gojo Use Domain Expansion? A Quick Review

In Jujutsu Kaisen, the use of a Domain Expansion is the same as revealing your trump card. It is the Jujutsu Sorcerer’s supreme technique to finish a fight. In the series, we have seen multiple characters display theirs. However, none of them were quite as unique as Gojo’s. In this article, we’ll be discussing what episode Gojo uses Domain Expansion!

What Episode Does Gojo Use Domain Expansion?

The use of Satoru Gojo’s trump card comes earlier than you’d think. In Episode 7 of Jujutsu Kaisen, Gojo is ambushed by Jogo in an attempt to kill him. Getting rid of the strongest Jujutsu Sorcerer alive would give the Special Grade Curses the chance to throw over society. In this episode, we are treated to a wonderful fight scene between Jogo and Gojo.

But we are quickly shown that the fight was anything but a bout for Gojo. If anything, Gojo used it as a teaching moment for both Yuji and the viewers. He explained his techniques in detail as well as Jogo’s Domain Expansion. To impress his young student, Gojo brings out his domain. During its use, Gojo was able to incapacitate the Curse with ease. After ripping the latter’s head off, he proceeded to interrogation. The sequence would be cut short as Hanami saves Jogo in time.

What episode does Gojo use domain expansion?

What is the Domain Expansion of Gojo?

Gojo’s Domain Expansion swallows up the target into a space. In this area, the user gets overwhelmed with information from every corner of the universe. This sends them into a vegetative state where they cannot move. If used on a human civilian, they would die or need therapy for a few months. For more information on Gojo’s domain, check out our previous article!

What is Gojo’s Domain Called?

The name of Gojo’s domain has gone through quite a translation mess. There are many ways to interpret the Japanese name to English, so, technically, any of them are correct. In the end, the official English source settled with “Unlimited Void” for Gojo’s Domain.

What Does Gojo Say When He Uses Domain Expansion?

Gojo says the name of his domain when he uses Domain Expansion. This is to help the technique to be invoked in the real world.

When Does Gojo Use Domain Expansion?

When does Gojo use Domain Expansion?

So far in the series, Gojo has used his Domain Expansion twice. He has used it against Jogo to demonstrate to Yuji how it works. On the other occasion, he used it to save the lives of citizens in Shibuya.

It is unknown when Gojo would use Domain Expansion. In all his bouts in the series including JJK Zero, he has only used Purple to finish his fights. As of this writing, Gojo hasn’t used his Domain Expansion again.

How Many Times Can Gojo Use Domain Expansion?

Theoretically, Gojo can use his Domain Expansion an infinite number of times. His Reverse Cursed Technique continually refreshes his Cursed Energy and mind to do more. However, even Gojo is vulnerable to being weakened after using a Domain. So perhaps after a few seconds, Gojo would be able to use it again.

It is unknown if Gojo can just keep using it consecutively.

Is Gojo’s Domain Expansion Infinite?

There is no acknowledged limit to Gojo’s Domain Expansion. As it stands, his domain can cover the entirety of Shibuya’s underground train network. However, we see it to be most effective when it’s used against a singular target.