Who is Mahito? A Closer Look at the Evilest Evil

There are so many strong characters and loveable ones in the Jujutsu Kaisen world, even on both sides, sorcerers or cursed spirits. However, a character that gets so much hate from the readers like Mahito is not easy to create. But first, who is Mahito?

Mahito is a major villain in the Jujutsu Kaisen world. Everything he did in the series just made other characters upset and left them painful, even with us – the readers.

Who is Mahito?

In one of the earliest articles, we have learned that Mahito is the cursed spirit and a major villain in Jujutsu Kaisen world.

What is Mahito’s Curse?

What is Mahito's curse?

Mahito is a cursed spirit born from hatred between people. One of the most common human sins is envy. We can easily feel “hating” someone in our lives, and when that happens, the cursed energy slowly forms and manifests itself outside. That energy built Mahito.

His purpose is like other cursed spirits. It’s to replace humans, and he will use anything to visualize this purpose, even if that means giving up his life. Mahito is a pure devil in the Jujutsu Kaisen world and many times burns Yuji up with his cold blood.

How Does Mahito Look Like?

how strong is mahito

The first time we see Mahito appear is in Chapter 16 in the manga and Episode 3 in the anime.

Unlike other cursed spirits, Mahito looks like humans. This could be because he was born from hatred between people. He is likely to wear black clothes.

He has long white hair. One eye of Mahito is blue, and the another is grey. The special thing that makes him look weird is there are so many stitches on his body such as the face, wrists, neck, and arms.

Why is Mahito So Evil?

Basically, Mahito is a child. And this feature is what makes him one of the most hated villains of the entire series.

To be fair, this was the intention of Akutami Gege when he created the cursed spirit, and Mahito also became a successful character as a villain.

Mahito is strong, and so are his characteristics. He would love to test his power on people and have fun while seeing other people in pain. Mahito lacks sympathy and anything else related to that.

Who is Mahito?

Can you imagine the bad things a baby does when growing up?

That kid will always be curious about everything in life. That kid will be so selfish and cry out loud to get the attention and what he wants. It also can’t díscriminate death and life. That’s why the kid could have fun with things that can’t harm him like small animals, or even kill them without any hesitation.

It’s the same when we talk about Mahito. He is atrocious impartially. Mahito is always calm and smiles in almost every situation. He kills and has fun just like a child is growing up, even though it will hurt everything around him. That’s why Mahito is a pure devil.

For example, he made friends with Junpei just because of his plan. He was totally careless about how Junpei felt. Mahito used Junpei as his toy, and when the toy broke, he would throw it away. He made the same thing with Junpei when he sees Junpei has no more value to exploit. He turned Junpei into a cursed spirit and let him die while laughing out loud at his helplessness over Yuji.

Why is Mahito so Evil?

He has no sympathy for humans and does not care for himself either. All he wants is to replace humans and make cursed spirits the owners of the world.

Mahito believes that souls are what come first before the body. But the soul is the body and in reverse. If we can reshape the soul, we also could reshape the body. This thought made his cursed technique one of the most powerful techniques in the series.

How Strong is Mahito? What are His Cursed Techniques?

With that said, the cursed technique of Mahito allows him to reshape the soul of his target by touching their physical body. When that happens, a person rarely can escape from him. This cursed technique is called Idle Transfiguration.

Idle Transfiguration

With Idle Transfiguration, Mahito can freely “adjust” the soul of his victims by touching their bodies. And when he adjusts their souls, their bodies will change too.

Mahito is a studious and fast learner. That’s why he spent so much time to test this ability on people. And these are some things he did with Idle Transfiguration:

  • Adjust people until they die: To befriend Junpei, Mahito murdered three students at a movie theater. Mahito uses idle Transfiguration to make the heads of three students deformed until they die.
  • Mahito can make “Pocket Monster”: He used this technique to increase or reduce the size of people. He also turns humans into cursed spirits and puts them by his side to use whenever needed. In chapter 27, Mahito used this technique to turn Junpei into a cursed spirit when Mahito felt the joy end with the boy.
  • Adjust his own body: Not just only changing other people, Mahito can change his body into many different things in the fight. For example, in the fight with Yuji and Nanami, Mahito changed his body to have wings, a blade, a child, and so many other things.

With this technique, he also can have the incredible ability to regenerate.

mahito domain expansion

This makes Mahito almost unbeatable. Because a physical attack can’t do anything with Mahito, he can easily recreate the physical wound by adjusting his soul. The only thing that can hit Mahito is an attack directly on his soul. And Yuji is the one who can do that. This makes Mahito and Yuji become mortal enemies.

Mahito is known as a fast learner. He can improve fast after every battle. His improvement is even faster than the main character of the series – Yuji. When Mahito meets a near-death experience, he can unlock a new kind of his power.

Mahito’s Domain Expansion

This makes him a tough enemy for others who face him. The proof is in the fight between Mahito and Yuji in Nanami, Chapter 29. He was really in a difficult situation. Mahito can feel that death is coming. But in that situation, Mahito unlocked a new power: domain expansion.

Mahito’s Domain Expansion is Self Embodiment of Perfection

Basically, the Domain Expansion of Mahito is an upgraded version of his Idle Transfiguration technique. In Domain Expansion, Mahito can directly change his enemy’s soul without touching their body. With that said, whoever is trapped in Mahito’s Domain Expansion will obviously die.

However, Yuji Itadori is the one who could counter the Domain Expansion of Mahito because Yuji has Sukuna inside his body. When Mahito trapped Nanami in his Domain Expansion, the only thing Nanami can do is wait for his death because he knows he can’t do anything to escape or kill Mahito in his Domain.

Mahito or Sukuna, Who is Stronger?

But he forgot that Yuji has a monster inside his body. When Yuji breaks the barrier of Mahito’s Domain, Yuji has impacted by the technique of Mahito’s Idle Transfiguration. But that skill also touches the soul of Sukuna inside Yuji’s body. Even only a soul, Sukuna can easily injure Mahito and force him to cancel Domain Expansion.

Nanami and Yuji would have died in that fight if Sukuna had not been present.

Mahito vs Yuji and Todo

Another one is in Chapter 130 of the Shibuya event, where Mahito once again fights with Yuji and Todo. After eating a Black Flash right in the face, Mahito got badly injured, but Mahito used that point to unlock a new power: the “Instant Spirit Body of Distorted Killing” form.

This form will wrap Mahito up with armor. This new form of Mahito has two blades in his elbows and one tail. This form increases the power of Mahito hugely. Before, Mahito can equal 3-4 Sukuna fingers, but in this form, he can be strong asymptotically with Jogo – a cursed spirit strong as 8-9 Sukuna fingers.

How strong is Mahito?

His armor is so stiff. Even Yuji can’t pierce through that armor. The only attack Yuji can use to defeat him is Black Flash at full cursed energy. Luckily he used it. If not, the loser would be Yuji.

Unfortunately for Mahito, this is also his final battle.

Is Mahito Dead?

Is Mahito dead?

After getting hit by the Black Flash of Yuji, Mahito canceled his new form and turned to normal. At that time, Kenjaku came and turned Mahito into a ball using the cursed technique of Geto and, finally, eats Mahito.


Mahito is a pure devil character of Jujutsu Kaisen. He sees no value in people’s life and kills them just because.

But in the end, he “died” because of the human. If we look carefully at Chapter 134, when Kenjaku uses Uzumaki, we can see Mahito behind Kenjaku. He knows what is happening, but he can’t do anything. Mahito is just like a kid growing up without guidance. Finally, that kid will pay for what he has done.