What Happened to Gojo in the Manga? An Interesting Life

Out of all the characters in Jujutsu Kaisen, it’s undeniable that Gojo is the most popular. Other characters indeed have their fair share of fans. But, none of them are as intense as Gojo’s. In any Jujutsu Kaisen media, you are almost guaranteed to see our blindfolded friend. However, for all his popularity, we are actually left with knowing nothing about his past. We only know bits and pieces and the arc Gege illustrated for us.

In this article, we’ll be fixing that problem! I will be collecting all Gojo-related information and presenting my findings to you. Here is what happened to Gojo in the Manga of Jujutsu Kaisen.

What Happened to Gojo in the Manga?

To answer this question, we need to be a little more specific. At the time of this writing, there have already been 205 chapters. A lot of things happened during this time, but Gojo was only present for the first quarter. This limits our search for all Gojo-related material. So, let’s get started!

Events Before Jujutsu Kaisen and Jujutsu Kaisen 0

Early Childhood

The earliest date we can get to Gojo is the day of his birth. This is in Chapter 96. Born on December 7, 1989, baby Gojo opened his eyes for the first time. His arrival on Earth spelled both doom and hope for all who lived. His mere presence forced the planet to adapt. It seems that even as a baby, he was already a troublemaker!

What happened Gojo in the manga?

In return for Gojo’s monstrous strength, Curses appeared more often. The sharp increase of Curses and their strength had been a boon for Jujutsu Sorcerers. For example, Ogami and Awasaka Jiro took advantage of it to make money. However, it wasn’t all good for Sorcerers. Because of Gojo, the likelihood of Curses like Jogo and Hanami showing up was higher. This meant existing Sorcerers would need to grow stronger. If they do not, they would fall off from relevance.

As you might imagine, not many Sorcerers were open to that idea. As such, a bounty had already been placed on Gojo. By the time he was a kid, the price for his head was already over a hundred thousand yen. Sorcerers from all over would attempt to take Gojo’s life but fail each time. It is unknown how they were disposed of, but they were likely intimidated.

Gojo had an uncanny ability to spot potential assassins. This would have scared them away from attempting any further. We see this in action in both Chapters 71 and 96. The most crucial one is Chapter 71 where Fushiguro Toji stalked Gojo. The former is infamous for having no Cursed Energy and being virtually undetectable. Yet Gojo was able to see him despite his feats. According to Toji, it was the first and last time anyone has seen him from behind.

What happened to Gojo in the manga?

Late Teenage to Young Adult Years (Tokyo Jujutsu High)

This is the time when we know the most about Gojo.

Our introduction to Gojo in this arc was his rescuing Utahime and Mei. The two had disappeared for two days and no one heard of them since. Principal Yaga had tasked him to put up a Curtain and then save the two discreetly. To make the mission easier, it was made into a joint operation with his friends, Ieri and Geto. Unfortunately, subtlety isn’t Gojo’s strong suit. Instead of putting up a Curtain, he went into it with guns blazing. He smashed the barrier that imprisoned the two missing students and even teased one of them. Gojo’s blatant disregard for orders had earned him a punishment from Yaga.

Later on, we discover why Gojo didn’t follow the orders in the first place. He didn’t see the need to put up a Curtain because it didn’t matter. Normal people wouldn’t be able to see what they were doing anyway. After all, they couldn’t perceive Cursed Energy. His attempt of excusing his actions had landed him an argument with Geto.

What happened to Gojo in the manga?

It is here where we see Gojo’s arrogance at full display. The Six Eyes user disliked the idea of being righteous. To him, it was more right for Jujutsu Sorcerers to be selfish and do what they want. This drew Geto’s ire because the latter believed it was right for them to protect the weak. The two almost got into a fight but were stopped by Yaga Masamichi.

Despite the two’s argument, they got along! To learn more about their friendship, you can visit our previous article on the topic.

What Chapter is Gojo Past Arc?

All the contents here came from Chapters 65 to 79.

Late Teenage to Young Adult Years (Star Plasma Vessel Arc)

Eventually, Gojo and Geto would be put into a joint operation. The two of them are to guard Amanai Riko. However, there was a catch. By guarding Riko, they would be leading her to her demise. The girl was to be the next vessel for Master Tengen to prolong his life. This mission would turn out to be upsetting for Gojo. While he disliked the idea of protecting the weak, he didn’t dislike the idea of living. He wanted Riko to decide for herself if she wants to be a Vessel. If the girl didn’t want to, both Geto and Gojo would call the mission off.

This shows us a human side to Gojo that we barely see. He was willing to fight the authorities if it meant protecting a girl’s wish.

manga panel, geto, gojo

Regardless of their beliefs though, Gojo and Geto would still need to perform the mission. They did what they can to keep the girl safe. During this time, we see more of Gojo’s unapologetic nature. He really does whatever he wants even if it causes inconvenience to others. For example, when he went to get Riko, he barged into the middle of her class. When her fellow female classmates were clamoring over him, he even played along.

How is Gojo Defeated?

For the entire duration of the mission, both Geto and Gojo had it easy. They were able to beat all the obstacles along the way. They were even able to successfully deliver Riko to Master Tengen, but it would all be for nothing. For the entire time, Gojo had been activating his Six Eyes. He was starting to feel exhausted from using it constantly. After deactivating his defenses, he was swiftly stabbed in the back. Fushiguro Toji was lying in the wait and incapacitated Gojo.

How did Gojo Die?

