What is Gojo’s Domain Expansion? The Strongest Jujutsu Power

In every Shonen protagonist, there is always a secret technique they use. In the heat of the moment, they pull these out to beat their opponents. Ichigo had his Bankai and Mugetsu. Naruto had his Sage of Six Paths and Rasenshuriken. Sadly, there is also another running trope. Once these secret techniques are used, they eventually become common in the future. Jujutsu Kaisen’s protagonists are no different.

In Jujutsu Kaisen, the characters have abilities called Cursed Techniques. Through these techniques, they can use Cursed Energy to deliver attacks. For example, Fushiguro Megumi uses it to manipulate shadows and summon his shikigami. However, as powerful as these arts are, they can only go so far.

Some Cursed Techniques are weaker in practice. Others can be countered hard with the right techniques. In this case, a Jujutsu Sorcerer’s ace in the hole is deployed: Domain Expansion. In this article, we will be going over this technique and determining what is Gojo’s Domain Expansion.

What is Domain Expansion?

In Jujutsu Kaisen, a Domain Expansion is a Jujutsu Sorcerer’s strongest ability. It allows them to manifest the inner domain within them upon the real world as a barrier. Within this domain, their Cursed Techniques are amplified and often guaranteed to hit. Only a few Jujutsu Sorcerers can use a domain. However, as seen in later chapters of the manga, we realize this isn’t the case. As long as the Jujutsu Sorcerer is strong, they will have the capability to use Domain Expansion. To invoke a Domain Expansion, the user must perform a hand gesture and declare its name.

How Does Domain Expansion Work?

The best way I can explain a Domain Expansion is to liken it to a lucid dream. Try to recall a reoccurring dream of yours. Even better if said dream takes place in a different place. Maybe a field of flowers. Now, let’s say you have access to this dream every time you sleep. Eventually, you start to realize it’s a dream and start modifying it. You create your set of rules and start imposing them on that dream. For example, you declare that all flowers are lethal and can cut anyone who touches them.

Now, imagine if you have this same power in real life in a contained environment. And only you can make changes and anyone else inside is trapped. This is how Domain Expansions operate.

What is Gojo's domain expansion?

What is Gojo’s Domain Expansion?

In the case of Satoru Gojo, his Domain Expansion specializes in paralysis. Anyone he drags into his domain is subjected to every piece of information in the universe. This renders them immovable as they are incapable of processing movement. During this time, Gojo can choose to kill or incapacitate them with ease.

What is Gojo’s Domain Expansion?

How Does Gojo’s Domain Expansion Work?

Gojo’s Domain Expansion works by removing his limiters. His Six Eyes need unhindered vision and he has to be able to go all out. By using a hand gesture and verbal declaration, he can target someone before him into his domain.

However, we can also see that Gojo can deploy his domain over a large area. During the Shibuya incident, Gojo was able to use his domain for 0.2 seconds. This allowed him to freeze time and be fast enough to dispatch every mutated human in the area.

What is the Name of Gojo’s Domain Expansion?

In the official English translation, Gojo’s domain is called Unlimited Void.

Is it Unlimited Void or Infinite Void?

The confusion about this name stems from the original word’s Kanji. In the original work, Gojo’s Domain Expansion is called 無量空処 (Mu-ryō-sora-sho). If you cut it down, you get the following meanings:

  • Mu (無) means “Nothing”
  • Ryō (量) means “Amount”
  • Sora (空) means “Sky”
  • Sho (処) means “Space”

Combining them, we get the meaning “Immeasurable Space”. Some creative liberties were taken for this translation. Both names are correct as Immeasurable is synonymous with Unlimited and Infinite. However, the official translations have it set to Unlimited Void.

What are the Different Types of Domain Expansion?

A Domain Expansion is unique to every Jujutsu Sorcerer. Gojo’s is unique and is the only one of his kind. But it can be categorized. Here’s the list of known domain types we currently have.

Lethal Domains

When you talk about Domain Expansion, this is usually what the series point to. This type of domain acts as the ace in the hole for the most powerful Jujutsu Sorcerers. Lethal Domains require a lot of skill and cursed energy to create. In return, a user’s Cursed Techniques are stronger and their attacks can’t miss. Not even Gojo’s Infinity can bypass this rule. One example of this domain is Jogo’s Coffin of the Iron Mountain.

