What Do Sukuna’s Tattoos Mean? Marks of His Deadly Powers

There is a question: “What do Sukuna’s tattoos mean?”

Sukuna is one of the strongest characters in the Jujutsu Kaisen world more than 1000 years old. At present, he stays inside the body of Yuji.

Sukuna and Yuji basically look like each other. But the things that distinguish Sukuna from our high school hero are his so many tattoos on the face and upper body.

So, is there a meaning behind Sukuna’s tattoos?

We will together find out the answer to this question in this blog. 

What Do Sukuna Tattoos Mean?

Until now, Akutami Gege (the author of Jujutsu Kaise) still has not revealed any important information about these tattoos. But we do know that these tattoos shouldn’t be on Sukuna’s body just for fun. 

There are so many theories about these tattoos. And here are some of them. The first theory…

Why Does Sukuna Have Tattoos?

what do sukuna's tattoos mean?

In the history of Japan, tattoos were considered a signal of criminals.  When it comes to Jujutsu Kaisen, Sukuna has lived more than 1000 years and killed people in cold blood. These tattoos could be like a sigh to show his sin.

So, in the first theory, we know that Sukuna’s tattoos could be signs of what he did in the past. But is it really simple like that?

Do Sukuna’s Tattoos Relate to His Power?

Another theory is that Sukuna’s tattoos relate to his power. If we could know about these tattoos, we could understand his power.

Do Sukuna's tattoos relate to his power?

We only know a little about Sukuna’s identity or power. In the Shibuya Arc, after Sukuna consumed 15 fingers, he showed us why he used to be the strongest with many powerful techniques.

He also used a new ability that allowed him to shoot a flame arrow.

But did you know what he said before using that technique? It’s: “Open” and a square (⬛).

If you keep an eye on his body, you will see some square-shaped tattoos on his body. They are aligned in two columns on his chest. 

How tall is Sukuna in feet?

So, there is a theory that these tattoos are where contain Sukuna’s power:

  • Every square shape is his cursed technique.
  • Every shape that is not square is his cursed tool.
  • The tattoo on his forehead is a trident.
  • The tattoo on his nose is the knife representing Cleave and Dismantle, which are slashing techniques of Sukuna.
  • And the tattoos that look like a big mouth on his face represent his ability to poison.

Those are some of the theories about Sukuna’s tattoos. If we want to know more about their role, the only way is to keep watching Jujutsu Kaisen. 

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