What is Gojo’s Strongest Attack? A Quick Discussion

Gojo Satoru is a character in the anime/manga series Jujutsu Kaisen. In the Jujutsu Kaisen world, there is a rank system to sort the jujutsu sorcerers. But there is a grade in this system that only four people own. And Gojo is one of those four people.

Gojo is famous for his cursed techniques. One is to protect him from everything, the strongest Domain Expansion of the series and the strongest attack of the entire series. In this article, let’s try to answer this question: what is Gojo’s strongest attack?

What is Gojo’s Strongest Attack?

What is Gojo's strongest attack?

The strongest attack of Gojo is Hollow Technique: Purple. 

Purple is a secret technique that only a few people could see or know about, even in Gojo’s clan, from where this technique came.

Purple is the combination of his attacks Red and Blue. Gojo can manipulate space. With that, Red allows him to push something away, and Blue pulls things close to him.

By combining these skills, he created a round shape orb named Purple. It will eliminate everything in its path, and unfortunately for his enemies, they can’t do a thing to counter this attack.

All they could do was run as fast as they could to escape from the range of Purple. So there are two times that Gojo used Purple in the entire series. And because this attack is super strong so, whenever he uses it, the game is over.

When Did Gojo First Use Purple?

how did gojo break the veil

He first used it in the “fight” with Hanami. When the competition between the two Jujutsu high schools happened, a group of nasty creatures gatecrashed and messed it up. That group comprises cursed spirits and cursed users: Hanami, Juzo, Haruta, and Mahito.

Their purpose was to steal Sukuna’s fingers and Cursed Womb Painting from the Jujutsu school. 

They built a “curtain” to stop Gojo from the outside and attacked the students inside the “curtain” while letting Mahito steal the thing they needed.

They divided like that to get the attention of Gojo, and they succeeded.

Gojo’s attention was all on the safety of his students, so he didn’t realize their true purpose. Lucky for them because after Gojo cancels the “curtain,” he quickly rules the fight and shows why he is the strongest jujutsu sorcerer.

He came to the principal first and defeated Juzo by breaking his limbs. 

Next, Gojo used his strongest attack Purple on Hanami from a distance. This attack blew the forest into dust and still landed on Hanami before he escaped. (You can find this in Chapter 52 of the manga or Episode 20 of the anime.)

The Second Time Gojo Used Purple

What episode does Gojo fight Jogo?

The second time he uses Purple is in Chapter 75 of the manga. This timeline is before Gojo becomes a teacher at Tokyo Jujutsu High. He had bet his life to fight with Toji Fushiguro.

Toji was the only one who almost killed Gojo in the entire series. But Gojo learned how to use the Reverse Cursed Technique at the door to hell and returned to the fight.

There were no surprise factors this time. Gojo won against Toji easily. He used Purple to finish Toji once and for all.

So, you know what Gojo’s strongest attack is. But Gojo still has one more useful weapon. It’s his Domain Expansion. 

Gojo’s Domain Expansion

What episode does Gojo use domain expansion?

Many people will need clarification or disagree that Purple is the most potent attack of Gojo because of his Domain Expansion.

The first time he used his Domain Expansion: Infinite Void was in the fight with Jogo in Episode 6. He used this chance to teach Yuji Domain Expansion and how powerful he is.

Domain Expansion is a high-level technique, and based on the user, the Domain would have different types and effects. With Gojo, his Domain Expansion will transfer tons of information into the victim’s head. That person will freeze because his brain must receive so much information at the time.

But Domain Expansion is a multiple-use technique. For example, Gojo could use it to catch enemies without killing them. That’s why I put Purple as Gojo’s strongest attack. Purple has no other effects but destroys and ruins only.