What are the Different Types of Domain Expansion?

Users of this type are said to be rare. Gojo’s domain falls under this as it completely renders a user immobile. A normal human would not survive in his domain. To Gojo’s admission, even a person who is subjected to the 0.2 version of his domain would need intensive therapy.

Non-Lethal Domains

This is arguably the most common type to exist. Most Jujutsu Sorcerers are capable of using Non-Lethal Domain Expansions. One example is the Simple Domain technique that negates the sure-hit rule. Unfortunately, this type of domain disappeared over time. Most Jujutsu Practitioners focused on making their domains as lethal as possible. In the series, there are quite a few noteworthy Non-Lethal Domain users.

Non-lethal domain expansion

One advantage this domain has over the other two is that this can be learned. Kasumi Miwa’s Simple Domain is an example as seen above.

Incomplete Domains

This type is probably the rarest so far in the series. Most of the domain users we have seen have mastered their Domain Expansions. In this case, though, an Incomplete Domain is when the user is unable to complete a barrier. The barrier is crucial to making sure the domain won’t leak out and harm outsiders. But, this won’t affect its performance. Users still receive a boost to their Cursed Techniques. The only difference in this domain is that there is no sure-hit rule.

What are the Weaknesses of a Domain Expansion?

There are quite a few weaknesses when a Jujutsu Sorcerer uses a Domain Expansion. Gojo is no exception to this rule. Sure, some of these weaknesses below may not attribute to Gojo. But we cannot discount the possibility!

Temporary Disability and High Cursed Energy Cost

Once a user stops using their Domain Expansion, they are often left disabled. They are unable to use their Cursed Techniques and are left exhausted. Their attempts to do so anyway will fail. The only exceptions to this rule are Satoru Gojo and Kinji Hakari. However, in later chapters, we are shown that even Satoru Gojo had been affected.

Domain Expansion weaknesses

Barrier’s Weakness

The problem with domains is that they are just highly reinforced barriers. Whereas most of the reinforcement is on the inside. This leaves little defense for the outside shell. Anyone is capable of penetrating a domain if they are strong enough. If paired with another domain user, you can leave a hole in the domain where other people can escape.

Simple Domain

These domains can counter a domain’s sure-hit rule. While this does not disable the domain, it helps to even out the playing field.

Using Another Domain

Using another domain inside a domain will lead the two to clash. During this clash of domains, the superior domain will swallow up the inferior one. This would disable the sure-hit and enhancements for the losing domain user.

Domain expansion weaknesses

The Absence of Cursed Energy

People with no Cursed Energy cannot be registered by a domain. The domain user will not be able to sense them, leaving the user vulnerable to surprise attacks. The domain would treat the people without Cursed Energy as buildings instead. Unless the user specifically chooses to add them, they would not be affected. Even then, the victim must consent to be added.

As demonstrated by Maki, a person without Cursed Energy will not be targeted by the sure-hit rule of the domain.

Domain Expansion weaknesses

Jujutsu Kaisen’s Domain Expansion vs Fate’s Reality Marble

Fate fans may notice the similarities between Domain Expansion and Reality Marble. And for good reason. The Domain Expansion is basically a watered-down Reality Marble. This allows Jujutsu Sorcerer to use it. Another similarity is that both techniques require a lot of energy to use. However, there are two key differences between these techniques. Their origin and how they are used.


In the Fate Series, a Reality Marble is the manifestation of a person’s inner world or history. For example, Iskandar the Great possesses a Reality Marble that represented his life as a king. It is the actualization of his feelings, experiences, and death. All those who are dragged into it will be subjected to fighting his army during the Classical Period.

Unlike Domain Expansion, a Reality Marble can only be used by rare individuals. In recorded history, only Dead Apostles (vampires) and few humans can achieve this feat. While Domain Expansion is commonplace in history, not even the older Magus was able to use this technique. Deploying a Reality Marble cannot be learned nor passed down.

Difference between Domain Expansion and Reality Marble

Unlike Jujutsu Kaisen, however, a Reality Marble is not limited. It does not discriminate who has Cursed Energy or not. It will harm anyone inside it if the user wills it to. In return, a Reality Marble doesn’t have the sure-hit rule. However, some Reality Marble is strong enough to not require said rule. For example, in Van Gogh’s case, “hers” can erode reality itself.