Why Did Sukuna Refuse to Save Junpei? 2 Tragic Reasons

In the Vs. Mahito Arc of Jujutsu Kaisen, we meet Junpei Yoshino. His fate is one of the most predictable but still tragic events in the life of our hero Yuji Itadori. Why did Sukuna refuse to save Junpei from turning into a curse user, leading to the young boy’s death?

If you’re ready, grab your handkerchief and let’s go.

Who is Junpei?

Who is Junpei Yoshino?

Junpei is a high-school student. Junpei is a film buff and would like to watch them for hours. He is a victim of school violence. He usually gets bullied by his classmates.

He is taciturn and weaker than his classmates in terms of physical strength. So, he became the perfect target for school violence.

What Did Mahito Do Junpei?

Junpei has sufferred a lot with school violence. So, deep in his heart, he has always wanted to do something against it. His emotions are chaotic and he wants to find relief.

So, Mahito exploits this opportunity to control Junpei for his singular evil purpose: to free Sukuna.

What did Mahito do to Junpei?

Mahito makes a situation where Junpei and Yuji have to fight each other and create a chance for Sukuna to take control of Yuji. He teaches Junpei to summon Shikigami.

The point of the story is when the mother of Junpei gets cursed, it burns Junpei up.

He uses that new power to take revenge. He kills every other student in his school and fights with Yuji.

While Junpei starts to calm down, Mahito turns up and turns him into a cursed spirit.

Why Did Sukuna Refuse to Save Junpei?

Why did Sukuna refuse to save Junpei?

After Junpei turns into a cursed spirit in front of Yuji’s eyes, he begs Sukuna to help Junpei.

Sukuna and Mahito even laughed out loud in the face of Yuji because of his helplessness at that time.

Just a while ago, Sukuna used to pull Yuji from death by fixing his heart using the reverse cursed technique. Moreover, Sukuna has huge knowledge and understanding of jujutsu and cursed energy. It’s definitely more than we know so far.

Remember that his nickname is the “King of Curses,” and he lived for more than 1000 years.

That’s why Yuji begged Sukuna to help Junpei. But as we know, Sukuna did nothing and let Junpei die.

Sukuna’s 2 Reasons for Not Healing Junpei

So, there are 2 reasons for him not to heal Junpei.

Reason 1. His reverse cursed technique can’t heal soul wounds.

Why did Sukuna refuse to save Junpei?

And that’s why he could not do a thing to help Junpei out of that situation.

We’ve known that Reverse cursed energy could heal a physical wound as well, but we have never seen it heal a soul wound.

Reason 2. Sukuna just didn’t want to do it.

He could do it, but he would like to see Yuji’s pain more.

After all, Sukuna was a demon who had fun because of people’s pain. And seems nothing has changed after 1000 years. He is still so evil and finds enjoyment in people’s pain.

Why did Sukuna refuse to save Junpei?

That’s why Sukuna refused to save Junpei. In this Arc (which is also referred to as the Junpei Arc), the author wants us to reflect on how school violence that can destroy the life of the victim. This is an alarming reality in schools everywhere, yet one that society remains apathetic to.