When Does Gojo Use Infinite Void? Gojo’s Powerful Technique

Gojo is the strongest sorcerer in the Jujutsu Kaisen world. And like other powerful characters of Jujutsu Kaisen, he knows how to use Domain Expansion. Infinite Void is the name of his Domain Expansion.

So, when does Gojo use Infinite Void?  

Each time Gojo Uses Infinite Void

Gojo Uses Infinite Void for the First Time

He first uses Domain Expansion in Episode 7 (Chapter 15 of the manga) to fight Jogo.

While on the way to meet the principal, he got attacked by Jogo – a special-grade cursed spirit. Before that moment, Jogo promised Kenjaku that it would kill the strongest jujutsu sorcerer.

When does Gojo use Infinite Void?

However, the reality is different from what Jogo wants. The power gap between Gojo and Jogo is huge. No matter how hard Jogo tried, he couldn’t harm Gojo. His emotion quickly turns from excitement to surprise before Gojo. Our teacher even kidnaps Yuji into the fight.

In anger, Jogo cast his Domain Expansion and trapped Gojo with Yuji in it. But Gojo didn’t flinch or worry when he was in Jogo’s Domain. After that, Gojo takes off his blindfold and uses Infinite Void. 

His Domain Expansion “eats” the Domain of Jogo and erases all its effects. Jogo feels death for the first time. Inside the Domain Expansion of Gojo, Jogo couldn’t do anything. He could see anything, feel anything, but information kept pouring into his head so that he couldn’t do anything.

Jogo was completely immobile and waiting for Gojo to finish his life.But luckily for him, Gojo needs something from Jogo and lets him be alive. However, allies of Jogo are waiting for him outside the Domain and save him immediately when the Domain got deactivate.

The Second Time Gojo Uses Domain Expansion.

The second time Gojo used his Infinite Void was in chapter 89 of the Sibuya event. This time, cursed spirits are not in a hurry as before. They all understand the power of Gojo and act carefully, especially Jogo, the one who almost dies in Gojo’s hands.

Now, Gojo didn’t fight with only Jogo like last time. His enemies are Jogo, Hanami, Choso, and many people in Shibuya station. He couldn’t fight freely like usual.

But that thing is not enough to stop Gojo. He still takes advantage because of his physical strength. He killed Hanami like a piece of cake. Jogo and Choso must hide in the crowd to run from Gojo.

Later, Mahito came with a train full of transfigured humans. They started to attack people there. If Gojo does nothing, here will soon become a blood pool. The more time flows, the more life will disappear.

Who Would Win in a Fight: Gojo or Goku?

But the thing is, Gojo could not use his power. He could kill all these people faster than cursed spirits and transfigured humans. But he must make a decision. If not, everything will be too late.

Gojo decided to use his Domain Expansion: Infinite Void in just a small period of time is 0.2 seconds. Gojo predicts that 0,2 seconds of Infinite Void will not harm too much to normal people.

They might hold the information equal to six months in just 0.2 seconds and just stand there. After this fight, they might get into the hospital for rehabilitation and could return to social life after two months.

This is the smallest price that they would get if Gojo saved them.

After Gojo opened his Domain, every person in that place all freeze, normal people, transfigured humans, and cursed spirits. He used that time to kill 1,000 transfigured humans and save many people there.

But unfortunately, this is also the last time we can meet the teacher. Kenajku came right after that and sealed Gojo in Prison Realm.

When does Gojo use Infinite Void?

Bottom Line

We’ve talked about times that Gojo used his Domain Expansion. Domain Expansion is an ace that helps users take advantage of the fight.

The first time Gojo uses his Domain Expansion is to cancel the Domain Expansion of Jogo, and the second is to kill transfigured humans by freezing all the individuals in the Shibuya incident with his Infinite Void.

This technique is so important that all the masters in Jujutsu Kaisen world must learn to use it.