How Many Arms Does Sukuna Have? 2 Possible Explanations

Ryomen Sukuna is one of the central and most important characters in the anime and manga Jujutsu Kaisen. His name has been passed through generations for hundreds of years until the present day. 

After being defeated one thousand years ago, his twenty fingers became a cursed object now known as Sukuna’s fingers. And now, people use those fingers as a standard to compare to know how strong they are. It’s not far-fetched to say Sukuna is the strongest.

Wait… twenty fingers? If so, how many arms does Sukuna have?

What Does Ryomen Sukuna Look Like?

In Chapter 3, Gojo described Sukuna as a demon with four arms and two faces. 

He would like to murder and have fun with people’s pain. The first thing he wanted upon awakening after 1000 years is to torture women and children.  He wants women and children to scream and beg at his foot.

Hoe many arms does sukuna have?

But after being resurrectted in Yuji Itadori’s body, the two now basically look the same. However, we can differentiate Sukuna from Yuji through his tattoos. 

Sukuna has tattoos on his forehead, both sides of his face, nose, and chin. Sukuna has two smaller eyes on his cheekbones.  There are also many tattoos on Sukuna’s upper body: shoulders, wrists, arms, chest, and back. Sukuna also shows us many conceited and devilish facial expressions.

In contrast, Yuji is more friendly and kind. He also doesn’t have those tattoos on his face.

How Many Arms Does Sukuna Have?

In Chapter 81, Gege Akutami revealed the true form of Sukuna. 

How does Sukuna actually look like?

He truly had four arms and looked very tall. His appearance shows the fierce charisma of a cold-blooded character. Half of his face is deformed and looks like a cursed spirit.

Why Does Sukuna Have Four Arms?

You might think that the King of Curses has four arms because he is cursed spirit, but you are wrong.

Sukuna was never a cursed spirit.

Here is a proof:

Why Does Sukuna Have Four Arms?

It shows very clearly in the Shibuya Arc, where Sukuna took control of Yuji’s body after eating ten fingers at once. Jogo offered Sukuna a suggestion, then Sukuna replied: “You cursed spirits… sure are desperate too.”

Another one, in the last words Sukuna said to Jogo before killing him, Sukuna said: 

Humans. Jujutsu sorcerers. Cursed spirits. You’re not bad compared to those I fought over the last thousands years.” 

Why Does Sukuna Have Four Arms?

If Sukuna were a cursed spirit, why would he say that?

Another one…

After he killed Jogo, Sukuna immediately went to Megumi to save him. After Megumi uses his last cursed energy to summon Mahoraga – a super strong Shikigami – but he got a slap right in the face. Now Sukuna has exorcised that Shikigami. 

That fight is pretty easy for Sukuna, but the point is Mahoraga has a blade made to fight with cursed spirits on the right hand. And Sukuna took that blade without knowing what it was.

After getting hit by that blade. This is what Sukuna said: “If I were a cursed spirit, I’d be a goner.” Sukuna just claimed that he was not a cursed spirit.

Why Does Sukuna Have Four Arms?

So, if he isn’t a cursed spirit, why does Sukuna have four arms? There are two theories that could explain why Sukuna has four arms:

Theory 1: Sukuna used to have a twin brother that he ate right in the womb.

If this theory holds grounds, it shows us the reason why Sukuna is so strong, has a weird look, and also why he is cruel.

An example of this theory is Maki and Mai – the twin sisters of the Zen’in clan. 

After the Shibuya Arc, Mai and Maki were attacked by their father – Ogi Zen’in. Ogi threw them into a basement full of cursed spirits. So, Mai sacrificed to save Maki. 

After Mai died, her cursed energy combined with her twin sister, making Maki stronger many times.

Theory 2: Sukuna evolved to a new completely form of power. 

Sukuna has really broken the limit of humans athousand years ago and unlocked a new kind of strength so he could have four arms. 

An example of this theory is Master Tengen. He used to be a human sorcerer, too. But he evolved to a new form of power. Now he has four eyes, pretty similar to Sukuna.


To sum up, we know that the author of Jujutsu Kaisen revealed the true form of Sukuna, and he really had four arms and four eyes. 

And there are also two main theories that could explain why Sukuna has four arms: 

  1. He had a twin brother and absorbed his power.
  2. Sukuna evolved into a high individual.

Whichever theory is true, or if the truth is something else, remains a mystery to unfold in the upcoming chapters of Jujutsu Kaisen.