How Can Gojo See? Seeing Through the Darkness with 6 Eyes

Ah, yes, Satoru Gojo. Shounen’s latest heartthrob and resident overpowered protagonist. There are very few who can keep up with the man. His status as the world’s strongest is not for show. However, power always comes at a cost. The ability he was born with happened to have some drawbacks that even he cannot deal with. In this case, he cannot keep looking around with his eyes for too long. He needs to wear a blindfold to keep things safe.

In this article, we will be answering one question: how can Gojo see?

How Can Gojo See?

Gojo can see like every other person: with his eyes! However, that would be underselling it. Gojo can see more than any other human in existence. He can do this through the use of ocular jujutsu that the series call Six Eyes.

Six Eyes

Six Eyes

The Six Eyes is more of a genetic mutation than it is a jujutsu technique. It is passed down the Gojo Family line where there is a small chance that the child inherits it. Once they do, they are granted a heightened paranormal perception and the ability to utilize Limitless without fail. However, it comes at a cost. Due to the eyes’ powerful nature, it forces its user to process multiple pieces of information.

This can overload an unprepared person which Gojo was able to adapt to. However, that doesn’t mean he is free from it. Even after the events of Jujutsu Kaisen 0, Gojo can still be exhausted by prolonged use of his Six Eyes.

Can Gojo See Normally?

Can Gojo see normally?

The answer is no. Seeing through Gojo’s eyes would be like seeing through a 4K Camera but you can see every atom. The number of things your eyes have to process would have been painful and difficult. Even Gojo relented to using blindfolds and sunglasses so he can have a normal day. This raises the question.

How Can Gojo See with Blindfold?

This is a question that Gege Akutami addressed in the Fanbook. According to the author, Gojo can see through his blindfold thanks to Six Eyes. Even though he cannot physically see the world, he can differentiate things through Cursed Energy. As discussed in the manga, Cursed Energy can linger on objects. Even on objects without Cursed Energy, residual Cursed Energy can still stick to them. Think of it as like a virus except it blankets over objects.

What happens if Gojo takes off his mask?

Gojo looking through his blindfold is like looking through an infrared lens. In this case, the color is distinguished by the amount of Cursed Energy. Imagine the scene above wherein you can only see Yuji’s aura. That is exactly what Gojo sees on a day-to-day basis.

What Happens when Gojo Takes Off His Mask?

When Gojo takes off his mask, that’s when you could say that things got serious. Gojo removes his eye cover to fully utilize his Six Eyes. The Six Eyes need an uninhibited line of sight for Gojo’s Limitless Techniques to work. For example, Gojo needs a good sight of Cursed Energies and his Blue and Red techniques to use Purple.

What Does It Mean When Gojo Wears Sunglasses?

What does it mean when Gojo wears sunglasses?

You would think that Gojo wearing sunglasses would mean that it was a special occasion. In actuality, that isn’t the case. Gege answered this question during Jump Festa 2019. According to the author, Gojo wearing sunglasses doesn’t have a huge significance. He decides whether to wear the blindfold or sunglasses on a whim. However, the author jokingly said Gojo wears his sunglasses when meeting girls.