Gojo’s exhaustion would do no wonders for his defense. After being played like a fiddle by Toji, Gojo dies after being stabbed in the neck. The Inverted Spear of Heaven could bypass Gojo’s defenses.

How did Gojo die?

How did Satoru Gojo Survive?

Despite Gojo dying, this experience actually made him stronger. He learned more about the Reverse Cursed Energy Technique during this time and then came back. After one last rematch with Fushiguro Toji, he was able to kill the latter. As a way to pay him respects, Gojo would ask Toji for any last words. In his final moments, Toji entrusted Gojo with his son, Megumi.

He would then retrieve Riko’s body where he admitted he felt no remorse or guilt for the girl’s death. He even suggested to Geto that they kill the Star Cult who were clapping at the sight of her corpse.

Young Adult Years (Second Half of Gojo’s Past Arc)

A year would pass since the incident. During this time, Gojo would only grow stronger. He has perfected his Cursed Techniques and was able to use them continuously. During this time, he would be going off on missions and leaving Geto and Ieri behind. His continuous absence would prove detrimental to his best friend. One day, he would discover that Geto has killed an entire village and was branded a criminal.

He would attempt to talk his best friend down for his actions. Unfortunately, this wouldn’t work out. Geto had already hardened his resolve and the two were finally separated.

Gojo Satoru as a young adult

Sometime after the talk, Gojo would seek out Megumi. He would be taking care of the boy in place of Toji.

Events During Jujutsu Kaisen 0

After high school, Gojo mellowed out a lot. His years growing into an adult had given him a wider worldview. He realized that being the strongest wasn’t enough. He wanted to train the next generation of Sorcerers in the hopes they match him. This unfortunately meant butting heads with the current Elders of Jujutsu Society. It appears that during his time with them, Gojo has developed a genuine hatred for them. It got to the point where Gojo would actively interfere with their decisions and act with hostility.

During Jujutsu Kaisen 0, we discover that Gojo had become a teacher. He was going to follow Yaga’s path to pursue his ideals. And this meant bringing in people he thought had incredible potential in them. Even if it meant that these people were dangerous. One such example is Yuta Okkotsu, who was supposed to be executed. The boy had a strong Curse that was following him around. Gojo, being the man he is, saw potential in Okkotsu. He brings the boy into the college alongside Maki Zenin, Panda, and Toge Inumaki.

During this time, Gojo would bring Okkotsu along for a few trips. He would advise the boy on what to do and harden his resolve to become a Jujutsu Sorcerer. He wanted to see the boy succeed and prove the elders wrong. Gojo would soon be proven right with the help of Geto. The latter came back after years of going incognito to declare war on the Jujutsu Society.

The big battle happens at Shinjuku on December 24. Gojo would deal with one of Geto’s comrades before heading to his old friend. The two would share a few final moments before Gojo inevitably had to put him down.

Manga panel, gojo kills geto

Events During Jujutsu Kaisen

Gojo would once again take a prominent role during Jujutsu Kaisen. He would meet Itadori Yuji as a result for checking on Megumi. The former had eaten one of Sukuna’s fingers but was okay.

Normally, a person who would eat a finger is imprisoned. In Yuji’s case, he was going to be executed because Sukuna was an incredibly dangerous Curse. But, intrigued by Yuji’s resistance to Sukuna, Gojo offered him the chance to come to Jujutsu High.

For the majority of the arcs, we see Gojo take on a mentor/father role to Yuji. He would spoil the boy and train him personally. However, that didn’t mean he was no longer a troublemaker. He would tease his students whenever he could. He seemed to target Megumi the most because he always gave the best reactions.

The Limitless User would continue looking after his students’ progress. However, he would not be there all the time. Eventually, he would have Nanami be Yuji’s mentor while he dealt with more pressing issues.

Kyoto Goodwill Event Arc

As part of their curriculum, Gojo had his students attend a cultural exchange with Kyoto students. During this time, Gojo would meet up with faculty members and catch up. During this time, they would talk about his students. Mei Mei notices Maki’s strength and the two talk about her past.

What happened to Gojo in Shibuya?

Unfortunately, things would go south. A mole in the event would have Special Grade Curses invade the venue. Many students would be harmed during this time. As part of the faculty, Gojo would’ve gone out to face the intruders. However, a Curtain would be blocking him out. This resulted in him having to sit things out until he finally broke the barrier. He, alongside the faculty, would subjugate the Curses and rescue their students.

This event would remain in Gojo’s mind moving forward. He would pay Mei Mei 10 million yen to discover the mole.

Shibuya Incident Arc

This was the last time we see Gojo in the manga. He hasn’t shown up yet since this arc. A lot of things happened in this one which we will write about in a separate article. So, for now, I will answer your questions relating to this arc instead.

For more information, look forward to our article on what happened to Gojo in Shibuya Incident Arc!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Gojo?

Why Did Gojo Get Sealed?

After a series of events, Satoru Gojo is sealed in the Prison Realm by Kenjaku.

In Which Chapter Does Gojo Get Out of the Seal?

What is Gojo Doing in the Prison Realm?

As of Chapter 205, Gojo remains to be sealed in the Prison Realm.

How Long Was Gojo Trapped For?

What is it Like Inside the Prison Realm?

The timeframe is unknown, but Gojo has been trapped for the majority of the series. He has been inside the Prison Realm since Chapter 91. At the time of this writing, Gojo has been trapped for 114 chapters.