What is Gojo’s Zodiac Sign? Breaking Down the 9th Sign

The birth of Satoru Gojo shook the world of its foundations. As the new holder of Six Eyes, Curses and Sorcerers alike dreaded his arrival. In Satoru Gojo’s own words, he was the one exalted by the Heavens. But how accurate are his words? Did Gege make him say those because it sounded cool?

Knowing the Jujutsu Kaisen author, this might not be the case! Gege is known for his rather meticulous take on cursed techniques. In this article, we will be talking about what is Gojo’s zodiac sign and the implications behind it.

When is Gojo’s Birthday?

It is hard to determine a character’s zodiac sign without knowing their birthday. Basing it on personality will lead us to inaccurate results. For example, Ichigo Kurosaki has the traits of a Leo.

However, his birth date is revealed to be July 15, making him a Cancer.

What is Gojo's zodiac sign?
(Image Source: Funimation on Twitter)

Thankfully, we do have an official date. Unlike CSM’s author, Gege revealed the Six Eyes holder’s birthday in official merchandise. Written on the cover, Satoru Gojo’s birthday is on December 7.

Is Gojo a Capricorn?

No, Gojo is not a Capricorn. Despite similarities Gojo may share, his birthday doesn’t align with the horoscope.

What is Gojo’s Zodiac Sign?

Those born between November 22 to December 21 are considered Sagittarius. If we base Gojo’s birthday on this Zodiac Chart, Gojo is, indeed, a Sagittarius.

How is Gojo Satoru a Sagittarius?

While it is easy to pin a zodiac sign on a character, it does not mean it’s correct. Some characters have listed birthdays but act differently to their Zodiac Sign. So, let’s go over the details of Satory Gojo’s zodiac sign.

Gojo’s Personality

In the manga and anime, Gojo is shown to be a bold character. He doesn’t think much of his actions and is always shown to be butting heads with people. His interaction with authority is one example of this. He speaks bluntly even if it can get him ostracized. His lack of care for social norms encapsulates Sagittarius’ lack of filter.

Gojo buying souvenir

There is also the trait that Gojo likes to explore. He is shown to never stay in one place at a time. Sometimes, characters even get to see him bring souvenirs or local treats with him. We see this trait in Chapter 2 or Episode 2 of the anime. In this case, Gojo represents Sagittarius’ wanderlust.

Finally, there are Sagittarius’ main personality traits. People can recognize Sagittarius based on their optimism, intellect, and spontaneous character. It should come as no surprise that Gojo is known for these three. Particularly, Gojo is shown to be incredibly spontaneous. Most of his students had been picked up by him after seeing their potential. Itadori Yuji and Okkotsu Yuta are two examples of this.

Gojo’s Goal

As explained by Aliza Kelly, a desire for change is one of Sagittarius’ core traits. Gege likely put this into consideration as he wrote Gojo. In the series, Gojo’s motivations for starting a Jujutsu Sorcerer School were born out of his experience. He disliked the current system and he wished to bring it all down. He aimed to do this by training the new generation of Jujutsu Sorcerers in the hopes they become as strong as him. With more powerful sorcerers on his side, he would be able to grow a faction that will flip the world on its head.

Gojo's personality

Gojo’s Relationships

Gojo has a special relationship with the people he connects to. Whether it was his friends or students, he has this charm that drags people to him. For example, when Okkotsu first met Gojo, he was against joining the latter’s school. Eventually, though, the Six Eyes’ holder was able to convince him.
When Gojo was in trouble, his students and co-workers immediately rallied to his aid. They didn’t stop until they got their friend back. Gojo’s relationships mirror Sagittarius’ relationships to a T.

Special Meaning of Being Born on December 7

The art of astrology and Zodiac Signs are admittedly pseudo-science. There is no objective way to prove them as most of it is built on belief. Regardless, it is important to consider these anyway. They may provide us with a great explanation that normal science can’t.

Gojo's birthday

It so happens that being born on December 7 grants special gifts. Those born under this day will be wiser and receive greater occult knowledge. They are more in tune with their psychic capabilities. This gives them a career in astrology and tarot reading. Eventually, they will reach higher levels of spiritual understanding. Depending on how they use it, they are guaranteed to make a difference in life.

If we take these literally by context, then we can say that Gojo received these gifts. In the form of Six Eyes, Gojo was able to reach heights that other Jujutsu Sorcerers couldn’t reach. He sees the world on a different scale. His manipulation of Cursed Energy makes him more in tune with his techniques. This was how he was able to develop Hollow Purple and Reverse Cursed Technique.