How Did Gojo Break The Veil? Uncovering Two Possibilities

Did Jujutsu Kaisen leave you asking, “how did Gojo break the veil?” Don’t worry, you’re not alone. In this blog, we’ll explore two possible answers.

The third arc of Jujutsu Kaisen follows the Kyoto Sister-School Goodwill Event, where Tokyo and Kyoto students participate in a fierce competition against each other. Unfortunately, things took a turn for the worse when curse users and cursed spirits suddenly invaded the event. It began when a mysterious veil was cast upon the entire school. Once the veil was in effect, the curse users and cursed spirits started attacking the students. However, after a few minutes, Gojo Satoru managed to lift the veil which prompted the enemies to flee. It was not shown how Gojo actually did it, but we have a few theories to offer.

What is the Anti-Gojo Veil?

how did gojo break the veil

The enemy attack commenced once a curse user named Juzo cast a veil upon the school. When Gojo, Utahime, and Gakuganji arrived to help the students, they found out that everyone could get past the veil except for Gojo, who was clearly repelled by it. The enemy obviously knows a lot about them that they deliberately cast a veil that would drive out the strongest sorcerer and stop him from getting in their way. They knew the battle would be over as soon as Gojo came to the rescue.

Since there is no way for him to get past the veil at the moment, Gojo decided to stay outside while Utahime and Gakuganji went ahead to help the students.

How Did Gojo Break the Veil?

There are two theories explaining how Gojo possibly broke the veil that was cast by Juzo.

The veil expired.

The first possible explanation is that the veil simply expired. The veil was likely set to be effective for only a certain amount of time. Furthermore, Haruta blurted out, “has it even been thirty minutes?” when he saw that the veil was lifted, which supports the theory that the veil was only supposed to be effective for a limited time (in this case, thirty minutes).

Hanami talks about anti-gojo veil

However, there are some holes in this theory. For starters, it seemed like the enemies didn’t expect the veil to be broken. If they knew that the veil was only effective for thirty minutes, then why did they look so surprised, as if they were caught off-guard? Hanami, for example, was about to use his Domain Expansion but decided to stop and retreat instead when he saw that the veil was gone. It’s as if the veil getting broken was not included in their plan and that they planned to stay for much longer. This leads us to our next theory.

Gojo destroyed the veil using cursed energy/technique.

What episode does Gojo use Purple?

The second possible explanation is that Gojo destroyed the veil using cursed energy/technique. The anime and manga didn’t explicitly show what Gojo was doing while the others were fighting, but Gojo was probably trying to find a way to destroy the veil from the outside. We don’t know how exactly, but Gojo most likely used his cursed energy or technique to weaken the barrier. Moreover, this theory explains why the enemies were caught off-guard when the veil was broken. None of them expected Gojo to destroy it so quickly, so most of them were taken by surprise and decided to retreat.

What Happened After Gojo Broke the Veil?

Gojo breaking the veil was clearly a game over for the enemies who attacked the school. When the veil was lifted, Haruta and Hanami’s first instinct was to escape. According to Hanami, he’s not arrogant enough to face Gojo Satoru and that’s why he is retreating. This proves that Gojo is indeed the strongest sorcerer in the series, sending his enemies scrambling to safety every time he arrives at the game.