Why is Yuji So Strong? Behind Our Hero’s Insane Strength

From humans, sorcerers, and cursed spirits, Jujutsu Kaisen is a world filled all sorts of powerful characters. The main protagonist of the series, Yuji Itadori, is definitely one of the strongest. After all, he was able to control the King of Curses himself! But why is Yuji so strong? Let’s try to dissect what gives our high school hero his super strength.

How Strong is Yuji? Some Evidences of His Abilities

Yuji Itadori was already strong by himself. Even before he put the first step into the Jujutsu world, Yuji shows inhuman strength already.

Before we present our explanation of Yuji’s strength, let’s first talk about some instances where Jujutsu Kaisen’s beloved hero shows his strengths and abilities.

Yuji and the Shotput

We can see how strong is Yuji right in Chapter 1 of the series. In the competition with his teacher, Yuji threw the iron ball far 30 meters and even bent the goal in front of the astonished people.

Why is Yuji so strong?

People said Yuji could finish a run of 50 meters in only 3 seconds. That means 60 km/h – the speed of a car!

Yuji Jumps from the Third Floor

The Introduction Arc shows Yuji and Megumi going back back to school together. This is also is the first time Yuji knows about the dark world around him. However, Yuji is still brave to save his friends who are attacked by cursed spirits. But what’s more important to note is the way he joins the battle.

How strong is Yuji Itadori?

He jumped from the ground to the floor where Megumi was fighting. Yup, he jumped. That jump was strong enough to help him break the glass and have the momentum to save his friends.

And he quickly identifies where cursed spirits are to punch them immediately. Yuji fought with cursed spirits like something natural, even though that was the first time he met cursed spirits. These things are absolutely not what a normal high-school boy can do in his life.

According to Megumi, a person can only see cursed spirits when they almost die or in a special place. This shows Yuji has inborn cursed energy and the potential to become a strong sorcerer.

Yuji and Sukuna’s Deadly Fingers

One more thing that makes Yuji become special is that he is “antitoxic”. Sukuna’s fingers already have poison in them. Even just one of twenty fingers is strong enough to kill a regular sorcerer. That’s why the Jujutsu society couldn’t do anything to use the power of Sukuna fingers for hundreds of years.

What is Sukuna's real form?

But Yuji is different. His body has the ability to resist the poison from the finger and awaken Sukuna, who is sleeping inside.

Moreover, Yuji can control Sukuna perfectly. Despite Sukuna being divided into twenty fingers, it’s still Sukuna, the King of Curses; his power can’t be denied.

One finger is a cursed object in itself, and just one is enough to destroy anyone. To see Yuji controlling Sukuna perfectly amazes both Gojo and Sukuna.

But after being one with Sukuna, Yuji can show his potential even more. After gaining the ability to use cursed energy, Yuji is able to pack a serious punch by amplifying his already insane physical strength.

Due to Itadori having an abnormal lag in cursed energy output, he also came up with his own technique.

Divergent Fist

This technique was born because of a bad habit of Yuji when he used cursed energy.

When Yuji attacks, that attack will impact his target two times. The first time is physical damage by his punch. And next is the damage caused by his cursed energy.

How strong is Yuji Itadori?

Yuji uses the technique unwillingly at the beginning. He could not control it because he used so much time to control cursed energy. When Yuji improves his ability to control cursed energy, he doesn’t use this technique anymore.

But after the fight with Choso in Chapter 101, Yuji can use this technique once again. And when he fought Mahito’s final form in Chapter 143, Yuji used Divergent Fist to change the rules of the game.

Black Flash

When cursed energy combines with the physical hit within 0.000001 seconds, it will distort space and creates a black light.

And the power of that attack will be up by 2.5 times.

This technique will be on the next level if Yuji uses it. That’s all because of his superhuman strength. His physical attack is already strong and more powerful than the others. Right the first time Yuji learned Black Flash, he used it four times constantly to attack Hanami in Episode 20.

Yuji Itadori black flash

Yuji uses Black Flash with full power to break the final form of Mahito and cause him to be badly injured in Chapter 132.

Those are the two main techniques of Yuji. Yuji is gifted with unreal strength so he focuses only on close combat and honing it to achieve mastery.

Yuji also has immersed durability and speed.

In the fight with a special-grade cursed spirit in Chapter 7, he loses a palm and fingers. But despite this, he still could stand up and send a punch to that cursed spirit before switching with Sukuna.

The same thing happened in Chapter 133. After the fight with Mahito, Yuji is exhausted and receives all of Kenjaku’s attacks. But he survives.

Yuji also shows his strength when punching through a wall in Chapter 5 or punches flying a car to Yuta in Chapter 140. His strength is absolutely insane!

Why is Yuji So Strong?

Many people put to question his abnormal strength. Why is Yuji so strong? The answer might come from his parent.

Throughout the series, we rarely know about Yuji’s parents, even though he is the main character of the entire series. The first time we see Yuji’s relative is his grandfather in Chapter 1, but he also passes away quickly. But his last words are unusual: “You’re a strong kid, so help people.”

Why is Yuji so strong?

His grandfather might know the secret about Yuji’s origin. And everything opened slowly. In Chapter 143, Yuji remembered his family, even just a little.

Yuji’s Backstory

Yuji’s memory shows baby Yuji, his father, grandfather, and mom. But the thing is, his mother has stitches on her forehead. It was similar to Geto right now. This could mean her body is controlled by Kenjaku – a sorcerer who lived for thousands of years.

The sign to recognize Kenjaku is the stitches on the forehead. The bodies he uses will have those stitches. In the talk, we know that Yuji’s mom has died already. And somehow, Kenjaku stole her body and gave birth to Yuji. This could be the reason why Yuji has inhuman power like that. Kenjaku did something with Yuji to make him strong as well.