What Episode Does Gojo Show His Eyes? Intense Blues Revealed

If there’s one thing that JJK fans would agree on, it’s that Gojo is hot. His special eyes have the unique property of being mesmerizing even on the page. While readers already know what they look like, it wasn’t the same for anime fans. So, when his eyes were finally revealed, the anime community exploded in cheers. In this article, we will discuss Gojo’s Six Eyes and the Episode of their reveal.

In What Episode Does Gojo Show His Eyes?

I won’t keep you in suspense. Gojo reveals his eyes in Episode 7 of Season One. The episode covers Chapters 13 to 16 in the manga. This is when we first see Gojo’s abilities in battle. Even though we have already seen him fight as early as Episode 1, it wasn’t nearly as serious as this one.

Gojo was on his way for an appointment with Principal Yoshinobu. He was taking a drive with one of the employees when he asked for an abrupt stop. He had been able to sense Jogo from far away. While it is unknown how he had done so, it must have had something to do with his Six Eyes. The Special Grade Curse attacked Gojo with the intent of killing him. It had wanted to prove to Geto (who is now Kenjaku) that Satoru Gojo was not that dangerous.

After failing to take Gojo out with the first attack, the two got into a fight. It wasn’t long before Gojo started taking the Curse casually. Then again, he never did in the beginning. He was just gauging Jogo’s strengths and educating it in the process on how his abilities work. The Curse would have enough before pulling Gojo into its Domain. This is when Gojo finally reveals his Six Eyes as he counteracts the Domain with his own Limitless Void.

What are Gojo’s Six Eyes?

Gojo’s Six Eyes are a special brand of genetic mutation. It is categorized under “ocular jujutsu” in the JJK universe. As it stands, only those in the Gojo Family Line can inherit these eyes. According to them, there can be no more than one user of the Six Eyes per generation. Gojo is the first one to have the Six Eyes in 100 years.

What Power Do Gojo’s Eyes Have?

In terms of ability, these eyes grant the Jujutsu Sorcerer exceptional perception. They can see every Cursed Energy in existence like how infrared registers the heat of atoms. This additional power grants him the ability of accurate Cursed Energy Manipulation. For Gojo’s Jujutsu Technique, Limitless, it is a crucial factor in making him strong. Without the Six Eyes, Gojo would not be as strong as he is
However, the Six Eyes come with a drawback. Excessive use leads to straining and exhaustion which even Gojo is prone to. It also makes him durable in processing information. This is why Gojo ends up having to wear an eye cover in the series.

Can Gojo See Under His Blindfold?

can gojo see behind his blindfold?

As a matter of fact, he can! He can also see through his incredibly dark sunglasses. Just go over to this article to learn more.

Other Questions Asked About Gojo’s Eyes!

Why are Gojo eyes so blue?

Why are Gojo eyes so blue?

The author hasn’t written any explanation as to why Gojo’s eyes are blue. It is most likely just a stylistic choice of the author to make them stand out. After all, when asked about why Gojo wears sunglasses, Gege said he wears them when he goes to meet women.

Who has Six Eyes before Gojo?

Who has Six Eyes before Gojo?

At the time of this writing, there has been no other recorded name of Six Eyes. However, we can at least say there have been two other users of Six Eyes before Satoru Gojo. While their names are not written in the manga, we can say they came from the Gojo Family.

Is Gojo the only one with Six Eyes and Limitless?

Is Gojo the only one with Six Eyes and Limitless?

As described by the author, Gojo is canonically the only one with both. There can never be another user of Six Eyes and Limitless unless this gets retconned.

Does Satoru Gojo lose an eye?

Does Gojo lose an eye?

Currently, we have nothing to work on if Gojo loses an eye. Both the manga and the anime have shown Gojo to have both eyes fully intact.